6 Top Skills Video Game Developers Need to Cultivate

Video Game Developers Need to Cultivate

Most people have dreams of leaving their current jobs and pursuing other careers. Some people want to become YouTube stars and others want to become travel bloggers. But one of the most prevalent aspirations is to become a video game developer. There is ample reason for someone to want to make it big in video games.

According to industry experts, the vide game industry was worth over $159 billion in the previous year, an increase of over 9 percent from its worth during the previous year.

If you want to become a video game developer, you will need to develop certain skills.

Below are six of the most important skills you have to foster if you want to be a successful video game developer.

1. Creativity

Video games are interesting intersections of logic and artistry. You will need endless reserves of the latter to conceptualize a game and accompanying mechanics that will stand out from the thousands of competitors you have on the market.

Creativity will let you come up with exciting character designs, great gameplay mechanics and even interesting visuals. You should also combine that creativity with your other talents. For example, creativity can allow you to find unexpected solutions to technical problems.

For example, if you have certain issues with programming, creativity can allow you to find a great way to simply incorporate these issues into the game itself. Creativity will also be important when you have to come up with solutions to organizational problems.

2. Graphic Design

Video games have progressed a lot from the text-based games of the early seventies and the eighties. Today, unless they’re designed to emulate the retro vibes of ’80s and ’90s pixel-heavy games, anything you will develop not only needs cutting-edge graphics, but also visual appeal. A background in graphic design can be very useful but remember that there are different specializations in this field.

For example, photo editing services for e-commerce products have different focus than the type of photo editing you may need when creating video game characters or marketing. Be sure to train yourself properly in the graphic design disciplines that are appropriate for video game design.

3. Storytelling

Each video game tells a story, no matter how simple the premise of a game can be. For example, “Angry Birds” is a very simplistic game that only requires you to shoot birds at pigs and yet it still has a story behind this conflict. More complex games like roleplaying games require more elaborate plots to ensure audiences are intrigued and hooked with the premise of your game.

Storytelling in video games not only means having a great plot but that there are great choices for the players to make. Your players must feel like the decisions they make in your video game matters, otherwise your game can be accused of being boring or railroading, which is when a story only has one way to go without any deviation.

4. Computer Programming

You can’t make a video game without any knowledge of computer programming. All the world-changing apps like Twitter, Instagram and Uber are the result of clever programming. If you don’t have any understanding of computer languages and the nuances of coding, you will not be able to create a functional program, much less a financially viable computer game.

You don’t need a lot of fancy training to create a video game, thanks to engines and software that can assist you in this process. Some of the most successful video games of recent years have been made with the assistance of these types of programs, especially those in the independent video game scene.

5. Organization

You may think that everything you need to learn when making a video game has to do with developing the program, stories or the characters. However, video games are extremely complicated endeavors, even the more simplistic ones.

You will need a lot of organizational skills to keep programmers on schedule, to coordinate writers with artists and to make sure all your finances are in order. If you don’t develop your organizational skills before you try to become a game developer, you will have difficulty in meeting deadlines. You don’t want to end up on the news like “Chronicles of Elyria,” a video game that has drawn not only criticism for its slow and sloppy development but also legal action from backers and investors.

Video game development is a complex endeavor that requires a lot of skills for you to pull of properly. Unless you want to have a relatively short stint as a video game creator, you will do your best to cultivate all the skills you need to succeed in this field.