Android Q: The New Secured Android Haven


Google unveiled the newest version of its OS giant Android. Google at I/O 2019 had announced its OS version will be preliminarily called “Android Q.” Since the announcement, there was a surge of assumptions. 

There were assumptions regarding what will this ‘Q’ be called. Going as per the traditions of naming the versions as per the name of the dessert, the company finally put all such assumptions to rest. 

The officials announced that the latest version will break-free of the stereotypical format and it will be called “Android 10”. A lot more additions and changes have been made to make this 17th version one of the most sought OS platforms across the globe. 

This 10th release comes adorned with a whole new docket of features that are to be amalgamated with the most utilized OS ‘Android’. This new launch puts ‘security and privacy’ in the limelight. 

Android is operative currently on over 2.5 billion devices which quite justifies how much it is used and loved. The world could not keep calm when it knows about the latest launch. 

Initially this year, Google gifted all of the Pixel users and some other brands as well to have an experience with the beta version of Android Q. The beta version was to run in 21 smartphones from over 13 partnered brands including ‘Pixel’. 

The version was officially released on September 3, 2019. But it was for a limited number of brands, of course, Pixel is the first one! 

Advanced Mobile Experiences with Android 10

The version has specially tailored to cater to the needs of futuristic technology that outstretches the boundary of advancements. It includes most buzzed 5G, Live Caption, foldable display phones, and a lot more. 

  1. 5G and foldable display- Emerging as the first OS to support 5G phones, Android Q offers amazing app developing tools to build a great user experience. It will be adaptable to different screen dimensions for foldable display phones offering to multitask as well.
  2. Live Caption This might sound as a uber-cool feature but the thought process to inculcate this into Android Q to extend help to users who are either deaf or the ones that suffer hearing losses. With the sound that plays in the background, the OS will automatically trigger live captions so that they can understand the theme of whatever is happening and can equally enjoy the benefits of technology. It includes videos, audio, podcasts, etc. This will work even without a data connection or Wi-Fi. The text will be displayed as soon as speech is detected.
  3. Dark Theme Developers have finally heard the voice of consumers and have introduced the most wanted system-wide dark theme. This can be controlled with a simple toggle button anytime anywhere. Not only this, there are other attractive theme options as well with which you can change your UI.
  4. Centered Security and Privacy This is the basic ‘theme’ for this latest launch. Digitization is vulnerable to privacy threats and knowing this to the core, the developers made this as the central issue for this launch. Assuring users of their privacy is a way of gaining trust and providing all the services without hampering personal information. Android 10 will let the user know of every detail about the permission they grant to an app. There will be a separate privacy section under settings so that the user can know and control it all. Also, location access will be given only when the app is being used in the foreground. If there is an app in the background that uses location, the OS will inform the user about the same.
  5. Digital Wellbeing To put a harness on the phone usage, this set of features to maintain a balance between the digital and normal life was introduced last year. Needless to mention, it was embraced by all. Android 10 brings the extended set of your digital wellbeing. You can now do a lot more like setting time limits for app usage, bonus time, etc. The focus mode and family link have been a new top-up in the list to find balance in day to day life.
  6. No Back Button Why press when you can SWIPE? Well adopting the ‘swipe culture’, Android 10 will not have a back button. Just swipe the screen and exit! Handy enough? Right! 

This does not end here. There are a lot more features that are going to be bombarded in this latest android version. Some more amazing features are built-in screen recording, sharing shortcuts, and many more. 

It is normal to be impatient to know such advancements are going to hit the super versatile OS but we can just wait till this release reaches other devices as well. It may take some time for other devices to mend as per the new launch. So you need to wait to get this awesome makeover into your phones.