BeautyPlus App Review – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

Beauty Plus App Review

Beauty Plus – Clear Selfie Expert (Review)

BeautyPlus has set a benchmark amongst all the Beauty origins, it has become the most popular glamorous applications amongst all. With this, you can edit your photos, along with videos using its in-built stunning features.

So,  Yes! Introducing your own best selfie expert “BeautyPlus” (Easy photo editor and selfie camera).

You don’t know if the camera likes you but you do like to take the selfie. Isn’t it? But, which is the Best suited app?

Yeah! Don’t worry “BeautyPlus” is there for you to praise your beauty. BeautyPlus offers you unique and simplified features, along with powerful photo editing tools, with a texture of artistic effects, augmented reality (AR) filters and lots more.

Is it True that around 800 million selfies edited by BeautyPlus? Isn’t it surprising to hear?

Yes! It’s true fact approx 300 million or above go for this clear selfie editing expert namely “Beauty Plus” as, Beauty Plus helps you to edit your selfies, pictures, and videos at any time.

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You can create your dazzling and natural looking photo and video selfies as per your satisfaction. With BeautyPlus you can highlight your natural beauty, style your self-shooting with a variety of filters and can shoot the perfect movie with the “Facial correction video”.

Highlighting features for BeautyPlus. Have an eye on it:



  • Smoothing

This is one of the prime features of Beauty Plus. With this, you can correct your facial features by highlighting and outlining the corrections, to add a shimmering beauty to your face!

  • Flesh color

Flesh color allows you to retouch your skin tone to give a natural effect to your skin, using the smoothing correction tool.

  • Acne

With the help of Simi remover, you can instantly erase acne and skin related issues.

  • Skin face and body

This feature helps you in correcting the shape of your desired part of face and body.

  • Contour

Provides a natural effect to your skin tone and contours your facial features with the advanced facial recognition technology.

  • Make your eyes bigger

As the name depicts that with this feature you can make your eyes enlarge as per your wish.

  • Brightly

Brightly helps you to brighten your eye color and make yourself beautiful with its mesmerizing features.

  • Bitter

Bitter feature let you vanish sluggish feature of your face.

  • Tooth

Just one swipe with your finger and make your teeth as white as snow and make your smile more beautiful.

  • Foot length

One of the stunning features added to longer the desired segment of your photo, Be your own high fashion style.

What’s New update?

Live Auto-Retouch is the (NEW!!!) little secret of Beauty Plus.

Want to do a bright retouch?

Now, with this special and new amazing feature, you can do the retouching with its inbuilt multiple special effects, and you can directly preview your live photo or video with BeautyPlus.

We all know coin has two ends  heads and tails in a similar way few points you need to know:

Amazing Facts about Beauty Plus
  • Do you know that the exciting feature has been added to serve you more with brilliant high-definition photos?
  • Do you know that HD portraits are there to help you in providing an expert contour and glowing skin?
  • Additionally, with the Night Mode, you can take your catchy bright and clear photos at night.
  • Do you know that Beauty Plus carries online Sanrio-themed AR filters.
  • Do you know that you can·Add stickers after taking your pics?
  • Do you know that a new Brand homepage has been added so, now you can sparkle your beauty with BeautyPlus!


BeautyPlus is designed in such a way that all its tools and features will work on most of the devices.

However, AR filters require a storage space of at least 1GB and a minimum resolution of 480×854.

In case your device does not satisfy these blueprints then the AR filters will not be available.

If you are still not satisfied with this here you go through the link below:

You can download it from the link below:


Please download it to enjoy the happiness of your BEAUTY!