mCent Browser App Review – Free Recharge Browser

mCent Browser App Review

All You Need To know Abount mCent Browser

A great earning platform for free talk time & data. You can also spend your earnings on a payment towards your postpaid plan on monthly) basis just for browsing the internet!

mCent Browser is almost same as how you browse apps like Chrome, UC Browser or Opera but what’s unique is you earn rewards at the same time!

What does mCent Browser say?

mCent Browser says that it’s a complete store of paowerful inbuilt features, helps you to visit your favorite sites so that you can earn free recharge, serves you with a facility to earn Bonus Points and much more.

It has become the fastest, and light web browsing app on Play store streaming like anything. You don’t need to wait for your top-up plans or for your recharge, as mCent Browser is always there for you. You can recharge your phones via Bonus points.

How about its features?

Jotting down features of mCent Browser:

  • SEARCH AND LINKS – As the name depicts it’s meaning it helps you to quickly search the web and you can visit your favorite sites with one right tap from the home screen.
  • CRICKET SCORES – This feature keeps enlightened with the latest cricket scores and displays news related with the same.
  • NEWS & MORE – Interesting one you can get the top stories and latest updates as per your interests, and also serves you 50 categories to choose from it.
  • AD BLOCKER – We all are annoyed of inappropriate Ads so, don’t worry a superb feature added to block all annoying ads on websites that you have visited.
  • NIGHT MODE – A special feature to enjoy the browsing experience in dark environments by dimming the screen at night.
  • INCOGNITO MODE – This is all about privacy so, you can browse for news, sports and lots more without any cookies and tracking from websites.
  • SIM NICKNAMES – This one is amazing and unique, under this you can add your SIMs nicknames in order to remember them easily and enjoy the benefits of the bonus points.
  • TALKTIME & DATA – Easy to get a Top-up from a wide range of talk time and data packs, as per your operator settings.
  • RECHARGE HISTORY – You can also view your recharge history with mCent Browser on the Activity tab for a quick reference.
  • MULTI-SIM SUPPORT – As the name signifies that you can add multiple SIMs you want and top up them for your friends, family members, and more now for FREE!
  • PREPAID & POSTPAID – With the help of Bonus Points, you can Top up your Prepaid SIM for free also, you can generate a bill payment to your Postpaid SIM.

Offers you many more ways of earning points with the help of special offers via Earn More tab.

Comprise of 5 steps of working. All are listed down:

  • How to install?

Easy to work with all you need to do is just search for the Play Store or download it directly from the APK (India only).

  • Register your Cell number. How you can do it?

For the registration process, you have to enter your respective mobile number to receive an OTP and confirm it. You can use your cell number for free recharge plans and use it for more benefits.

  • Browse and earn points

Following this technique, helps you earn more bonus points. How?

Visiting sites your favorite sites like read the news and lots more. The more you browse the more you earn points.

  • Earn even more points

This app offers you with Special offers and bonuses for using the browser every day or inviting friends will serve you more points.

  • Free top-up

This app all offers free top-up on any network. You just have to browse and earn points to get free recharge.

Looking for a  FREE Recharge?

When you have enough points, you may go for a quick recharge and purchase it right from the app!

Point to learn: “Should have a network connectivity”

You can download it from button below:

google-play-badge“Start blowing less money like a wind on talk time & data!!  Go with the flow of the largest independent app namely mCent Browser – Recharge Browser”

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