7 Best android apps for Personal Financial Management


Amidst this era of hustle and bustle along with the unstoppable growth in technology, the formal ways of banking are becoming rarer. Lesser people are seen making payments or withdrawing cash through checks. Although maintaining a checkbook was a lot easier in terms of keeping a record of your finances, the culture of check payments is becoming obsolete.

However, technology has replaced almost everything that we used to do physically – from online grocery to arranging a party. It has also come up with a hoard of mobile apps that monitor your finances and help you keep a check on them.

Such apps help you connect your accounts with each other and urges you to enter your monthly expenses. In this way, you can easily see how much you had in your account initially, and how much has been spent and, most importantly, where.

Now, with your personal financial management app, you can never be clueless about spending. You can note down and track everything.

Regardless of how useful all the personal financial management apps might be, you cannot just download ANY app. A thorough read about the functionality and usability of the app is necessary for a matter as crucial as your financial management.

We have saved you from skimming through a number of app descriptions and reviews by providing a list of 7 most proficient apps for personal finance management. So, don’t think and just read on!

Why is personal financial management important?

In the ongoing times, saving money is more difficult than actually earning it. Also, with everything going virtual, the shopping experience has become more fluent than ever. Payments through ways other than cash, such as PayPal have made the process more convenient, with little monitoring where the money goes.

This is where you need the help of successful apps that bring to the table, the best solution for your financial management. The apps that we mention in the following list are all reviewed thoroughly, which saves your time and energy to dig up about an app before downloading it.

Moreover, all these apps are built with user security in mind. Just like AirG spam free apps, all the apps that we have compiled for you in this list are built with secure algorithms, ensuring the safety of your data.

7 Best Android personal financial management apps

1.     AndroMoneyAndroMoney

AndroMoney is one of the most successful apps on Google play, which offers backup to Excel if required. The app is extremely easy to use and has an uncomplicated interface. It keeps track of your income and the expenses.

The fact that this app is for free is itself a plus point in managing your personal finances way better than spending a lot of money on buying the app services.


2.     Goodbudget


Goodbudget is also an extremely user-friendly app that doesn’t have many complicated functions. It simply lets you keep track of your expenses against your account balance.

Adapting to the latest consumer habits and behaviors, this app is available on all platforms, including iOS and web. It integrates your data throughout all the platforms so that you can view the details on the app or on the web.


3.     Mint


One of the most prudent and proficient money management apps is Mint. It lets you track your utility bills along with other expenses in a way that you get notified about your dues.

With Mint, you can enter the details of all your credit cards and accounts. It syncs all of your data and produces an earning and spending monitor that doesn’t let anything go without tracking. It even advises you about your spending habits and lets you know when you are going beyond your limit.


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4. Moneyfy


If you have been looking out for a simple yet useful financial management app, Moneyfy is the right one for you. Its minimalistic design lets you enter in your details with ease.

It also has a built-in currency converter and a calculator that simplifies the tasks more. Moreover, Moneyfy can be easily connected and integrated with Dropbox, creating a backup you can never lose.


5. Money manager


This app uses images to store and display your expenses instead of words and numbers, which is highly effective in retaining. With this app, you can actually see where you have spent your money. The app has a unique yet easy design.

It serves the function of managing your personal finances with style and a different approach.


6. YNAB (you need a budget)

YNAB (you need a budget)

If you are a spender who has to be stopped by someone before you get carried away with your expenses, YNAB is your greatest pal. The whole idea behind this app is to restrict you within limits allowed by your finances. It makes up your budget according to your earning and doesn’t let you go overboard.

It also helps you with your investments and lets you conjure up a financial plan that keeps your chances to go overboard to a minimum. Though the services of this app are paid, users consider paying for this app worthy of the financial services it offers.


7. Wally


If you are the sort of person who’s always on the go and doesn’t have much time to enter your spending details digit by digit, Wally is the ultimate solution for you.

This app has the feature of taking photos of your receipts and adding them to your record. Now tracking your expenses is a lot easier and hassle-free than ever before. It lets you organize your budget and spending according to your plan and notifies you of the spending.


Final word

No matter how much you are earning, financial management is a very important aspect of your life. It is an essential thing that you have to carry out in order to maximize your chances of saving.

Earnings do not come easily in this era where being in debt is as easy as anything. With the high prices of not only luxury brands but also the everyday necessities, there is little room for escaping from debts.

Monitoring your income and monthly expenses is hence, more quintessential than ever. It will save you from falling into unknown debts.

Happy financing!