10 Best Puzzles to Grow Mental Skills of Kids


Imagine how a small kid learns a language to communicate what she wants merely by listening to people around her. It might take grown-up people years or more than that to learn something new to them. This explains the efficiency and strength of a child’s mind. The little brain of toddlers can learn about a whole new world within a very short period. This efficiency can be used to groom your child to the best of his nature. These are the brain-boosting years of your child that you must take a keen interest in to refine well.

Development of the brain of a child takes place majorly in the early ages of its growth. Research says the first five years of the growth of a child’s brain are very flexible, which means that the values and education you are going to provide to your child will have a profound effect on their overall growth. Kindergarten and schools are not sufficient to provide your kids with the knowledge they need. It is your responsibility to nurture her well at home too, which is why a large number of people are relying on brain-boosting activities.

Providing knowledge from the very beginning can make the learning process boring and tedious that may lead your child to lose their interest. With keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of 10 best puzzle games to sharpen your child’s mental skills and learning ability. These games are equally entertaining as much as they are brain-boosting.

  1. Picture jigsaw: The most entertaining and basic brain-boosting game is a simple picture jigsaw puzzle. You can buy a physical copy for a better experience rather than an online or pc version of the game. Arranging jigsaw pieces to curate the hidden picture will demand your child’s full attention and improve its concentration ability. Not only children but elders also love this game. A physical version of the jigsaw puzzle will keep them absorbed while strengthening their mental skills.
  2. Building blocks: This puzzle game is as similar to as a Tetris game that you must have been playing since your childhood. Building blocks will teach your child about shapes and balance while keeping them entertained constructively, both figuratively and literally. Get your child a safe version of these building blocks so they can work on it in your absence too without you getting concerned over their safety.
  3. World map: A simple picture jigsaw puzzle may entertain small kids, but a little older and growing kids will need something more to satisfy their curiosity. A world map puzzle will benefit your child a lot with its general knowledge. Setting the correct pieces will lead them to remember a large number of places around the world.
  4. Beginners crossword: The favorite game of every generation, Crossword will pique on their curiosity to find new words. This game is an unlimited source of knowledge ranging from the spelling skills to building vocabulary. You can curate your own easy version of a crossword if you think the ones available on the market are pretty hard. Also, you can always hand a list of crossword specialist answers to your kids in case the crossword is too tricky to handle.
  5. Mathematics puzzle: This game ensures that your child will fall in love with maths. Simple mathematics books cannot provide the fun of learning which a mathematics puzzle can. The basic number and shape-related games can help the math learning process to turn into an enjoyable time.
  6. Bejeweled puzzle: This very famous online game can be equally beneficial for your kid. The bejeweled puzzle is a game that requires you to assemble similar patterns of jewels in a queue. This game can teach your children the understanding of colors, shapes, and patterns. It is a very entertaining game that equally increases the observing power of your child.
  7. Scrabble: Scrabble is the most widely played game in terms of improving word power and vocabulary. A simple board game that demands you to curate words through the available little pieces of alphabets. This game enhances the mental skill of learning hard spellings and getting to know new words. Play scrabble with your child to teach them new words each day and strengthen their word power.
  8. Jumbled words: Another puzzle game that strengthens the ability of your child to understand letters and alphabets is jumbled words. Curate simple puzzles by jumbling a few words and ask your child to assemble it in the correct form. It is a very challenging game that will leave your child to think thoroughly and learn the correct spellings of new words.
  9. Match the word with the picture: Pictures increase the interest of children to focus more on the problem by merely looking at it, which is why this game is great for the kids. Assemble several pictures in a row and place the jumbled name of the things present in the picture in another row. Both the rows must face each other. Have your child match the image to the words in the facing row.
  10. Sudoku: Sudoku is a great game that focuses on brushing up your child’s skill with numbers. Although the number one can be a little tricky to solve for kids, you can get the color sudoku board game. This game looks similar to a Rubik’s cube but is a lot easier for kids to solve and play.

The delicate brains of children learn the most when they are young. Either it is the knowledge of the world or moral values. It is appreciable to start grooming your child from the very start while the grooming must focus on the development of the overall personality and not just brains. Do not pressure your child with the weight of learning, instead, make it enjoyable. A fun method will help them to retain it longer and better.