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Bit Guardian Parental Control – Best Parental Control Software for Android

There is a surge of best parental control apps on the Google Play Store. Why would not it be? Such apps these days are a valuable asset to modern parenting. Well, keeping your kids on the surveillance, on the digital horizon today is something you cannot afford to ignore.

What is parental control app?

A parental control app is the one that lets parents keep an eye on their children virtually. With such apps, parents can control and restrict the activities a child can perform on its smartphone.
Also, with a
parental control app, safety of a child can be expected.

As a parent, you can control the activities of your children in your day to day life but do you have the slightest idea what your children do on their mobile phone?

Internet is an ocean of information and entertainment of all kinds. Keeping control on what content your child is exposed to is the responsibility of parents.

But the question is how to do it?

Hence, making it easier for parents, parental control software for Android has been developed. This software is the one you can trust when the protection of your child is to be considered.

Bit Guardian Parental Control is the best Android parental control app that can help both parents and their kids. Having said that, this app is the one that collected a lot of appraisals in a short time for its reliability and security features.

For this reason, we decided to test the app for the same.  

Introduction to Bit Guardian Parental Control

It is a parental control software developed for Android platform to offer help from two ends. One end is the parent and the other one being the child.

With this best parental control app, a parent gets complete remote access to their child’s device. The child can use this app for its protection. The best part of this app is that there is no limitation on the number of children you would want to add in.  

It is called the ‘best parental control app for a few reasons. The features this app has to offer are compiled in a long list, all of which are very helpful to both the parent and children.

This app gives a detailed insight into what is on your child’s phone and how do they use it. The most prominent feature is the presence of a panic button. This button can save your child in an emergency by sending you the exact current location of your child so that you can reach them quickly.

An important feature of this parental control app is that you can get to know from your device who your child converses with the most on calls and texts.

If you are annoyed of your child adhered to the screens of their smartphones then you can use the ‘time scheduling’ to manage and control their screen time.    

The parental control software still has room for improvement. While the developers work on it, let us check the existing promising features of this parental control software.

Features of Bit Guardian Parental Control

Before trusting an app on its security and reliability, it is always good to do some extra work by understanding the features it has to offer.

  • Time Schedule- Kids of all ages including teenagers can have a fixed time to use their smartphones.
Time Schedule
Fig.1 – Time Schedule

You can even fix the bed time hours of your children in which they are not allowed to access their phones at all. You can also limit the hours of usage of certain apps.

  • Anti-theft- Suppose your child’s device is missing. The thought itself is spine chilling then think of the situation if it is missing in reality!
Fig.2 – Antitheft

Well, this parental control app makes sure your device and data are safe.   

  • App Block- Gaming and social media apps are the easiest diversions for any kid. You cannot fully put an end to their usage on your child’s device.
Fig .3 – App Block (Block Unwanted Apps)

But thankfully, you can put a virtual lock on the apps you don’t want your child to use. The child will be able to use the app only when permitted by you.

  • Call Monitoring- Keep a check on to whom your child is talking and what is the call duration. With this app, you get to control all of their calls.
Fig.4 – Call Monitoring

Restrict incoming or outgoing of known, unknown or all numbers.  

  • GPS- This feature is beyond the stereotypical concept of knowing the location to determine where your child is. Gps

Fig.5 – GPSIt surely offers this basic necessity, but it also has a prominent option of setting speed limits and virtual boundaries for your kids.The moment your child exceeds any, you will be notified with the exact location.

NOTE: If the child wants to be picked up from somewhere, then they can press ‘Pick Me’ button and the parent will get to know about the same.

  • Kiosk Mode- Be the sole one to have the power to control your child’s device.
Fig.6 – Kiosk Mode

Remotely limit certain apps or all apps and features on your child’s mobile with this parental control app.

  • Panic and SOS- Opportunity knocks the door but an emergency doesn’t. Understanding the concern of a parent, this feature was developed for this parental control software for Android.
Fig.7 – Panic and SOS

In an emergency when the child hits the SOS button, the parent is notified the same moment, with the child’s current location.    

NOTE: Panic and SOS button can easily be disabled by the parent if the child is at home or if the child misuses this button to frighten the parents.  

App Features and Services

Bit Guardian Parental Control offers an impressive list of features and some truly unique services.

Blocking Options
  • App Block
  • App Install Block
  • Contacts
  • Incoming Calls & SMS
  • Outgoing Calls & SMS
Customizable Blocking Yes
Control Features Time Schedule
Location Services
  • Panic alert/ SOS button
  • Geofence
  • GPS-Enabled
Speed Tracking   Yes
Notifications/Alerts   Yes
Anti-theft Features Yes


What Bit Guardian Parental Control Lacks?

Though this parental control app has a lot to offer, it lacks in certain aspects. One important area is web content filtering and website blocker. Also, there is no option to check browsing history.

This app works only when there is an active internet connection. So in any case you are not connected to the internet, the settings will not be deployed.  

Pros Cons
Well-designed dashboard Mandatory internet connection
Quick and easy installation No web content filtering
Remote control No browser history monitoring
Panic alert No website blocker
Screen Time Scheduling
Location Tracking
Flexible pricing


The Verdict

Despite the areas in which this app lacks, Bit Guardian Parental Control is still in the competition being one of the best parental control apps. With this app on your device, you can stay away from everyday parenting troubles.

Not only this but also the app is intuitive of keeping your mind at peace by offering you every detail about your child.


  1. I absolutely love this app and cannot help appreciating it. I have used a lot other parental control apps from the playstore before but guys trust me, this one is really good. I have a 12 year old son. So you know the parenting trouble I face every day? Earlier I was always anxious about his whereabouts and I used to get mad seeing him on his phone all the time. Bit Guardian came as a boon to me. Today I am able to track his every move and control his pone usage timing. Guys, I am really at peace. Keep it up!

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