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Parenting App - Bit Guardian Parental Control

Bit Guardian Parental Control

Bit Guardian Parental Control has simplified the concept of modern parenting. It has a streamlined approach that makes it easier for parents to get into the digital spectra and keep kids closer.

Parents want nothing but the best for their kids. Therefore, all parenting apps have a tough time meeting up to expectations.

Speaking of which, lately, Bit Guardian Parental Control, a child controlling and monitoring software is making quite the buzz on the Play store. There are brilliant customer responses for the app.

So, we decided to bring it under our scanner today.

What is Bit Guardian Parental Control?

As the name suggests, Bit Guardian Parental Control is a parental control application that offers monitoring tools and parental controls for things like installed app and games, screen time and the current location of your kids. The ability to find their lost phones provides an added advantage to the app.

The application helps you understand how your kids are using their smartphones, like what apps are being installed, so you can manage their screen time based on your parenting preferences. A highlighted feature is viewing text messages and detailed call logs. You can find out who your child talks to and texts with the most.

Further, there is a panic button that sends the current location to the preset contacts for help in an emergency. You can track your child’s location and reach there on time.

With Bit Guardian Parental Control, you will have the information to protect your child against the growing number of digital disadvantages and threats.

While the software is available on both the Android and web platforms, it lacks the full parental control features on the web version. You can only check report, location and request updates of your kids’ activities there but cannot perform any major function.

Features to Look For Best Parental Control App

When you plan on subscribing to a new parental control service, it is crucial that you have an idea of the features and settings the app provides. So, knowing what Bit Guardian Parental Control can do (or cannot do) before hitting the download button can save you a lot of time. We reviewed every feature of the app and here’s what you need to know about them in detail.

App Block: This is one of the major features of this app. The Google Play Store is filled with numerous applications and the majority of which are freely available.

Fig .1 – App Block (Block Unwanted Apps)

A lot of these apps are not developed for kids. With this feature, you can restrict children from downloading such apps or block if they are already using them.

Time Schedule: Younger kids can benefit from routine screen time. Bit Guardian Parental Control lets you impose time scheduling on your kids’ devices.

Time Schedule
Fig.2 – Time Schedule

Parents can choose to set a daily duration on when kids are allowed to watch their favorite shows online or play their favorite games. You can set bedtime and even block specific app categories like games, social apps, media apps, education apps and other apps.

GPS (Location Monitoring): The GPS location tracker lets you remotely follow your kids wherever they go. You can even set virtual zones with geo-fencing and get alerts when they enter or leave these zones.

Fig.3 – GPS

You can check their whereabouts over a specific interval of time and stay updated on their current location. Moreover, you can use the app to check if your teen is not trying to sneak somewhere. SMART!

Another feature is the speed. You can set the maximum speed at which your kids are allowed to travel and get notified when they exceed those limits. This way you can be sure that your kids are travelling safely.

Call Monitoring: This feature is designed to keep your children safe from the shortcomings of incoming and outgoing calls. You can keep track of call logs, find out who are your kids conversing with and when.

Fig.4 – Call Monitoring

You can block specific contacts from reaching your kids too. Further, there is the added advantage of filtering inappropriate content and communicating with strangers.

Kiosk Mode: This feature transfers the power of phone operations entirely to the parent. As a parent, you can monitor every kind of data remotely from your device.

Fig.5 – Kiosk Mode

You can allow limited apps and block every other feature of your kids’ phone.

Anti-theft: What would you do if your kid’s device went missing? Bit Guardian Parental Control has addressed this problem with utmost ease. You can find the exact location of the device through the app.

Fig.6 – Anti-theft

Even if the phone is in silent mode, you can ring it remotely from the parent device. And if nothing works, you can perform a factory reset and erase everything on the lost phone.

Panic and SOS: Saving the best for the last, we loved this feature. The application on the child mode has this unique SOS button. Ask your kid to tap on it if trapped in an emergency and you will receive an instant panic alert with the current location detail.

Fig.7 – Panic and SOS

A text message is also sent to all your emergency contacts. So, (God forbid) even if you are not available, you can still heave a sigh of relief.

App Features and Services

Bit Guardian Parental Control offers an impressive list of features and some truly unique services.

Blocking Options App Block

App Install Block


Incoming Calls & SMS

Outgoing Calls & SMS

Customizable Blocking Yes
Control Features Time Schedule
Location Services Panic alert/ SOS button



Speed Tracking   Yes
Notifications/Alerts   Yes
Anti-theft Features Yes


What’s not?

Bit Guardian Parental Control does not provide offline syncing. So, if for any reason your internet connection is lost or turned off, whatever settings you have applied during this period won’t sync and no report will be generated.

Also, as compared to its counterparts, the application does not offer web content filtering, website blocker or browser history monitoring options.

Good  Points Bad Points
Well-designed dashboard Mandatory internet connection
Quick and easy installation No web content filtering
Remote control No browser history monitoring
Panic alert No website blocker
Screen Time Scheduling
Location Tracking
Flexible pricing
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The Verdict

Bit Guardian Parental Control’s functionality and reliability make it one of the best parental control software for Android. Among the few drawbacks, we can single out the mandatory internet connection.

But still, the app enables parents to protect their children in both the real and virtual world. Also, there is the fact that the premium versions are really cost-effective. You should definitely try this one!


  1. I absolutely love this app and cannot help appreciating it. I have used a lot other parental control apps from the playstore before but guys trust me, this one is really good. I have a 12 year old son. So you know the parenting trouble I face every day? Earlier I was always anxious about his whereabouts and I used to get mad seeing him on his phone all the time. Bit Guardian came as a boon to me. Today I am able to track his every move and control his pone usage timing. Guys, I am really at peace. Keep it up!


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