Eset Parental Control Android App Review

Eset Parental Control


ESET has a firm grip in the Anti-virus industry, and like many other players in the market, we observed its quick entry in the parental control playground.

ESET introduced a very standard phone monitoring app with all the common and industry approved features. The product range is similar to competitors, and we see a slight gap in the user experience part. ESET launched the app on the Android Platform, and so far, there is no news of getting the app on iOS. We believe the app is yet to be carved into a more niche status to attract more users.

What is Eset Parental Control app?

Save your kids from the online dangers and unsuitable applications using the conventional yet highly effective ESET Parental control app. ESET entered the parental control industry but set the stage only for Android users and failed to enter the iOS market yet.

ESET Phone Monitoring App has recently started supporting wearables too. You can receive and respond to notifications from your wrist!

ESET is one such phone monitoring app that provides flexibility to monitor kids from the website or the parental control app.

You can purchase the premium features at $ 29.99 per year for multiple numbers of devices. The premium tier can be tested for a good 30-day trial period before buying.

How does the ESET parental control App work?

Once you install the phone monitoring app from play store in the Parent Android Device, you will be asked to select the language of the app which is something unique we discovered with this app. Most apps do not ask for language preference in the beginning.

Post-language preference, accept the license agreement and agree to the terms and conditions asking for private data to be sent to ESET’s server (do not worry, ESET maintains privacy ).

Now you can create your account on and sign in to the application and get directed to the parental dashboard. Similar to many other phone monitoring apps in the market, the parent will be requested to create a PIN code for authorized use of the device. Enter the code each time a setting needs change on the child device.

Download the easy to use phone monitoring app on your child device and sign in to the account, and select the child mode. Go ahead and select the child profile or add a new profile if required.

The app will categorically provide information to the child what the parent can view and the pending time limit to use the app.

Features of ESET Parental Control

Let’s breakdown the freemium model into two parts and learn the parental controls offered by ESET. The phone monitoring app comes with child protection solutions for free (which includes basic reporting) and offers value-adding features in the premium version:

Digital protection for Free with ESET Parental Control App

  1. Web Guard monitoring – Get your hands on the top visited sites used by your kid. The free version of the app does not support web filtering.
  2. Application Guard – Get a listing of all the applications on your kid’s device and categorize each app either as thumbs-up (allow the app for kid’s usage), thumbs-down (do not show the app) or game controller (let’s understand this in detail).
  3. Fun & Games time limits – If you classify an app under “Fun & Games,” it means you grant permission to your kid to use the app but under a strict time limit. Fair enough?
  4. Time restriction – Intricately bundled with the application guard is the time management feature. Let us explain how it works.

The core functionality of time management is intact and works in the same way as the other players (best practices followed). You can schedule a daily time limit for your kid and regular schedule. Time allotment is done based on a school day or non-school day.

For daily scheduling, the “Fun & Games” allotment is necessary.

Kid’s get a little leeway during vacations, where parents can disable all the screen time controls but enabling the vacation mode on the time management page.

Licensed features (Go Pro)

–    Web Guard Filtering

Web guard works on the same lines of category filtering, where default settings are provided based on your kid’s age group. Parents can go ahead and change the thumbs up or thumbs down sign according to their kid’s suitability and maturity.

–    Child locator

Child locator comes with both map location and Geofencing. Map works in the same way as other parental control apps. Locate your child on the map to seek their position. The latter has been coined as “Zone with Alerts.” Geofencing is defined in zones where the child can enter and go out, each time triggering an alert to the parent.

Although to avoid getting a continuous warning, the app has a 3-minute lag between each alert. The feature works well but may require a bit of modification on the visuals part.

–    Parental Message

This one is a real weapon to pacify your child. Text messages seem to be futile for your kids, so ESET developed a parental message via the app, which shows the message upfront on the screen and without reading the message the device cannot be unlocked. Kids, you can’t overrule this one!

–    Safe Search

A standard capability that prohibits kids from searching any inappropriate content.

–    Reporting Capability

  • Get the last seven days report, if you are a free member
  • Get the last 30 days report if you are a premium tier holder.
  • Find your kid’s website browsing history, device usage time used apps and also the apps used in the Fun & Games category.

Areas for Enhancement

ESET phone monitoring app is a standard parental control app available only on Android. As per our observation, we see hundreds of improvements for recommendation; however, we will stick only to point a few critical pointers which can help the app grow just like the parent antivirus solution:

  1. Firstly, we will like to see the ESET parental controls in Apple devices. ESET needs to introduce the phone monitoring app on the iOS platform.
  2. With the Android version, the app has not shown very stable performance.
  3. Text and call monitoring features are missing in the app entirely; most players in the market have introduced both or at least a part of it.
  4. The app needs improvement with the visuals around many areas. User experience is what this Kid’s phone monitoring app needs to target!
  5. We did see some technical glitches with time restrictions. Hope that will be rectified soon!
  6. We will like to see some intervention in social media apps (apart from blocking). Your kids’ activities should be under your nose.

Why we loved the Eset phone monitoring app?

Honestly, the app seems to be a decent choice for parents to get minimum features at a reasonable (not the cheapest) rate. There are plenty of similar and traditional phone monitoring apps in the market for parental controls.

However, we did appreciate the effort done on Parental messages via the app. Kids cannot unlock the phone until they read the message from their parents.   

Another very user-friendly exercise we located in the app was the Vacation mode- by one click disable the schedule and get back to the same plan merely by another click of the button.

ESET has created a decent and reliable phone monitoring app, but we will love to see more distinguishing features in the future.