Top 10 Parental Control Apps for Android & iOS


Kid’s phone monitoring apps 

Every kid fancy’s social media and gaming apps. Thankful to the buddies who introduce the most trending games and social media platforms in a teen or pre-teens life while completely ignoring the disadvantages of screen time. Well, the question of the hour is “Can we tend to secure youngsters in an exceedingly technology dominated world?

Confiscating kid’s phone is another futile task. It only results in more chaos and arguments. What if another technology could solve kid’s addiction?

Phew! You are in for some good news!

While app stores and play stores offer hundreds of apps, the parental control app is your savior.
The parental control app interchangeably called – peace of mind! Instead of being the nosy parent, elbowing your kid for reducing mobile phone activities, be the tech-savvy smart cop. Why not explore a parental control app for parenting your beloved kids. Cool, right?

Top 10 Parental Control Apps for Android and iOS

Here are our top 10 picks for digital policing of your Nomophobic kid’s:


  1. Bit Guardian parental control

Rating – 4.6/5

Bit-Guardian-Parental-Control - Secure-Safe Kids

Bit Guardian Parental Control has been designed in the most minimalistic manner, offering the essential features required for securing and balancing a kid’s life. This app is running successfully on Android and coming shortly on iOS platform.

Kudos to the Screen time and Anti-theft features! These functionalities have gained immense popularity amongst parents because of its reliable results. Screen time restriction works very smoothly and prevents all functionalities but SOS and Pick Me.

While the Anti-theft capability uses the GPS technology to not only locate the device, it allows ring alert (even in silent mode to attract attention) and offers remote factory reset to safeguard kid’s personal data.

The other exciting offerings of the app are listed here:

  • App block- Prevent usage of improper apps.
  • App Install Block – Entirely block the source of the app from your child’s reach.
  • Kiosk mode- Your kid’s phone will function according to your customization
  • Calls- Block any unknown or known suspicious contacts
  • Geofence- Define a virtual boundary for your kids’ adventures

Note – Bit Guardian is best among all the parental control apps in android market.

  1. Zift parental control with Net Nanny Filter

Rating- 4.0/5

What we admire about the Zift parental control app is modern yet interactive design. The iOS and Android version barely show any differences.  The real-time tracking of screen time, apps installed, and internet searches is worth checking out.

Zift like many other apps cannot monitor your kid’s calls or texts.

Another fascinating observation in Zift is allowing parents to turn off the internet on a kid’s device to grab their attention. Zift employs the most popular Net Nanny technology Smart filter Technology to determine the contents of a webpage and app. Apart from the capabilities mentioned above, some other practical solutions offered by the app are:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Reporting on internet browsing
  • Get notifications on inappropriate activities like viewed pornography, weapons, etc.
  • A common forum for exchanging best practices between parents
  • Locate your child with Family Map


  1. Norton Family Parental Control

Rating- 3/5

Norton family parental control emphasizes on internet safety. To protect your kids from any potential online threat, Norton provides two vital capabilities – Search and Web supervision- that track’s your child’s online search and web page activities.

Text messages are another potential threat which Norton can overpower. This app provides a parent’s authority to select who their kids can text and monitor their messaging activities.

The time allowances capability is only on Android, and app management and text messaging monitoring do not show the significant result on iOS.

This app, however, does not provide a geofencing setting for kids and is unnecessarily complicated at times.


  1. Kaspersky Safe Kids



Kaspersky  Safe Kids added a promising solution for battery level monitoring on kid’s device because of GPS – driven location tracker which can drain the battery on your child’s device.

Monitoring of kids calls and texts are pretty straightforward in the app.

Provision of child psychologists is a free service provided out of the box in Kaspersky.

Another exciting functionality that captured our attention was Facebook activity monitoring ensuring kids are more responsible for social media.

Kaspersky parental control app has received some negative feedbacks after its updates. So, be careful of random crashes and non-responsive buttons ( reach out to their customer support).


  1. ESET Parental Control

Rating- 3.6/5


ESET parental control app is available for only Android devices.

More detailed reporting is available on their premium version along with effective website blocking.

Parental messaging is a unique technique to discipline your kids in today’s digital era. The app will send out a message to your kid, which they need to respond to continue using the phone. Clever, right?

ESET comes with decent parental control features like location tracking, app blocking, wearables support, and many more.

Parental control software is a growing and competitive market, ESET can improve and stand out in the crowd.

  1. Qustodio Parental Control

Rating- 3.5/5

One of the superior quality parental control app in the market, available on both Android and iOS and a couple of more OS. Qustodio is pretty customizable depending on the age of your kid.

Qustodio Parental Control comes with a dashboard capability that gives access to recent mobile activities for any connected device. App automatically notifies your kid’s online activities.

This app has an excellent technique for real-time internet filter that blocks inappropriate content even in private mode.

No doubt the premium features are worth exploring, yet we observed Qustodio is comparatively a bit expensive than other apps.


  1. Family Time Parental Controls

Rating- 3.8/5

Family time Parental Control gets adored for its screen time restriction setting. Setting time limits, bedtime, and homework time are comparatively smooth on Family Time Parental Control app.

  •    Time Limits- Family time will limit your kid’s access during specific hours and improve their concentration on academic and sports activities.
  •    Homework Time- Homework writing is a tedious task yet crucial for an academic career. Homework time confirms your kid’s focus by locking the device during homework time.
  •    Bedtime- Resting and proper sleep cycle is essential for kid’s healthy growth. This app makes sure it limits screen time during sleep hours.

You and your partner can collaborate on the Family Time app to co-parent your kids. Multiple devices and multiple parents are both supported by the app.

Duly noted internet filters are available in the app along with active call and message monitoring.


  1. Kidslox

Rating – 3.9/5

Kidslox is a successful parental control app for blocking apps, internet filtering, and internet blocking.  Kidslox requires a single account to secure as many devices (tablets and phones) as you want.

Kidlox comes with two modes – Child and Lockdown mode. And guess what, the switchover is pretty smooth!

Both categorically or individually block apps. Right from social media apps like Instagram to gaming apps like Minecraft are quickly restricted under parent supervision.

The trial period for their premium version is up to 14 days, giving ample time to user’s to experiment all their paid features.


  1. SecureTeen

Rating- 3.5/5

Secure teen Parental Control comes with a great user interface and focuses on blocking unsuitable data for teens.
Teens are in such an impressionable age; they pick up unnecessarily delusive content and get misguided.
All the basic functionalities like Block apps, Monitor SMS and Calls, supervise internet activities, location tracking and limiting screen time for your teen’s safety.
Secure teen provides a smart web control panel or dashboard to track all activities of your kids.
Few technical glitches can be handled easily in the next updates. Otherwise works well for a child’s digital security.

  1. Screen Time

Rating- 4/5

Excellent app for managing and limiting your kid’s screen time access.

Significant uniqueness about the app is its reward pointers on completing assigned house chores or community activities. If your child maintains good behavior based on specific tasks you assigned your kid, permit some extra screen time on accomplishment and show-off as the good cop! Smart, right?

This app encourages kids to manage their own time. Kid’s good behavior is equally proportional to the kid’s mobile activities.

Charges are exorbitant for location tracking and filtering. There is no geofencing and call or SMS monitoring in this app. This app is a screen time controller (which it does really well!) with some added features like app blocking, daily summary report, dashboard feature, etc.

Co-parenting is supported well in the app. Multiple parents can take charge of a single kid.


Parental control apps of the new generation    

Our top choices of parental control apps are every parent’s need of the hour. But to make a wise decision, you need to refer the app descriptions and compatibility with your device (iOS or Android user).

Go for a simple and easy to use app for basic functionalities. Do not have too many complicated childcare features that may frustrate your child and seem like a hindrance in their privacy.

Screen time controller, app blockers, location trackers and monitoring of online and device activities are a must. Beyond this, if your app provides you better features like Anti-theft, Reward screen time, parental messaging, etc. then weigh its advantages and pay accordingly.

No need to leverage the benefit of an overpriced app, pocket-friendly, and optimum functionalities are more than what you need for parental control.

So, hurry! Install a parental control app and secure kids from cybercrimes and turning into annoying smartphone addicts!

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