XNSPY Parental Android Spy Review


Bullying is no more an issue confined to schools. This menace has slithered into your social media accounts and inbox as well. As everyone now has access to the internet, bullying has made its way to digital spaces as well. There is cyberbullying, hate speech, online shaming, and tons of other ways bullies have found to become massive grief for youngsters and adults alike.

Owing to research and awareness, many parents know acknowledge the severity of this situation. This increased mindfulness has is also encouraging parents to take active measures like the use of parental Android spy apps. Kids nowadays spend considerable time using screens, and most of their interactions, both good and bad, take place online through social media, instant messaging apps, online communities, websites, and games.

The extent of using Parental Android Spy App – How much is too much?

As kids grow from toddlers to tweens and then teenagers, they become protective of their privacy and space. It is an adolescence thing – keeping secrets from parents. But parents need to draw a line regarding that too.

Social media has a lot to do with a person’s self-esteem. Especially tweens and teens. They feel sad and depressed if they do not get enough likes and comments on their posts. They take it as a free-will land. A place without parental interference. But, it could lead to severe consequences. It doesn’t have to be that way. Employing a parental Android spy app could alleviate numerous of your parental worries. But it is vital that you don’t get carried away with it. Constant monitoring has its drawbacks as well. Establish rules and let your children know that you are aware of their online and offline activities even when they don’t tell you. Keep an eye frequently and check up on them without being intrusive and interfering. Intervene when necessary.

For this, parents should know about the leading parental Android spy apps in the market. These apps allow you to remotely monitor your child’s digital footprints. You can know if they are facing any issues online or engaging in reckless behavior.

Xnspy Overview

Xnspy parental Android spy app is ideal for digital parenting because it keeps a parent’s need in perspective. Digital monitoring has become essential for a child’s well-being and safety. With its myriad of basic and advanced features, Xnspy makes it feasible for parents to be in the know, without hovering over their kids’ shoulder all the time. The app allows remote monitoring, so you are aware of your teen’s activities even from a distance.

Read on below for an in-depth review of the popular parental Android spy app:

Xnspy – Download & Installation

Getting started with the app is simple. You need to visit the official website, https://xnspy.com/ . From there, you can subscribe to any one of the plans by clicking Buy Now. The Basic edition offers all the basic monitoring features, and the Premium edition lets you use advanced monitoring features.

Xnspy – Price:

As stated earlier, the app has two editions. You can subscribe to any of these editions for monthly, quarterly, and yearly packages.

  • For Basic Edition
Monthly Quarterly Yearly
$29.99 / month $13.99 / month $4.99 / month


  • For Premium Edition
Monthly Quarterly Yearly
$35.99/ month $19.99 / month $7.49 / month


Xnspy – Compatibility:

Xnspy’s supports OS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x & 9.x. smoothly.

Xnspy – Features:

Here are the basic and advanced features you can use with Xnspy to effectively monitor your teen’s phone activities:

  • Text Messages and Phone Calls Monitoring

Texting is the favored mode of communication for most teens. Xnspy lets you the incoming and outgoing text messages. Add words or phrases in the app’s Watchlist, so you could get alerts when they are used. You could add words such as “beer,” “sex,” “drinking,” “bunking class,” etc. to the list.

The app monitors all the calls and records them automatically. You can see different call analysis charts as well, which include frequent callers and calls’ duration.

xn_spy top5_call_duration

  • GPS Location Tracking and Geofencing:

With a desire to explore everything in the adult world, tweens and teens might want to go to places which are not suitable according to their age or downright dangerous. Even if that is not the case with your child, parents should be aware of their kid’s whereabouts. Xnspy lets you know the real-time location of their phone, as well as the recent location history. This feature comes in handy in case of a lost phone or missing child.

The geofencing feature is pretty cool, too. You can draw virtual parameters around certain areas which you think is off-limits to your child and then get alerts when your teen enters or exits that area.

  • Email Access

Xnspy is a lot more than an Android spy app. If your child is acting off or gets tensed whenever he gets an email notification, you can access their email and be in the know. Someone could be harassing or bullying them. With this feature, you could intervene timely and take the necessary action.

  • Access Instant Messenger Chats

Most of the parental monitoring apps don’t offer you the functionality of accessing instant messenger chats such as Tinder, Skype, Kik, Instagram, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. You can also access the videos, GIFs, and images that your teen and his friends share among themselves using these apps.

  • Ambient Recording:

Xnspy lets you listen in on the surroundings as well. You have to send a discreet command to your child’s phone, and it will switch on the microphone secretly. It would continue the sounds and conversation taking place around the phone. You can record for up to 30 minutes. The app then uploads the audio clip to your account from where you can listen to it using a computer or phone.

  • Access to Web Browsing History:

The internet holds tons of information of all kinds. Sometimes, a seemingly innocent word search could bring up inappropriate or sexually explicit content to your child’s phone screen. It is important to place the right filters. Xnspy lets you see the top 10 Websites so you know what kind of things your child might be interested in. If you find anything inappropriate, you can tweak the browser settings and then talk to your child about it.

  • Keylogger:

Xnspy’s keylogger feature lets you record keystrokes on your child’s Android device. You can record keystrokes within Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber apps. So, even if your teen deletes the messages, you can what they had been typing.

  • Wi-Fi Logs

The Wi-Fi logs let the parents know where their teenager connected their device to Wi-Fi. You can know all the details such as the name of the connection, date and the time stamp. Also, the feature lets you see the recent Wi-Fi connection history as well.

  • Remote Control of Phone:

You can remotely control your child’s phone with Xnspy and perform the following features:

  1. Remotely lock the device
  2. Take live screenshots
  3. View the installed apps
  4. Block apps
  5. Turn on microphone
  6. Wipe the data from the device


After establishing the rules regarding phone monitoring, educate your children about safe internet behavior and how they can keep the digital dangers at bay. Let them know that till they grow up and mature, you would monitor their emails, text, locations, and calls. If your child is getting bullied, teach him not to allow the bullies to get to his head. Parental Android spy apps have helped in timely intervention in cases which otherwise would have resulted in fatal consequences.

Xnspy caters to all monitoring aspects and has a 24/7 customer support to assist you. There are demos and guides on the websites. The app has a good package of features coupled with affordable prices, which certainly make it worth considering for a seamless child monitoring experience.