Secure Teen Parental Control Review

Secure Teen App Review

INTRODUCTION (Secure Teen Parental Control App)

The Internet is the primary culprit for kid’s wrong digital habits. There are no filters and no inhibitions on kids’ internet usage. In spite of delivering pep talks parents have been unsuccessful in keeping kids away from internet usage.

Secure Teen emphasizes on securing teens from the unprecedented dangers of the online world. The app is available for mobile phone and tablet users.  Like many apps in the market, the app offers all parental control features with the assurance of your teen’s safety.

What is Secure Teen Parental Control App?

SecureTeen is a parental control app which has dealt with the problem of teens internet usage very tactfully.  The app offers the right mix of application and website blockers. Secure teens different ways of parental controls are impressive.

The app is accessible on Android, Windows, and iOS.  SecureTeen offers its services at an affordable price of $39.99 annually, and this ensures you can track up to 3 devices without paying a single extra penny. The app confirms secure monitoring and reliable solutions at a pocket-friendly rate.

Monitor your kids through the app or an online dashboard via the secure teen browser link.

The app concentrates mainly on internet filtering and website history tracking. Kids cannot access any inappropriate sites or contents thanks to the advanced internet filters. The scope to watch anything unsuitable is further cut down by Safe Search filter — no search results for your kids’ amusement. Also, you can take a step ahead by checking your kid’s web history and stay up-to-date with their web page activities.



How does the Secure Teen Parental Control App work?

Following simple steps need to be followed to install the app without getting stuck:

  1. Download the app from the app store or play store or download the installation link from the website. 
  2. Configure the application in your cell phone.
  3. Customize the user settings as per your requirement
  4. Construct a personal online panel using your email and password
  5. Now, start monitoring the target device.

Features of Secure Teen Parental Control App

  • Internet Filtering mechanism

Chose the secure filtering mechanism to remove any harmful or inappropriate contents from your kids’ online access. The idea revolves around barring adult or sexual content from your kid’s visibility. The app provides a suitable way to block all the unsuitable website category.

  • Facebook monitoring

The app provides a brilliant way to handle Facebook activities. Most apps do not offer such granular data. However, we found Facebook monitoring unique in SecureTeen. SecureTeen uses Photo Scan, Facebook chat monitoring, and timeline scan to get all updates from your teen’s Facebook profile. Get a good view into your kids Facebook activity 24*7 merely using your own Facebook profile details.

  • Web history monitoring

Using your personal account, you can access your kid’s web history. The app smartly ensures information about your kid’s web history, flagging the suspicious links for your review.

The app can process your kids’ day to day website history, and a particular list gets created for parent’s review and monitoring.

  • Blocking Pornography

Pornography has been an age-old enemy of parents. And kids have been able to get their hands-on pornography sites very quickly. SecureTeen has accepted and considered these issues with the utmost importance and helped parents block any such website contents.

SecreTeen assures no pornography material is available on your kid’s web browser.

  • Safe search filter

Harmful and indecent contents are readily available on search engines, just by entering a word, millions of results can be earned. Safe search as the name says cuts down all sorts of inappropriate search results from your kid’s search engine. The app ensures your kid is unable to get any search result while searching for some unsuitable topic.

  • GPS tracking

Uncertain about your kid’s whereabouts, the app has the answer. Location tracker of SecureTeen is claimed to be very powerful and accurate ensuring your kid’s safety at all times. Even the reviews speak a lot about the feature, most parents have had a pleasant or better experience with the location tracker.

  • App blocking

There are several apps in the market which are not meant for kid’s use. Some apps like Calculator+, Tinder, Happn, and Vaulty are not intended for kids use; however, they show up in the app stores. Similarly, there are many such inappropriate and adult apps which need to be kept away from kids notice. SecureTeen makes it possible to block improper (dating apps) and doubtful apps.

  • Remote device control

A unique yet interesting concept we observed in SecureTeen is remote management. The app provides an intelligent way to lock or unlock the device in case of any crisis. The feature works entirely from the parent device and comes in very handy during the misplace of your child’s phone.

  1.    Lock the device when you learn about your kid’s stolen device. No one can break into your kids’ content without your consent.
  2.    Unblock your child’s device from the SecureTeen Dashboard as and when required.
  • Text message monitoring

If you are having doubts about your kid’s text messaging habits, stop worrying and start stalking the text for any inappropriate language or message. Text message monitoring is the best way to bring down the problem of sexting in today’s generation.

  • Time schedule

Controlling screen time is necessary to divert the kid’s mind towards more critical activities like sports, art, music and academic performance. Parents can cut down phone usage in the day for making kids more attentive towards other vital tasks like studies.

Additional iOS tracking

  • Call Monitoring

The iOS version of the app certainly provides what the Android version offers, along with that there is a provision for call monitoring.  The app gives you a golden chance to monitor and view all outgoing and incoming calls your kids receive. You have complete access to the call logs including date, time, name, and number.

  • WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, and Viber tracking

Your kids’ social media chat room is under your supervision. Get all the details about your kid’s activities on social networks like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Kik, etc. Tracking social media networks is one step beyond the text message monitoring.

Areas for Enhancement

After the Secure teen parental control review, we discovered that the app encompasses all kinds of significant features for online monitoring and offline phone monitoring yet there is a lot of scope of improvement in the app. Following are a few areas where we feel the company can work harder to build a better user base.

  • The performance of the app has been reported to be slow and problematic. The app is not as robust as the other apps in the market.
  • The app provides call monitoring but does not offer a way to block any contacts.
  • An app does not mention geofencing or speeding alert in their catalog.

Why we loved the Secure Teen Parental Control App?

SecureTeen has gained popularity for its internet filtering and app blocking feature. The app performs these activities very well. There is also a lot of satisfactory results from the GPS tracker. The location provided by GPS is super accurate.

What we really appreciate about the app is that your kid will not be able to trace your activities on their phone. The app works on stealth mode.

The installation process is straightforward and needs no help or guidance. The setup process is self-explanatory and requires no help from the support team. Setting up can be challenging for many technically untrained parents.

The price is reasonable and decent. Not very high not very cheap!

During our Secure teen parental control review, we learned that many apps had reduced the number of features on iOS as compared to Android and Windows. SecureTeen does a great job on all three platforms.


  1. […] Secure teen Parental Control comes with a great user interface and focuses on blocking unsuitable data for teens. Teens are in such an impressionable age; they pick up unnecessarily delusive content and get misguided. All the basic functionalities like Block apps, Monitor SMS and Calls, supervise internet activities, location tracking and limiting screen time for your teen’s safety. Secure teen provides a smart web control panel or dashboard to track all activities of your kids. Few technical glitches can be handled easily in the next updates. Otherwise works well for a child’s digital security. […]