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Love is the fuel that runs the journey called life. There is some form of this emotion in every decision we make and action we take. We can never get enough of it and are always looking for ways to strengthen our bonds and better our relationships. And, one such way is the mystic deck of Tarot Cards. Here, we have given a breakdown of the Top 10 Love Tarot Cards that you must hope for when you go for a love prediction.

Tarot is a medium which not only addresses the issues related to one’s love life but also provides guidance and insight based on the energies and symbols of the cards. There are 78 Tarot cards in a Tarot deck, 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana Cards. Each card corresponds to a particular energy when it comes to love. Some are good news while some are not when it comes to love predictions.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Love Tarot Cards.


The Lovers

As the name suggests, the Lovers represents two people deeply in love with each other. It is one of the best tarot cards to get in a love reading. It epitomizes harmony, love, balance and mutual respect in a relationship. When this card appears in love predictions, it means that the foundation of a love relationship has strengthened and it is moving towards something significant and meaningful.


Ten of Cups signifies love, harmony, peace, balance and unity. It shows a happy and loving family where each member has deep family values and mutual love and respect for one another. When this card makes an appearance in a love tarot reading, it gives a sense of completion and a fulfilling life. With a loving partner, solid family and a warm home, there is nothing more left to ask for.


The Empress

The Emperor Tarot corresponds to a powerful male energy. It might signal the presence of a husband or a partner who is there to protect you and provide for you. This card represents a lover who is committed, loyal, honest and protective. It indicates a long term love relationship having a strong foundation. The appearance of this tarot is testimony to the fact that something dependable, long-term and stable is coming your way.


The Ace of Cups correspond to immensely positive energy when it comes to love, romance and relationships. This tarot is a symbol of new beginnings, happiness, joy and abundance. In love predictions, the appearance of this card can indicate a new love coming into your life or a deeper and stronger bond in an existing relationship. Ace of Cups is one of the great tarot cards for singles as the energy of this card can be associated with the excitement and feelings of a new-found love.


The Emperor

The energy of the Empress is associated with strong sensual feelings that are required for a long-lasting and happy relationship. This tarot symbolizes abundance, growth, prosperity, peace and even fertility. When this card makes an appearance in a love tarot reading, it throws light on the deep connection and a fulfilling relationship that two people share. It is also indicative of pregnancy which is again a positive omen in love predictions.


The Two of Cups is probably one of the best and the most ideal tarot cards to get in a love tarot reading. It shows two people promising a commitment of love and loyalty to each other by sharing their feelings and emotions. It represents a romantic relationship which has the potential to develop into something meaningful and substantial. A deep bond, affection and attraction between two people is evident when this card makes an appearance in a love prediction There can be no other card better than Two Of Cups to indicate a strong romantic relationship.


The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the card of traditions, culture and structure. In a love reading, it is indicative of the next step in a relationship, maybe a proposal or even marriage. If you are in a new relationship, then the presence of this card represents a love that is for keeps. This is one of those Tarot Cards that symbolize true love, commitment, and loyalty. If marriage is what you are looking for, then the appearance of this card is indeed a positive omen.


The Four of Wands is indicative of two people, who are very much in love, beginning a new journey together. It represents family and setting up a new home together. When it  makes an appearance in a love reading, it implies that celebration is on the cards, probably a wedding or an engagement celebration, and things are getting pretty serious. It also indicates your relationship getting the approval of your family, friends and loved ones.


The Knight of Cups represents a ‘sweep off the feet’ kind of love. It could mean that your ‘Knight in shining armour’ is all set to make you feel special and loved. For singles, this card means that you are soon going to meet your potential lover who will be charming, confident, loving and caring. If you are already in a relationship, then your partner will find ways to impress you and win your heart. It is a great card to get in a love reading!


A happy family and deep love- this is what the Ten of Pentacles represents. It depicts a relationship that is getting stronger with time and a family life which is rock-solid. The presence of this card means that everything is going well in your life, not just with respect to love, relationships or family but in terms of money, health and career, as well. All in all, you are living a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Why go for a Love Tarot Reading?

After reading this, you must be thinking that when I know about the best cards in love, why should I go to a tarot reader for love predictions. Love Tarot Reading by an expert is important if you are facing problems in love because here the power of tarot cards and the intuitive abilities of the reader combine to give you the most accurate insight as per your problem. Personalised love predictions help one a lot in dealing with the most pressing concerns about love life.

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