Temple Run 2 Review – Action Game for Android

Temple Run 2 Review

Setting a benchmark for all other game developers, Temple Run made quite a buzz by setting the bar considerably high. With millions of temple run downloads across the globe, it occupied a remarkable place in almost everyone’s Android mobile and their hearts.

After its successful debut, its sequel was most anticipated. Imangi Studios have finally released Temple Run 2, their video game that runs endlessly(until caught) to entertain users with its astonishing graphics and certain noticeable changes.

What is Temple Run all about?

Temple Run 2 is a 3D chasing game designed for hooking players. A cursed idol is stolen by a player(you), so he is to be chased by a monstrous creature that looks like a hybrid of a monkey and crow. The creature protects the idol.

The creature is just behind the player and he catches him if he smashes himself into any of the obstacles.
The player increases his speed with time and it then becomes even difficult to escape obstacles.

Meanwhile, on the run, there are various power-ups and coins that help you to maintain the leaderboard. You can duck and jump to catch them all.
With the newest version, you can continue from where you died or got caught by paying some gems or coins.

It is an adventurous journey where your aim is to protect the player from being caught. It is a highly addictive and amusing game which makes it best when you have to kill time.
New additions are improved graphics. The latest version guarantees more powers with more troubles. Quite a challenge! Isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Pick your phone up, install Temple Run 2 and get set gaming!!


What’s New in Temple Run 2?

It is loaded with thrilling and amusing surprises. Run through breathtaking landscapes, forests, beaches, caves. Ride on minecarts, slip through zip lines, dodge your enemy by conquering challenging obstacles like ginormous starfish, an unorganised stack of barrels and many more. Many more because we want to keep your adrenaline levels high so that you can find and overpower them with it all!

This game has new fun changes like selecting charming characters while dressing them up as per your will. The background changes with different seasons. You get to enter spirit cove, pirate cove and other with updates.

It tricks you to stay glued to it for hours and on daily basis by releasing daily challenges. Temple Run 2 has to be appreciated for a very important aspect i.e. ads. It turns out to be a free game which is ‘ad-free’, otherwise other free games tend to annoy players with constant ad pop-ups. You will never regret downloading Temple Run 2.

Get excited with getting maps of Sky Summit, Blazing Sands and Frozen Shadows on your playing screen. This game requires no internet connection after installation, so a free offline entertaining game does a lot for you in a boring and non-productive day. Kudos to Imangi Studios for so many fabulous introductions and for delivering you with a classic entertainer which makes sure that you will never get bored in Temple Run 2.


How is Temple Run 2 different from Temple Run 1?


There are so many significant changes between the two. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Temple Run 1 Temple Run 2
Three chasing creatures One chasing creature
Begins from the temple Begins from zipline
Fewer obstacles More obstacles
Only ground levels to collect the gold Underground levels with a cart to collect gold
Cannot tilt to collect coins Can tilt to collect coins
Fewer power-ups More power-ups

Suggestions for the App-makers

After surveying this game in detail, users face some difficulties in operating it. We hope Imangi Studios work on these suggestions soon to make it the most loved game ever!

  • The game is designed for leisure while laying in bed or any comfortable position, the need for tilt calibration is felt.
  • Sometimes the ads become annoying while playing it in online mode.
  • It asks for ratings even when a player has rated it.
  • The tokens given as rewards seem to be useless.
  • Sometimes it takes a lot of time to load.
  • Gems are very very expensive.