Pokemon Go – Best Adventure Game for Android Phone

Pokemon Go Game review

Pokemon is not just a word, it is a feeling and I’m pretty sure a lot of you might relate with me.

After winning millions of hearts with its animated series, Pokemon is available in your hands and on your mobile screens. Yes! This is a thrilling/bright surprise that the developers delivered to billions of smartphone users. A Pokemon trainer, a battle gym, tough battles and the probability of catching a Pokemon, it gets it all covered. Let’s try to understand it in depth.


What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a game that turned out to be as a Global Gaming hype. It demands the player(Pokemon trainer) to catch the Pokemon and then with those Pokemons they fight trainer battles one-on-one with other nearby trainers.

As the number of Pokemon with a trainer is increased, they are eligible for level-up. They can collaborate with other trainers and then they are able to challenge gym leaders.

Workout to upgrade and for getting evolved. As you move higher in the game, you become eligible to catch stronger Pokemons. You can also earn rewards by participating in battles.




How does Pokemon Go works?

Pokemon Go deploys a very interesting working algorithm, walk around and find the Pokemon. This is the basic mantra of finding a Pokemon easily. Explore your neighbourhood, your city or your country.

Take your phone along and the moment your phone vibrates, it is the indication that there is a Pokemon nearby. Quickly, throw PokeBall by aiming at your targeted Pokemon. But you gotta be as agile as possible because the Pokemon does not stay at a place for so long.

On technical grounds, Pokemon Go implements AR. Augmented reality (AR) works by adding digital elements to a live view. It is usually done by using a smartphone’s camera. It asks you to mount your smartphone in your surroundings and using the camera, it displays a Pokemon which is present near you.


How to detect more Pokemons?


Obviously, games are played on serious grounds and so everybody wants to collect more and more Pokemons and that too super soon. For that, you gotta burn some calories by walking smartly! With smartly, we mean that every Pokemon has a native type.

Majorly, the division is in water type, grass type, fire type, fly type, etc. Search for a native environment to catch these Pokemons. Look out for parks, natural areas or landscapes for bug type and grass type Pokemons. Pokemons are near you and you need to catch them.

Explore water bodies like a going near a river, pond or ocean to get water type Pokemons. If there’s bonfire anywhere, you might find fire type Pokemon there. Isn’t it something next level? Wait it has kept more surprises waiting for avid gamers.

You can catch, hatch and see your Pokemon evolving. You can hatch more of these by walking more and evolution depends on the number of Pokemons you have of the same type. So focus on walking, exploring and collecting more Pokemons of the same type.

Get yourself a buddy Pokemon who will cover the distance with you by walking along. Your buddy will get itself a candy that makes your Pokemon stronger

You can detect PokeStops and Pokemon gyms at amusing places like art installations, museums, historical monuments and markets. These places turn out to be as filling stations for the trainer. Many helpful objects and PokeBalls can be collected from these stops.

The journey becomes difficult as you move forward. A Raid Battle awaits you. It cannot be played easily by a single trainer. You can collaborate with up to 20 trainers to fight Raid Battle. If you win, you have chances to get an extra powerful Pokemon of your choice. It is available free of cost on Google Play Store.


Risks attached to Pokemon Go

We have discussed a lot of fun-facts but with entertainment there come vulnerabilities associated with this game. You should be very careful while walking pathways and other outdoors.

Be alert and save yourself hitting into a driving vehicle or walking or standing person. Don’t seep much into the game and be aware of your personal belongings. This adventure game might not be compatible with tablets, so smartphone with an internet connection is a must.