Grand Theft Auto Vice City (GTA) Game Review

GTA Vice City App Review

Grand Theft Auto – Most popular Arcade Game

Here, you get to play Tommy Vercetti, a man known in the criminal underworld. After getting out of prison, the character is again dragged into his family’s Feud and more criminal activities in Vice city.  Due to its explicit and violent content, this game has been rated 18 and above.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City (INTRODUCTION)

After the success of Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar games came out with another mind-blowing Miami edition. GTA Vice City game, a blessing to the gamers of yesteryears, was released in the year 2002 on PlayStation 2.

You can download GTA Vice City for Android and iOS, to exploit the criminal landscape of Miami in the 1980s. Vice city revolves around the story of a man’s rise to the top of the criminal mass in a town absorbed in illegal driving, shooting, car high jacking, racing, and fighting.

Rockstar games have again surprised seasoned gamers by launching the mobile edition of Grand theft Auto for Android and iOS users, commemorating 10 years of the game. A decade has gone by, but the fan following of the game only keeps increasing. As you read, more than a million downloads have been already reported by play store and app store.

The new mobile version of the game is more promising with more modern controls, better resolution, and host of impressive new features.

WHAT IS Grand Theft Auto: Vice City?

The game is a classic window into the excessively popular Grand Theft Auto series.  

Here you will play the character of Tommy Vercetti, a criminal by nature and profession. After recently being released from prison, he gets involved once more in his family’s criminal activities in Vice City, based off Miami. Players can run missions and also drive around the downtown, browse the city, and engage in brutal violence.

Vice city, as displayed in the game, is an urban setting of the 1980s. The city is shown as a party town with sea, sun and sex and an underworld beneath. The city is portrayed as a hub for criminals residing in the downtown of Vice city.

How does the GTA Vice City for Android and iOS work?

If you are an android user, good news GTA vice city game is readily available for android phone and tablets. Downloading the app is extremely easy, all you need to do is follow the steps and start gaming! (follow similar steps on your iOS app store)

  1.    Access the play store and search for GTA Vice city game.
  2.    Click on the first result by Rockstar games, reading “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”
  3.    Once you get in the application, click on the amount showing in USD.
  4.    Provide access to specific information on your mobile phone and accept.
  5.    Press continue to pay by a payment method
  6.    Once the payment processed, install the app and get ready to ride the city!

A piece of caution: for optimal usage of the game, we recommend restarting the device after downloading and close all other applications while playing GTA vice city.

What you need to know before playing the GTA vice city game?

We will like to familiarize you with a couple of essential pre-requisites for the game:

  • 1.5 GB free space is required for the installation of the game
  • Application size is 10 MB, and the data file size is nearly 1 Gb
  • The game is compatible with select Android phones and tablets and iOS iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  • You can check for your phone compatibility on for the updated list.
  • Android version supported is 2.3 and above and iOS 5.1.1 and above
  • Languages supported: English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.
  • This is a paid app. (Totally worth every penny!)
  • This game is rated 18+ for its sexual and violent content ( you may want to keep it away from your kids)

WHY PEOPLE LOVE Grand Theft Auto: Vice City?

Post the legendary game GTA 3; Vice city is a delight to the gamer eyes, who would wish to experience the underworld life of Miami in the 1980s. We adore the game because of its crisp graphics and the way “Life goes on in the background, while the character is hiding in the building.”

Let us tell you some more exciting facts, why you will find this game appealing:

  • Controls are top notch and customizable. You can choose your onscreen buttons.
  • Updated and better graphics of characters and city entities.
  • Better lighting effects
  • Tailored targeting and firing options
  • Offers countless hours of gameplay
  • Integration with Immersion tactile effects are available
  • Provides brand new tailor-made graphics settings
  • Compatible with select USB gamepads.

If you are someone who loves getting chased by cops, eventually military and want to go insane with unconventional weapons and speeding cars, GTA Vice city is the game for you hard-core players!