501 Free New Room Escape Game – Unlock Door Review

501 Free New Room Escape Game - Unlock door

INTRODUCTION to 501 Free New Room Escape Game

Escape game lovers are in for a treat. 501 free room and door escape games with a variety of locations to search for clues. You can’t stop with unlocking one clue once you start. Addiction level is inevitably high and worth your time.

Get your adrenaline running with each cryptic puzzle and mind-blowing clues.

This game is straightforward and easy to understand. This game is an excellent example of games for kids above 12 years of age.

This escape room game app is popular in the market due to free online features. If you are interested to play new escape games free online, then you are on the right page.

What is 501 Free New Room Escape Game – unlock door?

501 Free New Room Escape Game – unlock door is a combination of 501 levels of escape rooms with increasing difficulty levels. Each level has multiple rooms with puzzles and clues spread across the rooms. Every evidence takes the player closer to a key that opens the door to the next level.

Designers of the game have offered an option for skipping levels and moving to the level of your choice. However, we will recommend not to use the short cut and take every level as a challenge

Unlike many New escape games, we adored 501 Free New Room Escape Game – unlock door because of its well thought of riddles and puzzles and the difficulty levels.

App graphics are impressive. Every new level will surprise the user with better and vibrant graphics.

If you want to give a real escape room a try, check out escape room rank to find a game location near you.

How does it work?

Are you traveling in the subway to a destination which is one hour away? Get your phone battery loaded and start 501 Free New Room Escape Game – unlock door!

On your dashboard, select the level that you want to proceed. Once you are through the selection, you will come across a small bulletin reading a short story about the next level.

Stories can vary from saving a princess to baking a pizza. Once you fulfill the tasks, you get a key to unlock the door to the next level. Well, don’t think that’s too easy!

Getting the key is the most exciting and frustrating part. You may solve a clue by the snap of your fingers or may take hours to decode the clue finally.

The game provides an option to skip certain clues which require you to use your investigative brain.

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Features of Room Escape Game

  • Just not 10, 100 or 300 levels, this game has 501 doors and locations to escape.
  • Easy to extremely tricky brainteasers
  • Addictive yet not exhausting
  • For the impatient folks, the game provides a fast move to higher levels
  • Graphics and sound are stunning
  • Get daily coin rewards
  • After pushing your brain to the limit use coins to receive hints for reaching the next move.  
  • Every level has a distinguished set of clues different than the last level.
  • Screen menu is easy to understand and intuitive.
  • The game is self-guided, does not require a manual.

Area of improvement

  • No doubt we relished playing this brain runner, yet there were a couple of points which we found can be annoying for seasoned gamers.
  • This game requires an internet connection for graphics download which may hinder your gaming experience at a zero-internet zone.
  • Placement of ads is a bit poor. It hides some pointers on the top.
  • Too many ads can be a bit too much for a player. No doubt there is a paid version for the game to remove ads, yet it will be a delight if the ads reduce in the paid version.


Why we love it?

In spite of being addictive, this game, without any argument, is best for a brain workout. The clues trigger your brain in motion to decrypt logical and exciting puzzles. You are bound to increase your memory through fun activities.

Brain challenges are significant for killing time because it is barely exhausting. Every level is more exciting than the last one.

If you tried enacting Sherlock Holmes at home, then an escape room game app is surely your cup of tea. All curious souls here is your chance to quench your thirst with this thrilling new escape game.