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Rise in Love Game Review
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Rise in love is among the best casual games in the market with surprisingly brilliant design and impeccable choice of colors.

Rise up in love is a casual 2D mobile game designed for the anxious and fidgety audience who prefer nail-biting challenges forcing them to remain engaged for long hours.

The game revolves around three characters- fighting for their lady love. The lover boy (the protagonist) shows heroic moves to save the girl of his dream from falling for enticing gifts. The exciting plot gets more interesting as the lover boy rises up in love and the gifts come snowballing.

What is Rise in love Game?

Are you bored with your office drama and boss’s cuss words? We can recommend the perfect solution for calming and distracting your mind.

Rise in love is that every day casual game that you can play and slay with no sweat. In office or college, in a meeting or on your ride back home, this game is suitable for all age groups and all events.

Rise in love is a hyper-casual game with impressive visuals and high-end graphics, available on both Android and iOS.

The game is shaped around a story of three characters – Dave (the lover boy), Daisy (the lady crush), and Jet-pack boy (the third wheel).

The game displays the love story of Cupid struck Dave and Daisy, a perfect couple who love each other’s company.

The Jetpack boy, shown as the villain in the love story, starts showering magnificent gifts to lure daisy’s heart.

Dave plays the lover who strikes away all the gifts from Daisy’s path to diminish the chance of Jet-pack boy’s desperate attempts.

The game barely uses your mind or aggression to reach the next levels. Unlike other casual games, Rise in love is a smooth ride with rough patches to keep the challenges interesting for the player.

How does it work?

Rise in love is no rocket science; the controls are straightforward with no requirement of tutorials.

After finishing the game installation procedure, you run into a short story introducing you to the plot. We appreciated the fact that the story was actually short, unlike the other games that start with a lengthy annoying tale, only to lose a player’s interest.

The game introduces you to an owl, smartly displayed as the narrator of the game and the one expressing disappointment each time you lose a level.

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Now, you can roll up your sleeves and jump into the game. As a player, you need to merely dodge the gifts falling from the sky by moving the lover boy’s icon across the screen.

What excites our gaming instincts is that there are no set rules on how to maneuver the boy- it entirely depends on the player. So, keep swaying the boy left to right or right to left to swipe away the gifts from Daisy.

If the lover boy is unable to cease the gifts from reaching Daisy, then your game is busted, and you need to start again. There are a couple of insane power-ups like a shield, bomb, etc. to help the lover boy rise up in love. These aids are earned in the form of daily rewards or rewards earned on unlocking achievements. Yes, awards can be also be received by paying a hefty sum of money in the game.

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Exciting features – Rise in love

Rise in love takes you on a super casual gaming experience with exciting levels.

  • Every level is a new experience of skirting and swiping.
  • Test your physics knowledge in the most practical scenario.
  • Top notch graphics with soothing background music.
  • One-touch control game with no complicated controls.
  • The game isn’t tricky but highly addictive and time-consuming.
  • Lots of aids (shields, bombs, lives, etc.) to keep your moral high.
  • The game interface is easy to understand and navigate.
  • Each button speaks for itself and does not require explanation.

Thrilled to know more?  

Why we loved the Rise in Love Mobile game?

Our review might start sounding biased, but honestly, there wasn’t a single attribute that disappointed us. Innovana gaming has taken immense care right down to small details to give the game a classic look. Hands down the app graphics are impressive. And every new level astonishes the player.

Our analysis says the games lightweight mode and instant playability make it a popular choice on the play store and app store. In spite of being addictive, this game, without any argument, is the best casual game to loosen you up. Every level is more exciting than the previous one.

We highly recommend the Rise in Love mobile game for casual game lovers and a big shout out to the fantastic gaming experience brought together by Innovana.