Rise of Civilizations Game Review – Best Strategy Game

Rise of Civilizations Game
Rise of Civilization

The Idea behind this app – Rise of Civilization

This game gives you the thrill to choose your own region and then plan and strategize on how to conquer and build your own empire.

After playing this online game as a real time battle field, has increased little more respect for Julius Caesar and Hannibal since we started playing Rise of Civilizations. Looks like that running an empire whether it is real or online is a serious multitasking exercise.

To come out victorious the user needs to keep expanding your interests, strike off the barbarian tribes and overcoming well-organized enemies, but you have to keep the home front going too.

Pick your own region – Rise of Civilizations


Rise of Civilizations gives you the reins of an increasing empire, where the choice of places are given such as Rome, Spain, Britain, France, Germany, China, Japan and Korea

Steps to build your empire and acquire the various themes.

At the start of this  strategy game, there is a modest walled city with very little to offer, once you upgrade your City Hall and the buildings around it you unlock more building types. After successful upgrading these blocks, it lets you upgrade with your City Hall in turn, giving more options for building types available, gives the user the feeling of conquering the kingdom.

Finally, the success in building will bring in a farm, an archery range, a workshop, camps, a timber mill, an academy, and many more buildings besides. Amid them they keep your people sheltered, fed, trained, educated, armed, healthy, safe, and prosperous.

As you progress in the game, the challenge comes while upgrading the buildings, but you can speed up the process with replaceable cards. You have to apply a little bit of restraint with these since there is a limited amount of supply, but it is enough that you can speed up a few building, training, and research periods per session, permitting you to get some good output through a quick game.

Advanced Strategy


Basically, this just covers the very fundamentals of attending to your own city. But by zooming out you will discover an astoundingly huge game world. The city you are playing for is just a tiny dot in a vast region, your region is in itself just one of nine regions to play and conquer, and these nine regions are separated by mountain ranges and reachable through pathways that you need to find with your scouts.

Alternatively, the vast majority of this map is shrouded in fog, so theirs is a lot to explore and discover. We detest thinking as to how long it would take you to clear every trace of fog, but this requires to send out a scout to uncover new stuff to befriend, explore, conquer, plunder, or kill.

Logically, conquering the obstacle is the biggest challenge for an emperor. To end this, you have troops, which you recruit and train in your city, but you also have commanders. These fictional characters are based on real historical figures such as Julius Caesar, and you can equal them up with their own individual skill trees, RPG-style.

This game gives you the liberty to have multiple commanders, which gives you, even more, to think about when passing on skill points, as well as allowing you to combat on multiple fronts.

Rise of Civilizations also has its own in-depth alliance system, which has messaging facilities. By joining an alliance it gives you more right of entry to communal assets such as research, alliance assistance, and earnings from resources. It also allows you to call on coalition members for assistance in completing research, building, and working out the project to succeed in your city. You can certainly return the favor, by helping the alliance too, by promising your troops in wars, funding to research costs, and so on.

The Hunt and the Conquer.

As we progress in the game, it feels like we haven’t really even scratched the surface of Rise of Civilizations. There’s so much to do, and so many ways to do it, and so much room to do it in, that it would take you days to get to grips with the game’s subtle intricacies. It would risk becoming devastating if not for the unlimited supply of missions and tasks. The most secure bet to progress is to certainly just to keep taking the missions screen and amassing the targets.

For instance, if you accept a barbarian hunting mission, the game will take you straight to the search function, aim to search for barbarians, among other things, at whichever level you like. Once you’ve discovered a squad of barbarians it’s just a matter of a couple of taps before you’re wiping them out with swords, arrows, and siege weapons.

This level up your search and accepting this mission, you’ll gain experience to the search function helps you to work one level up to your troops, and earn some assets. There are many internal different mission types, all of the dynamic and profitable, so it makes sense to stay on this level until you’re ready to face the big bad world without training wheels.

Disadvantage on this Game

The minor disadvantage of Rise of Civilization’s huge scope is that it can look a little plain. The graphics are refined and slick, but theirs is a limitation of character where a developer can squeeze into an ant-sized animation. The interface can become clumsy and cluttered, too, and it’s common to be misled and tap on the wrong building while working in your city.

But these are negligible issues, and a small price to pay for the sheer detail and abundance that Rise of Civilizations contains.




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