Top 10 Most Challenging Hyper Casual Games for iOS & Android


If it is your boring daily routine you would want to ditch then you should try some of the best casual games. These games require no brainstorming. These games are designed solely for the purpose of leisure, relaxation, and entertainment.

Customarily designed for mobile phones, these games require no playing instructions. Such games have high replayable rates. Simple and cozy is its interface. Full of colors and designs to soothe the game players.

These games were not at all to be seen for a long duration. These came into the spectrum of the users only in the last two years. If you want some relaxation after a long hectic day, you can indulge yourself in playing these games.

Also, if you do not want to get bored during those long commuting routes or some formal gathering, you can check out this list of top 10 hyper-casual games below. These games are challenging yet soothing. You need not strategize to win a battle. These games use the easy approach of ‘tap to play.’

List Of Top 10 Most Challenging Hyper Casual Games

  • Rise In Love


This is something that had to be on top for its amazing theme. This is one of those games that follows a cute and short story line.

Rise In Love game is based on the concept of the modern love story of Dave and Daisy. This love story is at stake as Jet pack Boy eyes Dave’s love. He sends her gifts so as to grab her attention. Dave has to protect Daisy from his rival’s gifts.

This tale of love is very interesting and is not really easy to play as it sounds to be. Play this game by being Dave to Daisy and protect her to rise high in love.



  • The Tower


Developed by the renowned Ketchapp, The Tower works on stacking mechanism. The game offers different playing locations and towers as the player gets through the succeeding levels.

By placing blocks one over another, a tower is created and by following the placement, the tower reached to the sky and space.

You can even compare your scores with your friends and build your tower the tallest so as to beat your friends’ scores. This hyper-casual game is very entertaining.



  • Bedazzled


Get ready to be-dazzled with this hyper-casual game. This game involves pretty and vibrant jewels. The interface of this game is very interesting.

Shimmery and full of colors. The game has to offer one simple task- catch the jewel. The game runs on the concept of rising and falling mechanism. Sounds very simple but is highly addictive.

A hoop is mounted in the somewhat bottom of the screen and you get to collect same color jewels in that hoop. Collecting different colors will deduct your points.

Different colored jewels including diamonds and additional ones are made to fall from the top of the screen so that you can collect them in your hoop.



  • Hello Stars


It is a puzzle video solving game. A ball is made to travel through the game interface. There are stars lying around and the ball is made to collect those stars.

But it is not that simple. The ball and everything else is affected by gravity so you got to be quick while collecting the stars.

This is one of the most challenging casual game as the game implements laws of physics to tease your brain.

The first few levels are easy as a breeze but difficulty level increases as you progress through subsequent stages. There are solutions at the end of each level.



  • Love Balls


This game can be played by anyone! And by anyone, we literally mean that age is not a bar when you play this game. Age is merely a number.

Ranging from a child to an elderly person, everyone can find ‘peace’ in this game. For achieving the peace, you just have to bump the balls! Yes, that is it! ‘Love balls’ is one of the best casual games you can play when you have nothing productive to do or when you need to refresh your mind.

You just need to draw lines and unite the balls. The best part about this game is that it introduces new levels on a weekly basis. Also, this game offers different themes you can indulge your inner child in.



  • Colour Switch


Fastest growing and still counting gaming app in history. Downloaded by millions, this game has created a hype among all of its users for being super entertaining.

This is one of the best hyper-casual games that is designed on the tap mechanism of a ball. To cross the obstacles, you need to follow the color pattern.

Be on the trail to unlock new balls by collecting stars. You will not get bored as with every update, there are new modes and levels.

Color Switch is the perfect escape from the world around you. It is addictive and enjoyable.



  • Flippy Knife


Knives of all kinds. This game is a kind of the one that has it all from knives to axes to swords. If you are searching for a thrilling experience then this game is especially for you. If taking the risk and being on edge is your thing, this game will be your best mate.

There are 7 different game modes threaded in a single game. This game knows what the players exactly want- awards and badges!

You just need to pick a knife and hit the target. This is not as easy as it sounds to be. Expertize comes with practice.



  • Tiles Hop: EDM Rush


Who wouldn’t love music? Everyone loves some or the other form of music. Tiles Hop lets you hop on the tiles on musical beats. Typically it was EDM but then happened changes. Changes were super exciting!

You can now hop on the music of your own. Yes! This game lets you upload your own music, the one that you like and allows you to play this game your way.

This is one of the most challenging casual game as there is a new challenge for every new song. The balls jump on the beats drop. This game is easy to play.



  • Timberman


Loved by over millions of active gamers, this game is in the arcade since 2014. Developed by Digital Melody, Timberman is easy to play but hard to master.

This game is based on a dexterous mechanism. Chop the tree wood with an axe and flip sides quickly when a branch is about to fall on you.

This game is all about speed. The more agility you have, longer the chances of your survival are. There are 8 different timber man and 4 different environments to unlock.



  • 1010 Block Puzzle Game


Commuting from your office or college while on a bus or train does not necessarily leave you with a choice of staring at others thinking nothing. It instead leaves you with a choice of strengthening your brain.

You can absolutely do that while teasing and testing your brain with 1010 Block Puzzle Game. This block puzzle genre can be the most challenging casual game when you get to compete for your score level with your friends.

In this game, you can combine puzzle blocks and by creating lines you can build and destroy structures. Such puzzle games never get old and you are never too old to play such puzzle games(wink!).


These games are minimalistic in their approach and do not focus much on detailing and structure. These games are the newest in the breed of games and are highly loved by players all over the world.  

Keep boredom and stress at a distance when you play these best and most challenging hyper-casual games.