Why LOL is so hated


If you have played multiplayer games and many of us have definitely played at least once or twice you have encountered rudeness, anger, insults and other things that cause hostility and desire to quit playing. If in the case of shooters like CoD, BF or TF2 it is easier and even funnier, in such games the level of toxicity can sometimes get out of control. I note that this is present not only in LoL, but in all team games of this type.

Everything is surprisingly simple. In League of Legends, failure and success go hand in hand. In this game, as in other MOBAs (and in the multiplayer as a whole), the opponent must lose to win. However, if there are 4 other players in the deck that can undermine your chances of winning, then suddenly the ability to defeat the enemy will decrease dramatically.

The fact that the other players in your team lose to your opponents or become the “fifth wheel” on the way to victory, leads to toxicity, anger. Often, and often it happens that someone just can’t play at the right level, is not collected, in a bad mood and the like, which affects the game. It’s not that he lost in order to hurt you, the one who loves to win so much.

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There is a common misconception that people who troll are the source of toxicity. The real source of toxicity is the inability to accept other people’s failures.

Why dota 2 players hate League of Legends players

These are league players that Dota players do not hate each other. There are only individuals, or rather a herd, who have been forced to make one MOBA game worse than another and as a result turned into an eternal holivar between the gaming community.

Do you know what their main drawback is? Fools in both communities who try to compare these games, put one game above the other, think that their favorite MOBA game is better.

There are 3 main reasons not to like the League of Legends.


The base of League of Legends players is known to be very toxic. To play, you must learn to ignore your teammates, constantly trying to blame them for playing badly or badly. Some players may try to bet to win, but other players directly blame people for their mistakes (and sometimes the whole team for their mistakes). Sometimes players get angry at the game and intentionally let an enemy team kill them (you will see that league players use a team entry, which means “intentional feeding”).

Riot-balancing team

Riot, the company that makes the League of Legends, is known for adjusting the game a lot and often makes adjustments to the balance in order to satisfy certain types of players (for example, pros), to correspond to certain types of positions or just to fit certain characters that everyone wants to play (called meta-champion). These constant shifts in balance can take on a role that someone is used to, and turn it into something completely different from what they have played for so long.

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