Best Android Apps of All Time You Must have


Find out the leading Apps of the 21st century. Welcome to the beginning of the new decade with 2020 and how many of you know that there are already more than 2.8 million apps in the Google Playstore!

One of the most handy and useful technologies of modern times lies bare in your hands, waiting to be explored.

What is it?

Of course, the smartphones.

But sadly, the smartphones don’t come loaded with the best Android apps and you have to go to the Google Play Store to find out the ones that best suit you.

Many of these apps have the same functionalities but then, the hardest fact that you have to gulp down, is that you cannot download each and every app.

So, we would provide you with a robust guide on which apps would work best for you and we would also provide you with the answer to the most diffiult question “why should I use this app?” for every single app that we mention here.

We would bring, for you, apps related to the below mentioned fields.

Let’s find out more about which App suits you the best from the above categories.


We would try to find out what Business Apps can help you, as and when you require.

1. Rescue Time (A Beautiful app for Time Tracking)


Random Fact: Joe Rushka, the initiator and CEO died after fighting with a neuro-endocrine Cancer for quite a long time.

App Description: Rescue Time is considered to be one of the best time-management apps in the Industry. As told by PC Mag, “This app is one of the best apps for productivity that’s ever tested.” It is one of the most helpful apps for office goers, developers, HRs, as it can always provide you with a clear view on how much time you have spent on your Android device and exactly for what purpose.

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Why should you have it?

  • If you are worried where do you lose all the time? Let me tell you, there is no better app than this one for you. It can determine your online activities very easily.
  • It can help you with your productivity goals.
  • You can block certain websites according to your choice.

When you know all these things, what can you do then? Of course, opt for the app.

Pro Tip:

  • You can control the amount of time you spend on your phone.
  • You can always set goals to understand and act according to your screen time.
  • It keeps a track of your daily goals.
  • It gives you important and essential feedback.
  • When you need to focus this app can definitely do wonders for you.

2. Proven (Best app for hiring in restaurant businesses)

Random Fact: Proven was started by three co-founders, Pablo Fuentes, Sean Falconer, and Joe Mellin in the year 2009. Since then, it has played the role of a pivot in the hiring industry.In August 2019, Proven was taken over by

App Description: It is one of the easiest apps in place for HR recruiters. It can help the HRs maintain their daily job listings efficiently. This app can help you manage your work easily by shelving the candidates in either “Yes,” “No” and “maybe” categories. The app can also help you follow-up with the most promising candidates. In that way, you can always refer back to your app for understanding the profiles of each candidate.

If you are searching for a job, you can always upload your profile and cover letter in Proven. Why? Well, it is a site that works alongside Craigslist. It brings to you the jobs that’s most suited for you through Craigslist.

Pro Tip:

  • Proven became a major hiring source for the hospitality services and jobs in restaurants.
  • Proven also has an important onboarding facility and ensures appropriate document storage.
    The advantage of this app is that it allows the candidates to sign the documents electronically.
  • In 2015, the Proven app has extended their hiring device towards small Business units all across the nations.

3. Skype (Best for the purpose of team communication)


Random Fact: The name Skype was derived from Sky-peer-to-peer that was abbreviated to Skyper and then finally to Skype. It was initiated by Niklas Zenstorm of Sweden and Janus Frils from Denmark in the year 2003.

App Description: Skype often seems to be the most intuitive app and first choice for the purpose of team communication off late. It’s an app developed by Microsoft. Office 365 Business incorporates Skype at a pricing of $8.25 for every user if you subscribe for a yearly plan and for $10 if you take it on a monthly basis.

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  • Skype has officially partnered with Comcast.
  • It can work on any of the platforms be it iOs, Windows, MacOS, Android and Blackberry.
  • You can always pay through PayPal when subscribing to Skype.
  • Skype meanwhile got acquired by Microsoft. Now why do we offer Skype to you?

Pro Tip:

  • You can use both features- voice chats and instant messaging (IM).
  • If you’re a Skype user, it is certain that you have an unique identifier via Skype.
  • Telephone calls and conference calls are completely possible.
  • Group chats, passing of emoticons, chat history storage and previous message editing and unsending is completely possible with Skype.
  • Well, what else? You can share your screen with fellows also.
  • Skype has an option to blur background even if a depth sensing camera is unavailable in the process.
  • You can be the controller of all the meetings and you can always understand about the mode of other participants.
  • You can always check for your future meetings and join them with the help of a single click.
  • The Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) provides concrete security measures while you move through your conversations.

4. PayPal (Best app that you can use for the various payments)


Random Fact: PayPal began as Confinity, a security software developing company. Confinity merged with, an Elon Musk banking company. After a rapid succession of changes, PayPal’s formation was publicized in 2002 as a major money transfer company.

App Description: Well, no one is unaware of PayPal, I am sure. Let’s find out what makes PayPal so unique.The largest benefit that comes from PayPal is while you are sending your money to your friends and family, it is absolutely free.Well, are you

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They have,

  • 24/7 money transaction monitoring.
  • They have a secure encryption mode
  • Fraudulence can be easily prevented.
  • Two-factor authentication and fingerprint technology works on PayPal.

So, let’s have a look at them which makes this app almost an irresistibly useful app.

Pro Tip:

  • You get invoices for future use: Invoices can help you keep a track of your transactions almost every time you are struggling to find out how you have invested the money, whenever you have lost track of it and when you have too less time to search the columns to find out exactly where you have spend a particular sum of money.
  • Easy Accessibility of Customer Information: Customer information is at your fingertips now, with PayPal. You can always view the history of transactions of a particular customer, view the customer’s contact information easily and this very App helps you contact the customers directly for any of your needs. So you don’t waste time since Time is Money.
  • Transfer your money to any of the assigned Bank Accounts: You can always transfer the money to the delegated bank account whenever there is a need arising almost free.
  • Easy Accessibility of PayPal: Due to its age in this industry, PayPal can give you wonderful coverage. Every single small business is aware of PayPal nowadays all across the globe. Isn’t it amazing, you can always travel cashfree.
  • Protects the rights of the Buyer: The purchaser/buyer is solidly protected by PayPal. You would always get a refund if you have used PayPal during a transaction that went wrong later.
  • Sellers too, if they can prove that they have sent the buyer some goods that the buyer denies to have received, you would still be able to get the full amount.
  • You do not always need to punch in your card details every time you plan to pay with PayPal. You just need to login to your PayPal account with your password or Pin and your mobile number or email address. So, your buyer does not have your card details when you are buying.
  • You can even evolve to include the One-touch payment facility on PayPal. It would keep you logged in, and everytime you just have to touch one button to activate the purchase. But there is a condition, you need to use the same browser and the same computer or system.

5.Asana (Best app for Project Management)


Random Fact: Do you know Asana was started by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowvitz and Facebook engineer Justin Rosenstein who quit Facebook to start up Asana (the Sanskrit word for Yoga Pose).

App Description: So, you might be wondering what it does? Well, it helps you manage your projects like no other app. Asana can help you by increasing the collaboration within the team and also by helping manage the work and projects.

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You might be super-busy to manage your work in-between those small minutes, when you wait to catch up with the meeting, or you wait for a cup of coffee. Jot down all the points, take quick notes, set reminders and put down ideas and thoughts saving them for later using this very user-friendly tool.

  1. Make a to-do list
  2. Make lists or boards and keep different boards or lists for separate projects that you have in mind.
  3. Due dates, follow ups and files for the tasks can be invariably managed using this very app.
  4. You can also review the task of your team and press comments with either clear cut instructions or questions and doubts.
  5. If you want to remember some requests then you can take them down here.
  6. It helps you with the following fields apart from work management.
  • Communication
  • Views
  • Team Management
  • Integrations

Pro Tip:

  • The app is absolutely free when used by upto 15 members but you can always upgrade to incorporate innumerable number of members.
  • Helps you break a task into pieces that are quite manageable.
  • It can convert the time from one time zone to the other. So if you add your local time never mind it would be easily converted when the time zone from where it is viewed is different.
  • Create rules, follow templates and leave remarks on the images itself. Yes! That is possible with Asana.
  • It has a colourblind friendly mode as well for your ease.
  • Create hidden teams since your data is absolutely private when on Asana.

B. Communication:

Communications were supposed to make our life easy but then with the advent of technology, communicating has become easier than ever before. Let us have a look at the various apps that help the process of communication easier.

1. Whatsapp (Best non official communication platform)


Random Facts: Did you know that Whatsapp co-founded together by Brian Acton and Jan Koum gets its name from the phrase, ‘What’s up?” WhatsApp can be wiretapped by the governments through several platforms.

App Description: Let us find out important features of WhatsApp. You can talk, chat and converse with multiple people over WhatsApp all the time absolutely free. Make multiple groups on Whatsapp. Speak freely, there is complete security so do not fear while you are on WhatsApp. They have end-to-end encryption facilities, thus basically the company never comes to know about your conversations.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

Well, wondering why WhatsApp has “1.5 billion active users in over 180 countries?”

Pro Tip:

  • Hide the WhatsApp photos and media from your gallery whenever you like.
  • Use FingerPrint lock for locking up your WhatsApp.
  • You choose who views your contents
  • You can read messages without letting the other person know that you have read his/her messages.
  • You can read deleted messages from the advanced history section.
  • You can let others know where you are, your real location, if you think it’s essential.
  • Data use can be restricted on WhatsApp
  • You can know how promptly someone read your message by clicking on the (i) icon.
  • You can email the chat conversations to your personal email ID.
  • UPI payment facilities are available with WhatsApp.

2. TrueCaller (Best calling device in use)


Random Facts: TrueCaller is an app that is competent enough to identify anybody who’s calling you. True Caller was established by True Software Scandinavia Norway and it was successfully tested for the first time in BlackBerry devices.

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App Description: True Caller is being trusted by 25 crore people all across the world. It’s features highlight it’s efficiency.

  • It is automated to identify every SMS that is not known to you.
  • Spam and Telemarketing SMSes can be completely barred on your phone.
  • UPI payment facilities are available with True Caller.
  • BHIM UPI is there for you to manage all your bank accounts
  • ICICI Bank provides a backup with bank grade security.
  • Always know who viewed your profile on True Caller.


Pro Tip:

  • You can record all your telephonic conversations without any frizzes with True Caller.
  • You can create a backup for your caller list and your contacts very easily.
  • Through True Caller you can check what all other Apps are being used by your friends or customers. So if they are on WhatsApp you can directly start messaging them on WhatsApp. Similarly, if True Caller points out that both of you use Google Duo then you can even use that for communication.
  • If you come across a number just focus your camera on the number thus activating the True Caller to show you whose number it is, within a minute.
  • True Caller Pro is absolutely free and is laden with almost all features that you get with a paid version..
  • If your friends are busy use the “green dot,” “red dot” and “call me back” options to send your friends a notification to call you back whenever they are free.
  • Back up facilities and you may send or get 30 connection requests and much more would be at your disposal with the use of True Caller.


3. Telegram (Best messaging Apps)


Random facts: Telegram! Do you remember the word? Yes, of course, telegram is inspired by the same word. With more than 100 million active users, Telegram is one of the fastest growing messaging apps in the world and was first launched by two brothers, Nikolai and Pavel Durov, yes! They are the same guys who launched Russian social network VK.

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App Description: The App has some of the most awesome features in place. Let’s have a look.

  • Telegram verifies your account by using SMS service for verification.
  • They use a cloud based technology for messaging. You can edit messages within 48 hours of sending it out. And they can be deleted anytime from both ends.
  • Bots can be integrated into the system of Telegram and third party developers can create them. Bots can be made to do a lot of work related to automated message settings.
  • Channels were employed in September 2015, to act as admins. Admins can do one sided messaging and the number of subscribers to whom these messages can be sent out can be innumerable.
  • Emojis and stickers are cloud based emoticons that you can simultaneously use with your messages.
  • Drafts can be saved and you can switch devices while you are working on a draft message.

Pro Tip:

  • Secret Chats: This is a facility given to people who are using Telegram. You can create a secret chat and it would have end-to-end encryption backed by MTProto Protocol. This allows you to open the chat only on the device from which it was sent and on the device in which it was received.
  • The voice calls are also end-to-end encrypted. A “neural network” guides the use of better quality service for the future.
  • Telegram hosts videos that could be one minute long. They can be published on public channels hosted by Telescope as well if you want.
  • You can share your current locations, for a short time on Telegram.
  • Passport is an effective platform for user permissions. They definitely require your verification through the use of official documents like passport, driver license, etc.

4. Google Duo (High Quality Video Calls)


Random facts: Did you know that prior to Google Duo, Hangout was offered as a Google pre-installed apps on the devices? But now Hangout has moved into the optional section.

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App Description: Let us find out a few important features put up in Google Duo.

  • Google uses 720p HD Video transmission services.
  • It can work well even with truncated bandwidth cellular networks.
  • For those contacts who are unavailable at that particular point you can always leave a message for them. The message can be upto a duration of 30 seconds.
  • It can support a video call for eight people altogether.
  • Participants can leave or join the calls anytime they want.

Pro Tip:

  • You can call up your friends and family members irrespective of their smartphone handsets.
  • Even if you are caught up in a poorly lit zone, you can still make the video calls.
  • If you don’t want to chat over the videos you can always use ‘voice only calls’ for your friends.
  • It has the simplest, fastest and most reliable interface.
  • Google duo’s web version is available on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.


5. Facebook Messenger:

facebook messanger

Random Facts: Facebook Messenger was originally launched in 2008 but was revamped in 2010 to be launched again in 2011. Almost 1.3 billion people all across the globe use Facebook today. Facebook generates $1.4 million in revenue every hour.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: Let us find out the general features of Facebook Messenger system.

  • The chat starts in no time
  • Emojis come to your rescue when you have to show your reactions undefinable by words
  • It helps improve expressions when you tag it with pictures and videos.
  • Split bills, take poles when you are deciding where to meet
  • Just jump into a call or a Video.
  • You can sing it out, shout it out or say it out, whichever you may choose.
  • You can use it to send money quickly.
  • Tally meet up locations.
  • Directly chat with your customers.
  • Have a session of games with your friends whenever you want.

Pro Tip:

  • You can always call a person on a Video Call or Video Chat with a person whenever you cannot reach out to them.
  • You can always colour code your chats.
  • Silence your group chats when they are ever booming
  • Very easily add people to a group chat.
  • Find a friend, send your location and grab a ride.
  • You can order your favourite Pizzas through Facebook chats. Bots launched by Facebook in 2016 helps you do that easily.
  • Press the dollar button and start paying out to people directly with the use of this chatbox.
  • You need not have a Facebook account to have Facebook messenger
  • Well, what else do you want when the White House is on the board? You can message the President and he would read 10 messages every night.
  • Whenever there is an American Express transaction, you can be notified very easily.
  • There is a bot for you to even send flowers to anyone wherever you want and whenever you want.

C. Education

Are you ever searching for the Education Apps? I am sure you know about them. If you don’t, then let us tell you about a few good ones.

1. Udemy:


Random Facts: Eren Bali attempted to create a “live online classroom” when he was in Turkey. Three years later Bali tried accumulating funds for it but the group was rejected 30 times and finally they decided to bootstrap the whole process. Just in a span of a few months, almost a total 1000 instructors had created some 2000 courses and finally they went for another fundraising campaign that gave them almost 1 million US dollars that enabled them to move the program forward.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: Udemy plans to give its users a virtual classroom where they can learn and develop anything on classroom scale basis. What Amazon’s Kindle did to the traditional publishing industry, Udemy plans to do the same bringing traditional teaching to a halt encouraging virtual classroom coaching services.

  • It is loaded with almost 15 categories with 15 subcategories under each of the main categories.
  • Anyone can take any course and there is never a need to have any prequalification for this purpose.
  • The courses are capable of working on any of the interfaces.
  • The cost of each course is very small. Almost $200 to $1000 are the general price ranges.
  • Your money would come back to you in 30 days, if you are not satisfied.
  • You can always do it at your pace- meaning you can do it whenever you are capable of doing it.
  • The instructions are not theoretical but are oriented practically for the user to have the best of experiences.
  • You also get a completion certificate at the end of a course.

Pro Tip:

For Creators-

  • Did you know that 10% of all these courses are free in Udemy?
  • Creators would set the prices for courses.
  • As a creator, you can decide if you want to participate in the promotional campaigns that run for the Creators.
  • If you want to participate in the brand building process, you can publicise and promote other products and services through your Udemy courses.

For Students:

  • You have free or discounted courses on offer. Most of the courses are low priced and there are very few courses that are priced above 1000 dollars.


2. Khan Academy:

Khan academy

Random Facts: Salman Khan taught his nephew mathematics once through the Yahoo doodle images and then converted his idea to a full fledged non profit organisation mostly funded by philanthropists and philanthropic organisations.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: Learn at your own speed at absolutely no-cost. Seems like a dream?
Well Khan Academy is the right place for you. It helps you,

  • Have a strong concept wise knowledge. You have almost ten thousand videos to surf from, with maths and science being easier than ever.
  • There are almost 40000 questions available for you to practice. They provide you a step by step guide in the form of hints and provide you with instantaneous feedback.
  • You can always do a certain homework on the app.
  • You can keep learning even when you have gone offline.

Pro Tip:

  • There are almost 60K students learning each day using Khan Academy.
  • You can always create a schedule by using Khan Academy.
  • You can always create notes on paper or on the computer.
  • There is a Khan Academy community that you can always refer for help.
  • Your learning style must match well and you can always adjust.


3. MOOC Courses by edX:


Random Facts: MOOC courses? Are you new to it? These are Massive Open Online Courses that are run for free by the Universities and other educational organisations worldwide. Harvard and MIT came together to create a single platform called edX.
Do you know that even giants like Harvard and MIT offer MOOC courses.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: We shall let us see more about the courses put forward by edX. Some of the salient features of edX are:

  • Hugely scalable
  • It is centred around learning and the learner
  • Innovation is the key to such courses at times helping you to jump over
  • Completely flexible and is made to suit your needs.
  • It is open sourced which means innovations never stop in this platform, they keep happening.
  • It uses videos, one-way or two-way interactions and various exercises to widen the knowledge of the students, and also allows the instructors to learn what changes would be required in this process.
  • During the course, students can see a progress chart placed somewhere on the screen. This helps in determining the final scores and the competency level of the student enrolled in the course.

Pro Tip:

  • These courses offer you a certification from some of the big giants of the education world- Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Texas, Boston. Thus, taking up these courses would not only serve you a valid certificate but it would also ensure that your certificate is recognised worldwide.
  • Additionally, edX offers you Xblock facilities- you can add additional pillars to your course like extra interactions and extra exercises.
  • You can easily insert Google docs or LTI using tools within your Xblock features.
  • Polls, drag and drop are some of the most popular features.
  • Teams are a place where you can place topics for a small group discussion. It is a robust platform where almost 5 people can be a part of this discussion. There are timely exams behind all courses. So, all you have to do is, activate the “Enable Time Exam” mode and lo! You have set a time limit for the course completion.


4. Amazon Kindle


Random Facts: In 2004, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos instructed his employees to build an e-reading platform before the competitors were able to build one. The e-reader eventually became the Amazon Kindle. The name Kindle was suggested by Michael Cronan and Karim Hibma meaning to “light a fire.”

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features:

Amazon Kindle is a very broad platform for a variety of reference books, self-help books, how-to books, text books and many more. Kindle devices support dictionaries and much more than you can imagine.

  • You can maintain a storage upto 1400 books.
  • You can make your letters big or small with the help of your App. Amazon Kindle has this facility wherein you can adjust the text size as much as you want.
  • It will not heat up your computer as other apps do.
  • You can annotate your text as much as you want.
  • Bookmarks to this app are automatically built.
  • Oxford English dictionary is an inbuilt device for this app.
  • Screen rotation facility is available.
  • Borrowed library books would be available to children in the Kindle section.
  • Kids friendly learning apps are present as an option.

Pro Tip:

  • Kindle needs less space than you can imagine. It has an electronic ink technology, it is a “display technology” which works by the method of reflection on paper.
  • Kindle’s text-to-speech option provides a helping hand to the people who have eye problems, those who have barriers in language, and have problems in reading fluently.
  • It can be smoothly used for classroom coachings.
  • It can hold 1500 digital books altogether and can help you in any of the fields.


5. Google Classroom


Random facts: In 2017, it was decided by Google that any personal user of Google can join classes even if they do not have the G Suite for the Education Program. In 2018, it was decided that any of the Google Users can teach a class.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App features: Google Classroom’s most advantageous feature is that they can bring together Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Calendar.

  • For the assignments, Google allows you to store them on the Google suite. Productivity is monitored by the use of the productivity suite. As a student you can always attach documents to your work using the Drive.
  • Google Classroom helps also with the Gradings in a classroom. A teacher or a student can create an individual file or document for each of the students to ensure that the teacher and the student have their individual templates. Students would be capable of attaching the additional documents whenever they wish to do so.
  • Communication can be done through gmails.You tube videos and Google drive files can be easily attached to the gmail for communication.
  • Archiving the courses is possible. When you archive a course, it moves from the main page to the archival page.
  • Google Classroom does not post any advertisements on the interface of the classroom.

Pro Tip:

  • You can drag and drop the homeworks and classroom works easely.
  • In this Classroom you can always ask a question by posting one of them either using a video or by using a simple question and answer pattern.
  • This Classroom allows you to reuse the documents and the assignments again and again.
  • Your assignments and their due dates would appear for you on your curricula.
  • You can also create assignments that do not require you to incorporate a due date.


D. Finance:

Have you ever thought that Apps can help you with finances as well? Yes, of course they can. Let us see a few financial apps for a variety of purposes below.

  1. Clarity Money is one of the best budgeting App


Random Facts: Did you know that Clarity Money is run by Adam R Dell, brother of Michael Dell who founded Dell Inc.? Goldman Sachs acquired Clarity Money in 2018 and Adam Dell joined Goldman Sachs as their partner in the same year.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: There are several features of the App that help you shape up your budget.

  • First most convenient point is that this App is completely free to use.
  • Discover various ways to save more money with Clarity Money. You can cancel unnecessary subscriptions and you can have a Marcus Online Savings Account that can help you save in every way.
  • Organize your budgets, have your investments and debts in one place. Make a comprehensive list of everything.
  • Your data is completely safe with multi level guards.
  • It is capable of providing you a clarity of all your needs and also your budgets completely.

Pro Tip:

  • Clarity Money helps you access the app completely free of cost.
  • Clarity Money is supported by several financial organisations like Bank of America, American Express, Citi Express, Wells Fargo, Capital One. If you link your accounts to Clarity Money it can help you save more.
  • It’s an easy to use app, simply designed for suiting the understanding of ordinary men, and recommends several products from time to time for use.
  • You can always have an eye on your credit scores and if you have applied for loans it gives a visibility to others as to how well you are placed in the loan and also provides a sneak peek at your monetary behaviour that impacts the stability of your financial position.
  1. You Need a Budget (YNAB) is the best debt app for you.


Random Facts: This App works on the principle of envelope method. Jesse Mecham is the developer behind this app.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: The key features of this App help you go through a lot.

  • Easily sync your bank accounts together.
  • You can always enter your transactions manually so it will match the transactions that are imported and the ones that you entered manually.
  • On all your devices you can get access to your budget.
  • This is more than an expense tracker and you can set your goals. You can also see when you can reach them.
  • How much you have spent in a day would be completely visible for you, so that you can know and track your money efficiently.

Pro Tip:

  • This app is free for you for 34 days post which you need to spend $11.99 a month.
  • It follows the proven method of YNAB’s four laws.
  1. Rule One: “Give every dollar a job.” By tracking your money and by making sure you know what you’re doing with each and every rupee or dollar, you can always have an edge over your own expenses and debts.
  2. Rule Two: “Embrace your true expenses.” There is always a need between what you actually need for yourself and also what you are spending extra on things that have no importance. Try to figure that out. Often we are in debt since we do not know where we make those small spendings.
  3. Rule Three: “Roll with the punches.” As you give up one life to embrace another, your budgets also must undergo a change. If your budgets are not changing it shows that you are unaware of your current circumstances. So, keep a tight vigilance of your savings to ensure a firm build.
  4. Rule Four: “Age your Money.” You must increase the span of your money by making appropriate investments. Make sure you keep a track of your money.
  • Debts can be managed well with this app. If you are in a habit of constantly forgetting to pay your premiums, you need to use this app definitely.
  • You have a live instructor with YNAB for questions and answers.
  • It has been recorded that $500 have been saved in the first month itself and there are even online classes to understand your budget in a completely full proof way.


  1. Acorn seems to be the best App for easy savings


Random Facts: Acorn was begun by a father son duo in 2012 with Walter Wemple Cruttenden III and Jeffrey James Cruttenden making it into a full time App.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: Well Acorn helps you spend your spare from a purchase in an investment in the right possible way.

  • CNBC recommends that Acorn is the simplest and basic way to start investing your little spare amounts.
  • They have videos and tutorials that are easier to understand and can help you understand how and where your spare changes are getting invested.
  • The security features of Acorn are very solid and they cannot be crippled easily.
  • They monitor continuously for fraudulence
  • Acorn never saves your details on the devices you use for the app instead there is a 256 bit encryption available with this app.

Pro Tip:

  • Once your spare change is $5 it is taken out of your account and invested.

They have three types of investments-

  1. Invest- This option would cost you $1 per month and would help you put your spare changes to good use.
  2. Invest + Later- At $2 per month, this option helps you have advantages around your tax and also helps investors save up for the retirement purpose.
  3. Invest + Later + Spend- It comes at a $3 cost and has its own Visa debit card. All ATM amounts are reimbursed for you. You can invest in your retirement and your built in packages and you can also earn upto 10% of your bonus through investments.
  • It benefits college students who are capable of saving for the future.
  • Potential investors with little amounts, little time and small patience can use this option of saving money.
  • Those of whom cannot save well.


4. Tycoon is the best digital notebook app for the freelancers

Random Facts: Supermodel Jess Perez founded Tycoon. She noticed that models often got paid years later or at least months after their project had ended. This observation led to the creation of the Tycoon since she felt at one point of time, it was impossible to keep a track of all the assignments a person took up during a span of time.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: This app helps all those who work for the Freelancing field like the ones in the fashion industry and in photography, modelling and stylists.

  • Tycoon would help you know your real earning, the amount you would take home after all the deductions.
  • It helps them keep a track of the jobs they have done in a particular period of time.
  • At one point you know which payments are about to come to you and which ones are due by when.
  • You might be doing a job in a different currency and that helps you keep a track of how much money you made from that particular project.
  • You can always set a tax or commission rate for each of the jobs.
  • You can maintain a colour code based on the earnings you have for each job.
  • You can send reminder emails that are populated beforehand to the clients for already overdue payments.
  • Receive notifications whenever you are paid and whenever you have overdue payments.
  • There is a free plan and there is a premium plan for the same.

Pro Tip:

Freelancers are extremely busy people hopping from one job to the other. There are people who are changing countries each day. For such people, having something as this tool handy for maintaining the records of their earnings would be the toughest part for them to handle. This tool can definitely help them every day immensely.

Tycoon gives you an account to calculate your accurate take home pay for your gigs. Hone your skills and work towards it with your money safely with Tycoon.

5) Zoho for small business work best


Random Facts: Zoho is an Indo-American software development company and the app was developed by Sridhar Vembu & Tony Thomas. It is headquartered in Chennai, India and Pleasanton, California.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: Zoho Books is an extremely simple-easy-to-use tool. It can keep a count of your company’s financial situation. The notable key features are:

  • You can alway estimate better if you have the correct expectations for everything.
  • GST is an Indian mandate and this app helps you send GST invoices to the clients.
  • You can always create invoices for all the different transactions.
  • If you have to deliver, then you can create such challans also by the use of this App.
  • Sales and retailer invoices can be used with the help of Zoho.
  • It helps you with your credit amounts. Whenever there is a simple refund that is required or whenever you have to take a return you need to always apply for an invoice.

Pro Tip:

  • Time management is best with this particular app. How much time you spend on which project can be easily recorded.
  • You can make online payments completely hassle free.
  • You can transact in multiple currencies. For example you are an Indian Business Unit and your client is an American so you have to transact with the client in dollars. This particular kind of transaction is helped by Zoho Books.
  • Your employees and their accounts are right with you wherever you go.
  • You can access various reports of your Business based on the financial transactions that have happened between you and your several clients.
  • Several widgets are available that help you monitor your login time and record your expenses every hour.
  • GST compliant services.
  • Safe and secure ways of transaction and simplified multiple user collaborations are possible.

E. Lifestyle:

Well, amidst all the several health threats that run within humans, you might truly want to know if there are some Apps that can really help you live better, that can truly help you manage your life much better than the one you are currently in. Well, the good news is there are some Apps that can actually help you. Let us find a few such Apps.

  • Headspace


Random Facts: This app is founded by a noted author, Andy Puddicombe with Richard Pierson. Andy Puddicombe is noted for his monkhood training and his return to normal life. He was fighting testicular cancer in 2013.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: The Wellness App teaches you all about meditation and mindfulness. Let us see some of the most important features.

  • The app has hundreds of different forms of meditation for you to choose from.
  • There is a 10 day program as an introductory training module that tells you the know-hows of meditation.
  • Animations are beautifully designed and are quite engaging.
  • You can always experience your meditation sessions offline.
  • Very modern and a very secular approach of meditation.
  • It is completely family friendly and is child friendly.
  • It is completely scientific and even children can enjoy it immensely.
  • There are a total of 365 meditations whether available in a series or singly. A series would be 10-30 sessions in a certain topic of your choice.

Pro Tip:

  • There are different levels of meditation that you can unlock one after the other as you complete the previous level. Progress can be tracked through the user statistics on completing a session.
  • Children are also inclusive in the program. This programme is designed to facilitate all age groups.
  • The user interface for this App is simple and there are high quality short videos that guide you through a particular type of meditation.
  • It works very well on all the devices whether the interface is iOs or Android.
  • Content is neither religion biased nor spiritually bent to a certain philosophy.
  • Andy Pudicombe’s ideas would look similar to John-Kabat Zinn, the modern scientist who tested “mindfulness-based-stress-reduction” techniques.
  • Feedback goes to each user based on how much time they spent on each of the modules.
  • Mindfulness based education is being applied for several health problems like cancer, CV, hypertension, addiction, depression, insomnia, and stress reduction.
  • There is a free module till Take 10 program and a subscription of almost $12.95 is to be paid every month for long term courses.
  1. Drugs.Com

Random Facts: Did you know that this app provides you with a drug list that circumscribes content from Wolters Kluwer Health, US FDA, A.D.A.M, Stedmans, AHFS, Harvard Health Publications, MayoClinic, North American Compendiums, HealthDay, Cerner Multum, Micromedex from Truven Health Analytics and this was compiled together two New Zealand pharmacists Karen Ann and Phillip James Thornton.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: There are some very simple milestones that you can achieve with this drug app. Let us look at them.

  • You can add your medicine list to the app and instantly know the various information related to that particular drug like adverse effects, contraindications and the chemical structure of each of these medicines.
  • A-Z Listing of all the drugs
  • Identification of the simple pills by entering the shape, colour or the imprint of the pill.
  • Check out the drug interactions using this simple list.
  • Q & A section: The questions and answer sections can be easily answered by people once you enter the question.

Pro Tip:

  • It is provided with a symptom checker that is very unlike the general symptom checkers available online. This one is very accurate and built in a very proficient manner.
  • For Health Professionals you can access all the tools that you require for the process.
  • The App opens up the broad database for you but you need to give access to even your photo/media files for this tool to open up.
  • Dosage information and the various unexpected therapeutic benefits are provided in the tool. However, this tool is important for all stages of your drug usage. However this is not an alternative to the healthcare professionals and in case of any problem it is always important to consult them. This tool provides you an in depth knowledge of every other information.


3) My Diet Coach- Weight Loss


Random Facts: Jean Evelyn Nidetch, a normal housewife is behind the innovation of this particular App. She was dissatisfied with all the other weight loss programs and thus devised a point scale system of weight measurement.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: The app is suitable for both Androids and iOs platforms. Let us see the features.

  • This is the number 1 weight loss program that is suggested by the doctors.
  • There are almost 30000 foods to choose from in this particular App.
  • There are several categories of eating- you can always choose from what you eat by finding out the delicious meals that are presented with each section.
  • There is a 24/7 live community coaching guidelines and live coaching.

Pro Tip:

  • Based on a 2019 survey there were almost 500 doctors who recommended this particular dietary habits.
  • The mealtime is divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks.
  • There are dietary needs in the app- you can choose according to your need like the dairy free segment, diabetes friendly, gluten free diet schemes, vegetarian diets and many more.
  • Scan your foods at the grocery store with the use of the barcode scanner.
  • Get advice and guidance 24/7.
  • You can always find daily guidance with the use of this app.
  • In this app you can always customise a recipe and also build in your own recipes.

4) HealthTap


Random Facts: HealthTap supports 140,000 license based doctors who have a good stand in their work and the doctors can peer review each other’s work.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: Well, the App is loaded with features that not only help patients all over but also helps their distraught relatives.

  • There is a gamut of 2.6 million answers and almost 700, 000 topics are covered.
  • You can always receive a confidential answer within 24- hours of your asking question.
  • This app provides the first Artificial intelligence (AI) backed symptoms and sign checker with a detailed guidance of care.
  • You can video chat with a doctor, do a voice chat or chat with a doctor online.
  • You can get a treatment plan, referrals and notifications for free.
  • You can store all your health data in one place, with the list of previous medicines you used for a particular condition.
  • The social networking at it’s best- with a recorded 3 minute 3 answers and 3 doctors online.

Pro Tip:

  • HealthTap is the first of its kind, “Interactive Expert Health Companion.”
  • This is the first place where a doctor and a patient can talk for free.
  • There are thousands of doctors enrolled from all across the globe.
  • There are 7 million unique patients who are being attended all across by online doctors with about 10 million online questions answered.
  • The physicians benefit from being featured before a huge audience expanding their professional reputation and consultation with peers apart from influencing a local community.
  1. First Aid: American Red Cross


Random Facts: American Red Cross is one of the oldest organizations and is established by Clara Burton, a pioneering American Nurse. The same organisation has developed this app that improves your lifestyle by teaching you basic first aid hacks.

Download this best app for Android.

App Features: Accidents take place everyday everywhere. This app teaches you more about first aid each day.

  • They have simple step-by-step guidance and interaction.
  • What does it cover under its belt- emergency, tornado, hurricane and earthquake, flood.
  • Fully integrated 911 so you can always call on emergencies.
  • Safety tips range from one thing to the other. From severe winters to hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes.
  • Interactive quizzes would allow you to earn badges at different levels.

Pro Tip:

From this App, you find a basic drop down list that enlists you to learn First aid for

  • Allergies
  • Asthma attack
  • Bleeding
  • Broken bone
  • Burns
  • Choking
  • Head injury
  • Heart attack
  • Heat stroke
  • Diabetic emergency
  • Distress
  • Meningitis and many more sections are at your fingertips.
  • You learn how to prepare for national emergencies, fire, everyday emergencies, flu pandemic, heatwave, hurricane and many more such scenarios.
  • This app is completely free.

F. Music and Audio

  • Wynk Music


Random Facts: Do you know Wynk Music is headquartered in India? There are 2.6 million songs and almost 100 million app installs as per January 2019 data.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: The basic App features of Wynk include,

  • It trends top Bollywood artists to the top Hollywood charts.
  • Even the most local dialectic songs are available on Wynk like Bengali, Assamese, Oriya, Tibetan, Gujarati, Marathi, Rajasthani, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Dogri, Sindhi, Bhojpuri songs as well.
  • If you can wynk well, you get a few amazing offers and perks like
  1. Music streaming in High Definition.
  2. Free streaming at low internet speeds
  3. Chromecast support
  4. Internet Radio with many hours of continuous music.
  5. Store all your music in one space.
  6. Freedom to sync the lyrics for free so that you can sing as you listen to the songs.
  7. Follow artists and various playlists that you love.
  8. Personalised recommendations for you to listen to a variety of songs.

Pro Tip:

  • There is an Mp3 music player that works well with Wynk.
  • You have an electric music genre also.
  • There is ad-free music streaming
  • You can adjust the sound quality comfortably on this app.
  • They also give you access to a lot of radio channels.
  1. Apple Music


Random Facts: Apple Music plays Beats 1, a radio station that is broadcasted in almost 100 countries. Apple Music is also available on Apple Watches.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: The App has several user-friendly features.

  • Automatic Downloads: Automatic downloads are provisioned for the Apple devices.
  • Apple has a clear curated playlists.
  • You can save the playlists on your device.
  • You can limit downloads if you want to enhance the storage.
  • Jump to any of the artists you want from the playlists.
  • Lyrics are available for you to go through.

Pro Tip:

  • It supports offline listening to music.
  • If you wish to navigate away from the screen Apple music will have a miniature version of the same screen
  • You can add your own artworks to the several playlists.
  • New members can always get a 90-day free trial.
  1. Google Play Music


Random Facts: Google Music was launched on 16th November 2011, as Google Music in the United States.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: There are several App features that can be counted in it as interesting.

  • It has a premium account, standard account.
  • As part of the standard account, you can always store 50K files all for free.
  • Non-MP3 uploads would be converted to MP3 formats.
  • File size can be 300 MB after being converted to MP3.
  • You can listen to music using separate platforms.

Pro Tip:

  • You can purchase, or you can stream or upload music as per your taste and choice.
  • The Audio quality is very high and fine.
  • Offline playback facility is available
  • Discover any number of musics from top charts, new releases, music stations, song search.
  • You can listen to n-number of podcasts.
  • You can also take up a family pack for subscribing into Google Play Music.
  • Google Play Music can compete with the best of all music platforms.
  1. Spotify


Random Facts: Spotify was launched in 2008 and is headquartered at Stockholm, Sweden.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: The various App features incorporated in Spotify are:

  • You can search the music using several categories.
  • You can share tracks on social media like other platforms.
  • Podcasts are present in Spotify like any other channels.
  • Download of music can only happen with a premium subscription and you enjoy ad-free streaming.
  • It’s compatible with all devices.

Pro Tip:

  • New music can be freely streamed.
  • Trending of the music is at your fingertips.
  • Any genre can be streamed easily.
  • Stream music wherever you are located.
  • Finding music is faster with Spotify.
  • With ads Spotify is absolutely free.


  1. Amazon Prime Music


Random facts: You have 2 million songs absolutely free for yourself. It became the first store to sell music without the “digital rights management” from the four world class labels- EMI, Warner, Sony BMG and Universal.

Download this best app for Android and iOS

App Features: The App is beautifully designed and has features that can help you completely.

You can listen for free with Amazon Prime Membership.

If you want, you can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited, you get 50 million songs and if you upgrade further to Amazon HD you get 50 million songs in high definition.

Pro Tip:

You can simply listen to Amazon Music without any hurdles and without a credit card with free streaming facilities, you can choose from thousands of stations, and you can always listen to it on your favorite devices.

For Free version:

  1. Do not need Amazon Prime membership
  2. Top playlists are available.
  3. HD support, 3D playbacks are possible
  4. Ad-free streaming
  5. Alexa interaction is possible.
  6. Offline playback is not possible

For Prime Music:

  1. Need Amazon Prime Membership
  2. Two million songs are at your disposal.
  3. Ad-free unlimited playbacks
  4. Has support is not present.
  5. Alexa interaction is possible.
  6. Offline playback is possible.

For Amazon Music Unlimited Version:

  1. Do not need Amazon Prime Membership
  2. More than 50 million songs
  3. HD support is available.
  4. Ad-free unlimited playing of songs.
  5. Alexa interaction is possible.
  6. Offline playback is supported.