5 Best Antivirus For iPad and iPhone In 2020


Antivirus for iPhone and iPad exists! Yes, for many, it can be a little bit startling to know that even these devices need the protection of an antivirus. But this is just how it is!

Yes, being the prime mobile software, even iPhone and iPad require to stay safe from the nefarious brains trying to breach in the system. Only Android devices need the protection of an Antivirus- this stereotypical misconception needs to be chopped down.  

There is a need to get antivirus for the iPad and antivirus for iPhone. After all, there are digital gadgets and these are also required to be taken care of.

  • Mobile Security & Safe Web VPN By McAfee 

McAfee is not a new name when it comes to defending our digital gadgets from various cyber threats. This app is in the list of the best antivirus for iPhone and iPad. It has all the features of giving that strong protection to your iOS device.

The feature that amazed me the most is its ‘Media Vault’. In this, you can hide your personal photos and videos using a secure PIN. it then encrypts them and then they can be accessed through Face ID or Touch ID.   

What did I love about it?

  • Anti-Theft protection using GPS tracker even if the phone is on low battery levels. This even includes the snapshot of the thief when it tried to barge into the phone.
  • ‘Secure Wi-Fi Scanner’ to filter out the trusted network sources. It also alerts when the user connects to an unsecured connection. 
  • ‘Safe Web’ to alert the user against malicious websites, protecting them from phishing or other malicious activities. 
  • ‘Unlimited Wi-Fi Guard VPN’ to allow accessing of the content that has been restricted in your geographical location.
  • ‘Backup Contents’ from a stolen or lost device from the cloud storage.

Price: Free & Premium

Developer: McAfee, LLC

Star Rating: 4.7

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  • Avira mobile security

Avira is a name that stands tall when it comes to offering protection against cyber vulnerabilities to digital devices. Hence, this is unarguably the best antivirus for iPhone and iPad.

Avira has its interface very easy which makes it an easily accessible app in this category. The features are great and impulsive. All the threats that can be found on the internet or otherwise can be combated by Avira very effectively.

What did I love about it?

  • Automatically scans the email and contacts to detect any security breach for both. 
  • Steady web protection features to protect you against all the threats on any of the websites you browse.
  • Anti-theft tools to locate the lost device. 
  • Resolves space issues on the phone by dividing and keeping a regular check on the storage space and phone’s memory. 

Price: Free & Premium

Developer: Avira Holding

Star Rating: 4.1

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  • Bitdefender Central

This is the best free antivirus for iPhone and iPad as it offers features in galore. It has all of the security intuitive features integrated into a single mobile app. It is easy to install and its interface makes it possible to be used by anyone.

It has anti-theft features plus it allows you to browse by being hidden under the mask.

If offers remote device controlling features making it one of the most lovable apps in the category of antivirus software for iPad and iPhone. Its Network Protection feature is very strong and diverse.

You can connect the devices of your family members through the Bitdefender BOX. There is a lot more to explore in this app.  

What did I love about it?

  • Very helping parental control features which help in restricting the screen time and even pauses the access on your child’s device. The premium feature has an AI-powered scrutinization of the media and conversation exchanges on your child’s phone.  
  • Round the clock security updates for your devices.
  • Along with security features, this provides remote cleaning and optimizing features. 
  • With Bitdefender BOX, you can create profiles for all yr closed ones and then you can allocate devices to them. 
  • Sends real-time notifications for all the threats BOX blocks. 

Price: Free & Premium

Developer: Bitdefender SRL

Star Rating: 3.7

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  • Lookout Security And Protection

The best antivirus for iPad and iPhone that offers layer by layer protection. Though this antivirus app is not that much known as compared to the other ones, it surely is working its way to the top.

It is such an app that is intuitive to alert you (if in case) when any of your personal information is exposed.

This antivirus for iPad and iPhone is like a watchdog that monitors your apps in real-time for any of the suspicious activities.

The features in the premium version are very avid in offering protection. The app has a premium plus version but that is only limited to US citizens.   

What did I love about it?

  • Having outdated software on your phone? Well, System Advisor alerts you for any such obsolete thing on your device. 
  • Get timely alerts for data breach suffered by any app or service, or company. Breach Report also gives easy advice as to how to protect your device in such a situation. 
  • Safe Browsing to keep you away from undesired cyber threats that include phishing and in-app traffic. 
  • A number of handy features to protect and relocate your device when it is stolen.
  • Safe Wi-Fi to keep you under protection from the Wi-Fi sources you connect to. 

Price: Free & Premium

Developer: Lookout, Inc. 

Star Rating: 4.7

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  • Trend Micro Mobile Security

The prime focus of this iPad and iPhone antivirus is on providing web security rather than working in the way conventional antiviruses work.

Suppose if you are about to access a website that is full of suspicious programs then this antivirus app for iPad and iPhone will refrain from accessing it.

You will also find some anti-theft features integrated into this mobile security app. It also supports private surfing so you need not to worry about your browsing history being disclosed to anyone.    

What did I love about it?

  • ‘Content Shield’ to filter spurious websites in ll of the browsers. 
  • ‘Ads & Tracker’ to block content from Safari. It also speeds up the loading time, reduces data usage, and protects your information. 
  • ‘Device Access Status’ to keep device configuration up to date. 
  • ‘Reading Mode’ to give only the content that you actually want. 
  • It helps to protect privacy on Twitter and Facebook.  

Price: Free & Premium

Developer: Trend Micro, Incorporated

Star Rating: 4.7

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So, this was all about the antivirus software for iPad and iPhone. Download the one that satisfies all your requirements.

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