Benefits of iOS Push Notifications – Powerful Marketing Strategy


With the advent of technology, things have changed a lot. Gone are those days when traditional marketing has no comparison. This is a digital era where digital marketing is in lead.

Mobile marketing has taken the level of marketing to a new height. The amalgamation of mobile and push notifications has enriched the user experience. The results are so effective that it has become a compulsion for almost every business owner to go for push notifications.

Moreover, React native push notifications for iOS and Android mobile applications have engaged a lot of users in the past. This is why it has become a powerful marketing strategy.

To make it more clear, let us discuss in detail the benefits of iOS push notifications.

  1. Instant delivery: When it comes to marketing, it is a game of ratios. The more audience you reach, the more chances you earn.

This is where iOS push notifications can help you with. iOS push notifications provide you an ability to deliver your brand’s message to any iOS user throughout the world, instantly.

It just requires one click from your device and you will be able to glow the device’s screen of the audience. It doesn’t matter in which corner of the world your target audience resides. The only requirement is an internet and iOS device. It will take seconds to complete this task.

This means before any of your competitors is preparing a strategy to target an audience, you have reached your target audience by that time. It provides you an easy and effortless technique to increase your brand’s visibility on a global level.

2. High opening rate: Simply reaching an audience is not enough. You are required to convince your audience to open and read your brand’s message. This is where push notifications can help you with.

According to the “business of apps,” the opt-in rate of iOS push notifications is much higher. It is 43.9% in the case of iOS. This means the possibility of your brand’s message to be seen and read by a user is much higher as compared to emails and SMS.

As a result, you will earn an opportunity to interact with your audience, the way you want. It also means you will be able to bring more traffic to your platform. All it requires is an engaging iOS push notification and half of your task is done.

3. Engages and re-engages: When it comes to engaging a user, it is one of the difficult tasks to perform for many. This is so because you cannot force the audience to engage with your platform on a continuous basis.

According to statistics, 90% of the downloaded apps have a one-time opening rate. 16% of the users fall into the category that tests the app more than twice. This means you have to give your audience rich user experience. You have to motivate them to visit your platform.

This is where push notifications can help you with. Push notifications help to establish easy and two-way communication with your audience. It let your audience feel special. It provides you, as well as your audience an opportunity to communicate with each other.

This means anytime you want to inform your audience about the upcoming sale or discount, you can easily do so. On the other hand, when your audience wants to interact with you they can also use the same platform. This activity aids engagement.

You can also use push notifications to bring back your old users that haven’t paid a visit for some time. All you need to do is to send missing push notifications or a coupon to a user and you will get your task done effortlessly.

4. Rich media: When it comes to effectiveness, there is no match for iOS push notifications. They provide you the ability to use rich media. You can add image, video, emoji, video, gif, etc to push notifications.

This will not only allow you to attract the audience towards your brand’s message. It also creates an opportunity to share more information. The thing is, you cannot pass information effectively via text. As long texts are boring for most of the audience. They don’t have that time and interest to read messages.

This is where push notifications become handy. They provide you the ability to pass your brand’s message or other useful information via video, image, etc. moreover you can take the help of emojis to express emotions. They are eye-catching and deliver messages effectively without speaking a word.

In short, push notifications containing rich media are more likely to get the results that you have desired.

5. Segmentation and personalization: Not all of your target audiences have similar tastes. This means their interests and preferences will be different from one another. As a result, you can’t offer a single item to everyone and expect the same result.

You have to know their interest. You have to know what they are looking for. This is where you need segmentation and personalization. When we talk about segmentation and personalization, there is no match to push notifications.

Push notifications provide you an ability to target your audience on the basis of gender, age, region, interest, etc. This means when you target your audience on the basis of their interests and likings and that too on a timely basis, conversions will be better.

It is so because the audience will be motivated to close the deal right on the spot. This whole process will be automated and effortless.


With time, things change a lot. The technology that is bringing effective results today will be outdated tomorrow. This means you can’t rely on a single technique to draw the same outcome every time you implement it. This era is of digital marketing. This era is of push notifications. The more early you implement them, the more benefit you will draw.