Solar Energy: 6 Benefits of Using Power from the Sun

Power from sun

You’ve been contributing to improving the condition of the environment. You’ve been recycling and upcycling so that you don’t buy more than what you need. You’ve also been tending to an edible organic garden, composting and reducing your reliance mass-produced food products. But they don’t seem to be enough, and you’re thinking what other way can you help the environment.

How about switching to clean energy to power your home, like solar energy?

Solar Energy is Available Anywhere

Solar energy is available as long as there’s sunshine. Unlike how most electricity today is generated through combustion or nuclear fission that are powered by gas, coal and other forms of non-renewable energy, sunshine is available everywhere.

Even remote regions that lack access to other sources of electricity can benefit from this technology because independent solar systems can be deployed in those areas.

Even spacecraft deployed in space usually rely on solar power and use photovoltaic solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity.


Since you’re using an independent system, solar energy helps reduce your electricity bill as well. You’re using less from an outside supplier, which will save you a lot of money. You’re not only self-reliant when it comes to electricity, you can even sell unused generated solar power.

Home solar panels (and batteries) give you freedom from electricity bills charged by utility companies. With this, you can avoid fluctuating electricity rates.

Environmentally Friendly

Greenhouse gas emissions and excess carbon dioxide are killing our environment. Not only that, climate change has negatively impacted our weather and food sources. Non-renewable energy or fossil fuels are toxic to the air we breathe and the water we drink. Even if you have yet to experience the effects firsthand, our food sources like the sea and ocean, are already being affected by these toxic emissions.

The potential of solar energy is infinite. Think about it, if we could make use of all the solar energy on earth for just an hour, that could power the whole planet for the whole year. The possibilities are endless and to harness the potential, we should all keep an open mind and work together.

At the moment, the production of solar panels and other necessary equipment for the installation of solar energy systems still leaves carbon footprints. However, as we continue to advance towards clean energy and develop technologies to make production more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Increased Efficiency

Transportation and distribution of electricity from a supplier results in 3-5% energy loss. The farther the distance between production and supply points, the more energy is wasted.

Since your solar panels are installed on your roof or in your yard, the distance is nearer, thus, increasing the solar panels’ efficiency.

Less Vulnerable to Blackouts

Natural or human-caused disasters can cause blackouts but this won’t be the case for solar panels. The grid will be less vulnerable to blackouts whether the electricity is being drawn from a PV installation or a utility company, your home’s power performance will stay the same.

A home battery that’s solar-powered will also gain your freedom from blackout. You won’t need to power or refuel it with the gas every time you need it.

Increases Home Value

Another benefit of having a solar-powered home is the increase in value when you put your house up for sale. In the US, solar energy systems raise a house’s value by an average of 4%. This means that if you’re putting up your house for sale and it’s valued at $1,000,000, you could get an increase of $40,000.

Installation price is generally recouped in the overall selling price. Households that have solar power get lower electricity bills and tax incentives that could cover the system’s expenses.

Powered by the Sun

Renewable energy sources don’t pollute the environment. Given enough time and with the right technology, these energy sources will become more accessible to more people, making them more affordable. This has been the case with solar energy.

Solar power is the most abundant energy resource in the world and it’s about time that people make use of it. It gives you freedom and control over your electricity usage while contributing to a greener environment.

Investing in a solar energy system is a smart choice that will pay for itself over time by harnessing the most abundant and free form of energy available to us today.