Best Android Launchers Apps in 2020 (Customize Your Theme)


Every device comes with a pre-installed launcher. But we all want to have customized touch in everything, even if it’s a device launcher! And those who are using an Android device get lucky here. You can upgrade your launcher experience with customized smart launchers.

Do you want to transform your Android experience? Get a new look and feel of using a device with the best Android launcher apps. But before jump-starting with the details, let’s first go through some basic information every user should know about Android app launchers.

What Should You Know Before Using launchers for Android?

  • What are Android launcher Apps?

A launcher consists of a series of home screens. We can arrange, organize and manage different apps and widgets through a smart app launcher.

You can change the home screen look, app icons, theme, colors and fonts and can perform many more tasks with the help of launcher for Android.

  • Are Launchers Safe For Android?

Android launchers are just like the custom skins that you install on your device for a distinct and fresh look. Most of the launchers are safe as they do not seek special permission to operate.

However, it is always advisable to go through the permission before installing an app launcher for Android. We will help you with the list of best android launchers that are safe and do not ask for any permission.

  • Can Launcher Speed up Android Device?

Yes. Some launchers speed up the Android Devices as they are highly optimized to function with less RAM.

  • Do Android Launchers drain batteries?

It totally depends on which type of launcher you have installed. A launcher that uses fewer resources consumes less battery.

Here we bring a curated list of Android App launchers, that consume less battery and are user-friendly.

Android Launcher Key Quality
Microsoft Launcher Best Productivity and adaptability.
Nova The most reliable Android launcher.
Smart Launcher 5 High-rated launcher for android with scalable features.
Action Launcher Fastest-free Android launcher.
Lawnchair 2 Most simple launcher for android.
Niagara Minimalist Smart launcher.
Evie launcher Lightweight launcher.
Apex smart launcher customized smart launcher
Google Now The Most Beautiful Theme Launcher For Android.
Go launcher The Most Secure Android Launcher.
ADW Launcher The most user-friendly smart launcher

11 Best Android Launcher Apps Of 2020

  1. Microsoft Launcher: Top Android Launcher

Microsoft-LauncherDo you want to know the easiest way to manage your apps and widgets? With Microsoft Launcher you can customize your to-do lists, calendar, sticky notes, etc. It is a high-rated first Android launcher app that gets more productive with Cortana.

Microsoft Launcher provides a clean home screen with an effective app organization. What makes it a top-quality Android launcher is it’s edge-to-edge widget and app placements.


  • Cortana can read the unread text messages, updates and many more.
  • You can pin your contacts on the home screen.
  • Get personalized feeds such as events, docs, news, etc.
  • Allows Gesture customization.


  • Settings need a refined system.
  • The two-level system of docs is uncanny.
  1. Nova Launcher: Minimalist, Zeto-clutter Android Launcher


Nova is a major market player in the home screen business. It has been in the market long before people started using Android. Nova gives you more pixely touch for Pixels and a more wizzy experience than a galaxy.

Do you want a more stable yet beautiful looking home screen? Choose Nova as your device’s zero-clutter Android launcher. Nova’s customization, consistency and smooth performance are matchless. Nova offers its revamped settings which are easier to use and still it continues to get better and better.


  • One of the first Android launcher apps that lay great support and stability to the home screen.
  • It can easily import previous launcher layouts.
  • Users get many customization options.
  • It offers back-up and restore features.
  • Best for its color control options.


  • Theming can take a while.
  • Offers endless options that may confuse a user.
  1. Smart Launcher 5: comprehensive Android launcher


Smart launcher 5 is a complete Android launcher that offers tons of reasons to consider it as one of the best in our list. A gridless widget placement, a modular page and a brilliant app drawer are some key qualities of Smart Launcher 5.

This fantastic Android launcher app automatically sorts out apps in various categories. If a user pays for Smart Launcher Pro he gets custom categories and various app drawer tabs.

With its top-notch gestures, short cuts for dockapps (that’s better than Nova and other swipe-app shortcuts) and quick home screen theming Smart Launcher 5 is the star of the show.


  • Simplified layout and best home screen gestures.
  • Quickest theme launcher with an excellent tabbed app drawer.
  • Adaptive icons and automatic app classification.
  • Brilliant ultra-immersive mode.


  • You can’t set icons at the top of the home screen.
  • Premium systems can be difficult to understand.
  1. Action Launcher: Best Free Launcher For Android


For every pixel lover, Action launcher is the top pick. It is the quickest Android App Launcher and hence gets its name as Action launcher.

Action Launcher is one of the most customizable apps in the market that offers many personalized options. The robust gesture control, universal covers, shutters and user-friendly functionalities make Action launcher a considerable option.

Get a more cohesive look at the home screen with Material Palette colors. It also supports Android’s newest version. However, the actual theme building is not as adaptable as Nova, the overall performance is well-appreciated.


  • Instant updates on dates, weather, appointments.
  • Numerous gesture options.
  • Offers app shortcuts for new OS versions.
  • Auto icon resize feature.
  • User-friendly smooth functionality.


  • Not quite flexible for theming.
  • Premium systems can get confusing.
  1. Lawnchair 2: Lightweight Android launcher


Count the Lawnchair 2 as a perfect Pixel Launcher. It is a full-bodied launcher offering a clean Google look with the functionalities of Android Launcher.

Users get automatic theming, adjustable grid sizes and icons, perfect widget placements, beautiful folder covers and categorized app drawers. This lightweight Android launcher neither asks for too multiple permissions and nor does it eat up your battery.

They are on their way with fantastic new updates in Lawnchair. And those updates are worth waiting for! Want a speedy and best Android launcher for 2020? Pick the Lawnchair.


  • User-friendly interface with easy customization options.
  • Robust support.
  • Automatic app categorization.
  • Captivating themes and icons.


  • Updates are time-consuming .
  • It does not support imports from other launchers.
  1. Niagara Launcher: The Quickest launcher


It is the fastest Android launcher of 2020 which is even compatible with low-memory devices. It is very easy to build themes with Niagara as it offers only a single layout.

Users can place one or two widgets at the top, get a quick list of favorite apps and all other apps can be accessed from the right side of the screen through the A-Z alphabets.


  • Ridiculously speedy.
  • Quick and simple setup.
  • Offers a single layout that can be managed easily.


  • A limited layout option that lacks variety.
  • Gestures can overlay at times.
  • Still in the early stage of development. New updates may top-up the basic functionalities of the app.
  1. Evie Launcher: Free App launcher for Android


Evie launcher offers brilliant gesture controls that help to improve the launcher experience and its speed. You can backup the Evie layout to your Google Drive effortlessly.

The lightweight launcher offers a satisfactory customization option. It includes- swipe down to open Notifications; Gesture controls to open apps; and app-sized personalized interface. It also offers the freedom to choose the search engine.


  • A lightweight and easy to use launcher.
  • Users can choose a particular search engine.
  • Offers lock home-screen icons, shows local terms in the search, etc.
  • Get Android notifications and restyle your interface.


  • Lacks many advanced features that a contemporary app offers.
  • Custom shortcuts are time consuming.
  1. Apex Launcher: Best Customized smart launcher

A customized smart launcher transforms the entire look of your device with ease and Apex does it fast and hassle-free! The transition animations, scrolling habits and scrolling dock of Apex are priceless!

Apex packs tons of themes and captivating icons that users can download from the Google Play Store. It also sorts out various apps in the App drawer based on its title, usage frequency and installation date.


  • Users can get it on their cell phones as well as tablets.
  • Offers advanced theme engine with super-speedy performance.
  • Easy home screen gestures.
  • Automatic app sorting.


  • Users need to go to the Play Store in case they want to get more themes.
  1. ADW Launcher: User-friendly Android launcher

This Android launcher app offers tons of new features that are user-friendly. The App launcher shortcuts, extensions and a lot of other shortcuts are easy to use. But nothing can beat ADW’s make-my-own-widget tool.

Apart from these all add-ons, this launcher offers an updated UI that easily complies with any Android version. It restyles your Android home-screen with brilliant features.


  • User gesture management support.
  • Brilliant Icons effects section.
  • The fast scroll Indexed app drawer style.
  • Effective gesture controls.


  • The indexed app drawer is difficult to understand.
  1. Google Now Launcher – The Most Beautiful Theme Launcher For Android

Google introduced its Android launcher to target the Android device market with the Google Now Launcher. It is the best theme Launcher for the Android device so far. The tech-giant offers brilliant features and stands out in the competition of smart launchers.

It offers tons of captivating themes that make using this launcher an absolute visual treat. App and widget placements are aesthetic and being a Google product this launcher offers a series of other Google services by swiping right on the home screen.


  • Google Now cards are available in just one swipe.
  • Amazing themes and colors of icons.
  • Users can avail Google Now Cards just by one swipe.
  • Offers quick access to search from home screen.
  • You can navigate with your voice.
  • Offers fast scrolling.


  • Sometimes app searching takes time while using this launcher.
  • Adjusting the icon size is a bit difficult.
  1. GO Launcher: The Most Secure Android Launcher

With the Go Launcher, users get over 10,000 free HD wallpapers and tons of mobile themes. The users get to choose from a variety of genres such as Universe, Anime, Nature, Games, Cartoons, Abstract and much more.

If you want to download a launcher for Android that gives an aesthetic look to your device then pick Go Launcher. It offers 3D effects to the screen and app widgets. It can be further used for personalized menu, home screen and lock screen.

Go Launcher has developed its independent 3D engine that makes this launcher fast and the most stable and secure launcher.


  • The 3D engine provides stable and fast services.
  • Supports mobiles and tablets as well.
  • Daily updates for themes and wallpapers.
  • You can hide and lock your apps for security.
  • Stunning 3D screen effects.


  • Tons of themes and wallpapers can confuse users.
  • Drains battery comparatively faster as this app uses 3D effects.

All the third-party launchers of android directly replace the pre-installed launcher application of your device.

These similar Android launcher apps not only offer tools for better home screen management.

These launchers also provide endless customization options that restyle the entire interface of your device. Use top android launchers and transform your Android experience now!