Best Apps and Websites for Test-Prep and Studying


If you search for good ACT/SAT prep, you are lucky to be in the right place. Just like with most things on the Internet, you can easily get lost in the multitude of test prep resources and tools. Definitely, there both good and bad sources as well as free and overpriced ones. Fortunately, in this article, we’ve got you covered with 7 best ACT prep websites and apps in 2020. What’s even better, most of the resources provided below won’t cost you a cent. Read more, and choose the one for you.

  1. ACT Academy

Starting your test prep journey can’t go wrong with the official ACT Academy. If you best free ACT prep available, you won’t have to look any further than this online portal. Since its created by the ACT-makers, it contains the most relevant and up-to-date materials for your final admission. Video lessons, learning games and quizzes, test-taking tips, and no less than two full-length practice tests with questions that once were on a real exam – all these are available in one place.

To access the materials, you will need to create an account. To complete the registration, you’ll have to enter the confirmation code from your high school teacher. Alternatively, you can choose “I’m here just to practice” option and continue by “going to class”.

  1. Official ACT Website

The can be used for many more things than signing up for the test and getting your final scores. There is a lot of great test prep materials, but you need to know where to find them. Since the website contains tons of resources like sample essays, sample questions, and, of course, a full-length ACT practice test PDF, it might be a bit hard to navigate. Before getting too excited about the website, we would recommend you to check out which parts of the official ACT portal are the most valuable for students in this article.

  1. Magoosh ACT Blog

Magoosh ACT Blog can be a great helper when it comes to high-quality advice on how to study and what to study. Plus, it also provides some general information on what’s going on with the ACT testing program.

To make the most of using Magoosh resources, you should also take advantage of reading their study plans, free e-books on ACT-related topics, and tips for test day. Watching Magoosh free video lessons and working on another full-length test sample will increase your knowledge on essential ACT-concepts too.

  1. Magoosh ACT Apps

We found plenty of Magoosh reviews proving that Magoosh ACT apps are as useful as promised by the provider. Either you have some free time standing in line in a local supermarket or taking a bus to your grandparents’ house, with these free ACT apps, you can always access their super useful study resources.

Magoosh ACT flashcard app provides test-takers with over 200 flashcards on concepts from English, Science, and Math. ACT prep app is a bit different – it’s equipped with video lessons and tutorials plus practice questions for every exam section. Read more on their official website to get more detailed information. It doesn’t matter whether you use web apps or mobile apps; you get more than 100 free ACT lessons and training materials in both cases.

  1. The SupertutorTV YouTube Channel

Similar to Magoosh, SupertutorTV has a great collection of videos devoted to ACT tips and approaches. The only difference is that the second resource is much more useful for visual learners. As a bonus, subscribers of the channel can access some extra videos on topics like how to manage stress, how does assistive technology help students with disabilities, how to deal with admissions, and other topics from student routine.

  1. SAT Prep App

SAT prep smart guide is designed to ease your learning of critical concepts with its video lectures and various question sets for you to train your knowledge. The app keeps track of your SAT questions practices so that you can see your test strengths and weaknesses. It is an extremely useful feature as it gives you an understanding of what needs to be studied to improve your SAT final score. Other features include intuitive lessons, more than 1,000 test questions plus detailed explanations for every answer, and custom-tailored practice tests meeting your learning needs the best way possible.

  1. PrepFactory

It may surprise you, but PrepFactory doesn’t contain any full-length exams while its practice questions don’t really correspond with the ones you can find on the official site of ACT. PrepFactory has a bit different approach to the efficient test prep.

Commonly, students get intimidated by the standardized boring prep process. In contrast to traditional study techniques, PrepFactory brings some fresh air into the academic world with its gamified modules. This app is designed for students to understand each section of the ACT rather than simply learning needed concepts by heart. Furthermore, the app is interactive, fun, and completely free.

Bottom line

Well, now you are backed up with a list of the most trustworthy online ACT prep and study resources. So why continue spending hundreds of dollars on in-person tuition when you can get the same level of preparation in several clicks?

Of course, everything depends on your learning style and pace. But if you have a lot of time to prepare for a test, you should at least try to work through this list and decide which platform works best for your interests and whether it works at all. Besides, if you struggle to take both ACT and SAP, many of the discussed websites and apps provide SAT prep too. Invest some time and effort into test prep resources, and soon you’ll enjoy the results of your work.