Best Bar Code Scanner Apps for Android (Top 10)


Are you frequently using barcode for various purposes? Have you ever used a free barcode scanner app?

QR code reader or barcode scanner is an advanced technique to track down retail details of various products. Each product has its own unique QR code engraved on it.

Barcode reader is an optical scanner that can read printed design and decodes data of the product marked in the barcode. It consists of a lens and a light sensor which translates for optical impulses into electrical signals.

Today in the smartphone era, anyone can scan the barcode using the best barcode scanner app. We have listed a handful of barcode reader apps free for Android users. Make your work easy with it.

Why Use A Barcode Scanner App?

A mobile barcode reader application turns a device into barcode scanning utility. Furthermore, few suitable apps send data to an easily accessed platform which in turn allow users to maintain the data accurately.

1.Barcode Scanner Pro:


This is one of the best choices in the landscape of the barcode scanner app. It stores history and shows previous entries. This characteristic makes Scanner Pro unique that can be used to scan items to sore for later reference.


  • Scans, decodes, creates and share the QR code
  • It is the professional edition barcode scanner, and it works faster and with more accuracy.
  • Opens the Google search page of the decoded results or web address.
  • Lets you share your QR code via social networking sites to your friends.


  1. QR Code Scanner & Barcode Scanner & QR Scanner app


This free barcode scanner app for Android helps to scan and decode all types of QR codes like ISBN, UPC and EAN. It is compatible and secure and hassle-free app.


  • Zoom feature that easily decodes small or far away barcodes
  • It has a robust decoding rate
  • Allows to search product info, browse the website and even enables to connect wifi without entering password
  • Enables to export all history links to use it even in future
  • It has a flashlight tool to get the work done in the darkness


  1. QR and Barcode Scanner:


This is the most friendly and high rated free Android barcode reader apps. Its scanner recognises the information quickly with plenty of functional tools. 


  • Scans and decodes your confidential emails, messages or secret events.
  • Facilitates to create a personalised QR code with your private information.
  • Supports various types of barcodes that include product contact, calendar, ISBN, URL, location, text, etc.
  • Offers coupon code scanning to avail discount benefits and to save more money


  1. Buycott – Barcode Scanner Vote


Buycott is easy to use and speedy application that lets you know the history of the product you bought. It allows you to check out and filter the list of ingredients before making a purchase of any product from a retail store.


  • Provides and suggests alternatives for a better product, if it doesn’t match your values.
  • Supports a wide range of international products also.
  • Enable you to create your own campaign form

This app has various campaigns to boycott products from companies that use child labour, opposes GMO labelling and other countless issues which customer needs to be aware of.


  1. Out of Milk – Grocery Shopping List


Do you hate writing out the groceries list every time while going shopping? If yes, then scan it. This application scan barcodes of available groceries and adds it to a list.

Out of milk creates a list for you and also scan items of the store as a reminder to buy them in the next visit.


  • Syncs and shares shopping list with others in real-time
  • Scans or enters items in the shopping list
  • Displays pantry list
  • Moves and copies items between pantry and shopping list
  • Shares todo, pantry and grocery list via email or text
  • Shows running total and grand total on shopping list


  1. ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader:


This is another best barcode scanner app that scans any product QR code. It is not only to do smart shopping but also a personal shop app that guides about each manufactured goods information, its price and reviews.

It also displays brief info about special offers, current deals, new discounts from local and international stores.


  • Location and turn to turn map guidance about the stores that you are looking for the required items.
  • Lets you check out the best price and offers before purchasing from your preferred stores like Amazon, Walmart, etc
  • Enables you to read reviews before buying the product
  • Saves all scanning activities in history and liked products that are saved to Favourites


  1. Any Barcode Scanner:


Another best barcode scanner app for Android that anyone can use anytime, anywhere. It is a straightforward app that scans every type of barcodes easily.


  • Scan barcode using Zebra Crossing (ZXing) multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library
  • Enables you to create code with the help of location, text, URL, etc
  • Stores past scans and generates history
  • Allows you to share barcode with anyone and save it locally


  1. QR Droid Private:


This barcode reader app for Android is a full-featured and a multi-language QR code scanner that makes and scans data quickly. It also allows you to edit the QR code which is already scanned.

It scans a barcode in a magazine and facilitates you to enjoy a hassle-free video.


  • Create XQR codes for websites, texts and contacts
  • Scans barcode using a phone camera to get access to gallery and SD card
  • Auto syncs the saved data on Google Drive account
  • Zap a code to gain access to private Wifi networks
  • Prevents remote wipe attacks of your device


9.QR Code Reader and Scanner:


This barcode scanner app free that protects you from rogue barcodes that contain dangerous links which can lead you to suspicious place and expose you to phishing traps and malware.


  • Alerts you when any danger is lying behind the QR code
  • It accesses Wifi quickly
  • Adds contact information to your phone without any error
  • Checks the safety of images, websites, texts which are linked to QR codes


  1. PDF417 barcode scanner:


PDF417 helps you in many scenarios like payment slips, retail tags, SIM card, getting boarding passes, movies ticket, etc. 


  • Supports few barcode types like 2D barcode, QR code, Code 128, Code 39
  • Works with low resolution and low quality mobile cameras
  • It is easy to integrate API
  • Also works in poor light conditions 



So now, with the help of the best barcode scanner apps for Android, you can make your shopping productive and share relevant QR codes to others also. Download the most applicable application and make your daily life easy.