Download Best Bluetooth Software Free for Windows

Best Free Bluetooth Software for Windows 10, 8, 7

Best Bluetooth Software for Windows 10, 8 ,7 in 2020

Bluetooth technology allows no cable connection between different devices. Using the generally accepted standard, it allows a variety of equipment, including cell phone computers, to type on speakers, keyboards and headphones for automatic communication without human intervention. The hardware includes antennas and a chip containing a receiver and a baseband with a digital microprocessor.

Here is our list of the best bluetooth softwares for Windows.

1. Bluetooth Driver Installer

The Bluetooth Driver Installer is a program whose function is to install the Microsoft Universal Driver for Bluetooth devices on 64-bit Windows. It is compatible with most consoles and products on the market using Bluetooth technology. Before installing the driver, the program automatically creates a recovery point, so if something goes wrong, you can cancel the changes made in the system.

Benefits of Bluetooth Driver updater:

  • Lets you undo the changes.
  • The UI is simple and easy to use.
  • It is snappy software.

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2. Intel Wireless Bluetooth Software

Intel Wireless Bluetooth for Windows 10 is the driver necessary for the stable operation of the Bluetooth adapter on your Windows 10 laptop and the wireless connection of smartphones and other devices to it. It is worth noting that installing the driver does not require any knowledge of the PC sector: just download the driver to your laptop and run the installation file with a double mouse click. Intel Wireless Bluetooth for Windows 10 can be used both for a clean installation, and for updating already installed drivers.

3. BlueSoleil (Bluetooth Software)

BlueSoleil for Windows 10 is a small program that is an indispensable tool for organizing a stable working connection between personal computers, mobile devices, printers, and other equipment with Bluetooth technology.

The software is a multifunctional application that can be used at home, in offices. It is convenient to work with the utility: each function has a brief explanation of its use. Using software, you can quickly synchronize portable devices with a computer, organize a wireless network using Bluetooth technology between multiple PCs.

4. WIDCOMM (Bluetooth Software)

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is a free program for connecting Bluetooth devices to a computer. With its help, it is easy to connect a wireless mouse or controller to a computer, connect a smartphone and any other mobile device. The program is suitable for computers and laptops running Windows. WIDCOMM supports current versions of Windows, including XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

WIDCOMM is designed to eliminate the long search and configuration of Bluetooth devices when connected to a laptop. The program has several features:

Easily connect devices in a couple of minutes. WIDCOMM allows you to forget about the long search for devices and problems with drivers, as is often the case when using standard Windows tools. The program itself detects a nearby device, determines its type, downloads and installs drivers and necessary software. The process from finding a device to installing drivers takes a couple of minutes.

It has an intuitive interface. The user needs to start the search process and confirm the installation of drivers – the rest happens automatically.

Support for headsets, wireless headphones, game controllers. Often, the main problems when connecting Bluetooth devices occur precisely with accessories. Windows often requires other drivers, which take a long time to find. WIDCOMM will automatically install the necessary drivers that suit your computer.

Adds Bluetooth features to computer and laptop. Using WIDCOMM and the connected Bluetooth adapter, your computer will receive full-fledged Bluetooth functions and become visible to other devices.

5. Bluetooth Sender (Bluetooth Software)

Bluetooth Sender is software for sending all kinds of mass media files from PC to smartphone using Bluetooth

This program allows you to transfer multimedia files, such as images, music or video on any mobile device with Bluetooth in the range of 150 meters. They will receive files without having to download the iPhone application or APK in the case of Android.

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6. WirelessKeyView (Bluetooth Software)

It is an excellent and popular program that does not require installation (Portable), allows you to restore the keys to the wireless networks WEP and WPA saved by the Wireless Zero Configuration service. The restored key can be saved in TXT, HTML, XML file and even copied to the clipboard.

7. Broadcom Bluetooth Driver Software

These drivers and programs are pre-installed on your VAIO computer. If you are still using a pre-installed operating system, you can reinstall these drivers and programs using the Vaio Recovery Center application on your VAIO computer.

The versions of these drivers and programs are not updated. If you need updated drivers and programs, go to the “Updates” section of this website.

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