Best Dialer Apps for Android and iPhone in 2020

Dialer Apps For Android & iOS

Nobody loves to get phone calls from unknown numbers and get disturbed in the middle of an important working process or late in the evening.

Unfortunately, as many people nowadays prefer online shopping, it is almost impossible to keep your number confidential.

If you registered the number on any website or sent in an application, then it will transfer your number from one company to another.

If you are tired of calls in which they are constantly trying to reach you suggesting different offers, then you should know that there exist special applications to help you, which compare the calling number on their database and show all the information available on it.

This will give you a better idea of ​​whether to answer the call or not.

It can be a typical situation, but we have a solution for you. We found 15 dialer apps that solve this problem. Now you can identify any person who is hiding behind this faceless phrase.

1. TrueCaller

The Swedish company, which created this application, says that the number of subscribers of the app is 85 million all over the world.

The dialer app uses a database with millions of previously recognized phone numbers. The program instantly recognizes them and provides the user with the ability to block them.

It also goes through the Internet for all types of information related to a specific number like photographs, and ratings.

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2. Trap Call

This dialer app designed for iPhone and is free to download, you need to pay for the service of identification of an incoming number – about $5 per month.

It works as follows: when a call comes from an unknown number on your phone, you can reject it by double-clicking on the “Hang up” button. The application immediately sends you a text message with the phone number from which they called you. It will also determine if this number is associated with a specific address.

Trapcall offers what others cannot offer. Most of these dialer apps identify subscribers based on data from their own user base, while Trapcall detects calls even from private numbers.

This feature will be especially useful for those pursued by stalkers: now collecting evidence to file a complaint with the police will not be difficult. When you switch to a professional plan, you get the opportunity to record calls, which will add evidence against your offender.

In addition, it offers the ability to block numbers.

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3. Contactive

The developers of the dialer app claim that it is able to recognize more than 600 million phone numbers.

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It automatically searches the Internet for all the information associated with a particular number. To do this, it refers not only to existing databases, but also to social networks.

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4. Whoscall

The Taiwanese company which developed this dialer app, claims that around 20 million calls per day go through app filters, and about half of them marked as spam.

The app has all the usual functions and can block both calls and texts.

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5. Whos Calling

This BadAix application works like the previous one. Its strength is its ability to analyze data on social networks, especially Whatsapp and Facebook.

The dialer app also allows you to create lists of unwanted recipients.

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6. CallApp

CallApp allows you to identify unknown subscribers, block spam calls, record incoming and outgoing calls. At the same time, the determination of unknown numbers remains the main function.

In addition to standard features, there is an Incognito mode with which you can hide the number of a specific subscriber, and he will not be displayed not only during an incoming call, but also in the call log.

If suddenly, you have a person with whom you want to talk, but that no one would know about it by taking your phone – this is what you need.

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7. Kaspersky Who Calls

The dialer app checks the number for free against spam databases. When there is an incoming call, information on the name of the company, its category and reputation of the number is displayed on the screen.

An internet connection is not necessary to recognize calls.

8. Sync.Me

Using this dialer app, you can block/ignore phone calls or messages, as well as identify unknown subscribers from around the world. Sync.ME will also provide a reverse lookup of any number to find who called you.

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9. Eyecon

Eyecon provides all available information about an unknown or existing calling number. Eyecon (because of the synchronization with Facebook and other social networks), allows you to see a display picture of the calling person.

Of course, only if his account was on Facebook. There is a difference from other similar services: data is not searched by the database of phone numbers, but only through social networks.

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Therefore, only the ones can be identified who already use Eyecon. One of the negative sides of the app is a small database comparing with Truecaller.

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10. Show Caller

Show Сaller is a small dialer app, but anyway it is able to find most unknown numbers and shows information about the subscriber, his name, picture. At the moment, the application has about 20 million users worldwide.

The Show Сaller interface looks like Truecaller, but, unlike it, it takes less space on the phone. Identification of subscribers is very fast. One of the negative sides you can name only the ads.

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11. Drupe

The main functionality of Drupe is identification of an unknown subscriber, recording of telephone conversations, support for various design styles and blocking unwanted calls.

Using Drupe, you can just dial a number, send a text message or contact someone from your contact list with your favorite messenger with just one flick.

The main emphasis was made by the developers of Drupe on the ability to communicate using gestures. You will always have at hand a transparent icon for quick access to contacts.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Allo, SMS, and much more are supported, but if you do not upgrade to the premium version for $4, ads will be displayed in the contact list.

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12. Hiya

Hiya, formerly known as Whitepages Caller Id, like Truecaller, detects unknown numbers and automatically blocks spam. The dialer app is looking for information about the caller using its own database, which includes millions of phone numbers.

The app uses its huge database to identify over 400 million calls per month. In addition, Hiya also checks the contents of SMS messages for malicious links. Hiya has a chic design, does not show any advertising and it is free.

After installing the application, you will need to register using your Facebook account or email. When this happens, Hiya will be displayed on the incoming call screen and show all the information that can be found.

Fraudulent calls are displayed in red with a clearly visible warning sign, so you know that you do not need to spend time on it.

The only problem is that sometimes it may take a few seconds before Hiya determines the caller, this is especially noticeable when using a slow Internet connection.

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13. Mr. Number

Mr. Number was created by the authors of the popular Hiya application, which was described above. It also recognizes spam and is able to block calls using prefixes. This means that you can block calls using area codes and operators.

The application also identifies unknown subscribers, which helps fight stalkers. The community is quite active, so you can comment on any number from which they call you, it is easy to add it to the white or black list.

Support for reverse search is provided, which allows you to find out who called without waiting for a second call. Simply manually enter an unknown number in the search bar.

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14. Call Control

Dialer app with a set of functions for blocking calls with the ability to use a blacklist, which is supported by the user community.

Automatic caller ID will help you find out who called if the number is not in your contact list. Also in the Do Not Disturb mode, you can create your own schedule when you can call. When you subscribe to the paid version, you can get rid of intrusive ads.

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15. Track Caller Location

This is a product of Smartlogic, which has offices in the United States and Britain. This free app can be downloaded from last October.

To use it, you do not need an Internet connection. In addition to the above functions, this dialer app has the ability to determine the location of the caller, provided that he uses a mobile GSM network.

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