Best Email Apps for Android and iPhone (Manage Inbox)

Best Email Apps for Android and iPhone

Everyone knows that mobile phones are nowadays the most widely used devices for accessing the Internet. Although social media is becoming the most used type of application, e-mail is also part of everyone’s life. What many people don’t know is that you don’t need to end up with Android or iPhone native messaging applications.

In fact, email has been around for almost 4 decades. However, whether you use it for official or personal purposes, it has always been an extremely effective form of online communication.

Agreed to its reputation, chances are that an email app will already be pre-installed on your smartphone. However, Google Play and the App Store have plenty of third-party available email apps that can provide you with better functionality.

Therefore, there are several options for both systems. The Best Email Apps for Android and iPhone will be presented in the following paragraphs. So be prepared to take the plunge so you can learn all about the most effective messaging apps.

What Are the Best Email Apps for Android and iPhone?

E-mails are one of the most exasperating things we have to deal with, but, they are proving to be indispensable in our lives as if we don’t use them, all our work stagnates.

Here is a list of the Best Email Apps for Android and iPhone

  1. Gmail

There is no doubt that this first choice in this rank of the best messaging applications is indisputable. As one of Google’s most used and powerful applications that you could get on Android or iPhone, Gmail is undoubtedly one of the best means of communication that has existed since the very beginning of the technology era. It’s a messaging service we all use every day.

Its simple user interface makes it easy to read mail at a glance. The application also features gesture-based support that allows you to easily sort your emails.

Google holds sprinkled small features into the application, making it much more enjoyable to use. First, there is a new reminder feature that asks users to reply to emails they may have forgotten. Then there is a smart reply and dialing features that greatly speed up the answering process. Overall, Gmail is a complete messaging application for iOS and Android devices that’s well worth a shot.

  1. Outlook Email App

This is the second-best option on our list of best email apps for Android or iPhone. The app was designed by a renowned technology giant, Microsoft. Indeed, Outlook is one of the most widely used business applications in the world.

Outlook is available on the iOS and Android platforms, but it’s more effective on an Apple device thanks to its more fluid and interactive design language.

The app’s smart Inbox feature sorts and allows you to access the most important emails very quickly and answer them in a jiffy.

With a minimalist aesthetic, this email app for Android and iPhone allows the user to get to the essentials. By default, the inbox is split in two: on one side the “priority” emails, on the other… the “other” ones. A quick filtering option is available allowing quick access to “unread”, “with indicator” or containing an attachment for example.

Of course, Outlook will allow you to manage several mailboxes at the same time. On the left is a sliding menu allowing access to the different mailboxes, folders, calendar, and files.

All this information has pushed us to make this app our second choice.

  1. Dispatch Email App

Our third choice on this list is a paid application for iOS. Indeed, Dispatch is one of the best email app for iPhone.

Dispatch’s interface is quite unusual, considering most email apps for Android or iPhone. Instead of looking like a post office, Dispatch treats your inbox as a to-do list.

Thus, to distinguish itself from other apps in the same category, Dispatch does not bet on anything revolutionary, but rather intends to offer all the necessary functions. We find some interface ideas already seen elsewhere, such as the possibility of dragging over a message to make several actions appear. By dragging to the left at the very end, you can quickly archive a mail. Dragging is also used to move from a mail to the mailbox, or to display the side menu

  1. Blue Mail

This is an application available for iOS and Android devices. If you’re the type of person who receives multiple types of emails, then Blue Mail may be your best alternative. That being said, this email app for Android and iOS supports all email standards, including Yahoo Mail, and many others.

No matter what email service you use, Blue Mail works without any worries. In terms of features, the app gives you the ability to choose time intervals when it will not notify you, to add as many email accounts as you want, and schedule messages.

Needless to say, you get all the customary features such as support for scanning movements, the possibility to schedule email and searches, a customizable user interface, and more.

Furthermore, Blue Mail’s most exciting feature is its ability to send intelligent mobile notifications.

Download this app for Android and iPhone

  1. Airmail

If you use a Mac, you probably know Airmail. This application got a mobile version for iPhone and iPad, keeping all its main features in the mobile version.

These include syncing when using the app on your computer and your iPhone or iPad, importing documents from Google Drive or Dropbox, and integration with Pocket, Evernote or Trello, and more.

The app includes a ton of customization options available that allow you to apply labels and colors, smart folders, customizable toggles and more to tailor the experience to your taste.

Airmail takes full advantage of the latest Apple hardware and software. Support for 3D touch, as well as interactive notifications are all built into the application, adding more efficiency to the overall workflow.

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  1. Newton Mail

Newton Mail, previously known as CloudMagic, completes our list with a nice interface. Originally, Newton Mail is like many of the applications in this list of the best email apps. You have synchronized labels and basic customization. But once you dive in and find your way through the menu, you’ll unlock the magic of Newton Mail. For example, you can connect this application with a handful of other applications, including Asana, Trello, OneNote, Evernote, and more. With these applications enabled, you can send content directly via email for future reference or management.

In addition to app integrations, you’ll find other manual functions such as delivery acknowledgements, cancel sending (we all need that at some point), email scheduling, and the ability to view more information about the sender of an email you’ve received such as job title, organization, and social profiles.

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  1. Proton Mail

If you are looking for more secure email exchanges, ProtonMail is one of the most appropriate option. With end-to-end communication encryption, you are better protected against interception by third parties.

Other than that, ProtonMail provides the standard functionality common to all messaging applications. You can download it for free on your Android or iPhone.

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  1. Nine Mail

If you want to make a clear and precise separation between your work and your private life, then Nine Mail is the right application for you. It only supports accounts in professional suites, such as Office 365, Exchance, Outlook, and Google Suite, and allows you to easily view and organize your messages, including easy-to-use programmable gestures to quickly switch between messages.

It also has numerous filters to quickly find important information, such as filtering by attachment, importance, invitations, etc. The calendar is also included, as well as a contact manager. It’s absolutely the perfect tool for business.

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  1. MailDroid

One of the oldest and most powerful email apps for Android, compatible with all versions. Available free of charge, the application provides all the features you’ve come to expect.

These include compatibility with various messaging standards, the ability to schedule e-mail replies later, and customize the notifications sent by the application.

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  1. Aqua Mail

Far too often, mobile applications tend to implement so many features that they almost forget the basis of their usefulness: their primary purpose. Email apps very often fall into this trap. So, for those who are looking for a simple, well built, fast application that goes to the essentials, Aqua Mail will be perfect. No frills but a simple and well finished experience from A to Z.

Aqua Mail is another unique email solution for Android devices. Nevertheless, it supports email created by Apple devices, ideal for those who are moving from Android to iPhone.

The app can be synched with, cloud storage applications to back up your messages, Outlook calendar syncing and multiple customizable screens to make your inbox look the way you want it to.

That makes it the 10th and last choice in our list of the best email apps for Android and iPhone.

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Verdict for Best Email Apps for Android and iPhone

In a nutshell, we conclude that there are certainly many other solid options to help you control your inbox, but the list we have provided above is worth looking at.

The important thing to look for in an application is how much more efficient or productive the application will make your experience.

Have we skipped your favorite mail app? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!