15 Best Equalizer Apps for Android To Improve Sound Quality

Best Equalizer Apps for Android To Improve Sound Quality

While most smartphones today come equipped with a sound equalizer, if you’re a music lover, you’ll find that the sound quality of most of these devices is not up to par. 

In fact, designers don’t usually put a lot of effort when placing the speakers in the back of the device, which obviously affects sound quality. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can do to improve the audio quality (especially bass) of your smartphone. 

However, if you’re not familiar with them, you should know that sound equalizers app for android  are used to improve sound frequencies. They help you to stimulate or cut the frequency ranges (treble/bass) to your ears, or you can use them to make your music sound better and more realistic.

There are a large number of sound equalizer apps for Android, but few of them are useful. Here, we have put together the best ones, taking into account how they work and our personal experiences. 

List of 15 Best Equalizer Apps for Android (Improves Sound Quality)

Here’s our selection of the 15 best equalizer apps for Android, the best apps to improve the sound of your smartphone, and get the most out of your music.

Android has made it possible to customize the soundscape by enhancing your mobile phone experience. But as the use of mobile audio continues to grow, the Android operating system is struggling with the challenge of keeping up.

One area where it’s lagging is the lack of a system-wide equalizer. Of course, some applications offer their own equalizers, but there is no native way to adjust the output for all sound.

So, whether you’re a music lover or a perfectionist, you’re rarely satisfied with native audio tuning on Android. Here’s a small selection of applications to make your speakers whistle.

1. Equalizer (Most Recommended Equlaizer app for Android)

Equalizer - (Most Recommended Equlaizer app for Android)

This is one of the best equalizer apps for android that allows you to enhance the sound quality of your Android device for free. The app is easy to use and has a very attractive design. Compatible with your local content and some streaming services such as Deezer, the app includes a dozen predefined profiles. Particularly appreciated is the automatic detection option, which determines the musical style being played and applies the appropriate presets to it.

Feature-rich, Equalizer is undoubtedly the most comprehensive application of its kind available in the Play Store.

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2. Bass Booster & Equalizer (Best Equalizer App for Android)

Bass Booster & Equalizer (Best Equalizer App for Android)

Much more than just a bass booster, Bass Booster includes a 5-band equalizer (or even 6 on some devices) with 20 presets, a fully customizable preset, and four themes to customize the application. 

From a variety of features, the application allows you to choose the look and feel you want. Adding to that, you can improve the sound quality, the volume (Volume Boost), and the voice if you want to make a call (Voice Boost).

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3. Music Volume EQ — Equalizer Bass Booster Amplifier

Music Volume EQ — Equalizer Bass Booster Amplifier

Music Volume EQ is one of the most trusted equalizer apps for music lovers across the globe. 

Features are described below:

It pops up over the screen where the icon is located and allows many adjustments such as the main volume, but also the management of five frequency bands. Like Equalizer, it is possible to add a bass boost or virtualizer effects. 

Additionally, Music Volume EQ allows you to select nine default EQ settings, as well as to customize these settings, but it is very functional, but not very ergonomic. The pop-up effect at the launch of the app is hard to justify. A real widget would have been much better fitted.

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4. Equalizer & Bass Booster 

Equalizer & Bass Booster 

It is a very efficient equalizer app that comes in two versions. You can choose either the free or the paid version. It is characterized by 15 levels of volume settings. In addition, it has 12 bass levels, 12 virtualization levels, and 10 presets. Its equalizer is defined in 5 bands: 60 Hz, 230 Hz, 910 Hz, 3.6 kHz, and 14 kHz. Apart from all this, it is able to offer widgets to adjust the equalizer without launching.

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5. Doubletwist

Doubletwist - Equalizer app for android

Doubletwist is probably one of the best free audio players on Android. For the audio quality enhancement aspect, it offers a four-band equalizer and five preset settings: classical, dance, jazz, pop or rock. 

Doubletwist’s interest lies elsewhere, whether it’s in its streamlined interface that works with horizontal slides or in the application’s large number of features. Probably one of the most complete and best-designed audio players. Regrettably, the equalizer is limited to only four bands and five presets.

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6. Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX

This is a simple and most helpful app to improve the sound when it comes to recommending the best equalizer apps for Android devices.

Although Audio Equalizer Fx is only available as a widget, it is nevertheless one of the best applications of our selection. 

Equalizer Fx can record up to 3 settings, in addition to the 10 available by default, directly adjust five frequency bands, add and adjust the reverb, boosted bass, or a virtualizer. As Android regulars know, most settings are more easily modified from widgets rather than by browsing from menu to menu. By offering a simple widget with four icons wide by one high, Audio Fx addresses this issue very well. 

A very simple application without being overly simplistic. Extremely functional, it offers a wide choice of customization options.

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7. Poweramp (Equalizer App for Android)

Poweramp (Equalizer App for Android)

Like Doubletwist, Poweramp is a complete audio player application. However, it focuses on its many sound management parameters. 

These parameters are presented in a very sober interface, inspired by sound mixing desks. Two customizable screens are available. 

The first one is focused on the equalizer with the possibility to set ten different bands to achieve the most accurate sound. A slider is also used to adjust the preamplifier. Sixteen presets are also available directly in the application with the possibility of adding many more.

In the second settings screen, Poweramp offers to change the tone and volume. Here it is possible to switch the sound to mono only or to add a Surround effect called SRS or Stereo X. 

As for the balance, it allows you to modify the sound on each earphone. The overall volume can also be changed directly from this page. Finally, it is possible to adjust the bass or treble power via dedicated knobs.

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8. Volume Booster PRO – Sound Booster for Android

Volume Booster PRO - Sound Booster for Android

Volume Booster PRO  differs from other sound equalizers for Android. It is neither an application strictly speaking that will modify the sound coming out of the device, nor a widget, nor a full-fledged audio player. Volume Booster PRO  appears as a new menu in existing audio players. For example, in Android’s classic audio player or Google Play Music, a new “equalizer” menu will appear, allowing you to change the audio settings of this application. 

There are six preset equalizers that you can add your own settings to from five frequency bands. In addition, you can add more bass for deeper sound or add a 3D effect to create full surround sound. 

The settings are fairly basic but complete enough for the less experienced.  The difference between each preset is quite fine and makes it possible not to totally destructure the initial sound. 

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9. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro Music Player is another very complete equalizer and music player app. Unfortunately, it is not available as a free version and the trial version is limited to a period of 10 days.

The basic audio player features a five-band equalizer with 20 default settings and the ability to save additional settings, as well as six different reverb modes, a stereo adjustment knob to enjoy a surround sound effect, and a thumbwheel to fine-tune bass power or volume. 

But that’s not all. In addition, PlayerPro offers numerous built-in skins or plug-ins such as the PlayerPro DSP Pack, which adds digital sound processing and allows you to enjoy a ten-band EQ, smooth transitions between songs, mp3, mp4, m4a playback, or preamplification. 

PlayerPro Music is a full-featured application with a well-thought-out interface for audio quality management. 

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10. Winamp (Inbuilt Equalizer for Android)

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Winamp (Inbuilt Equalizer for Android)

One of the oldest and most complete best android equalizer app is also available on Android. However, Winamp offers a clearer and more fluid interface. The basic version of Winamp on Android is free of charge, however, some functions are reserved for the pro version.

The app offers the reading of uncompressed .flac files, the seamless succession of tracks, and the possibility to access a console for setting audio parameters. This console is rather light compared to the solutions offered by the competition. There’s only one preamp, a five-band equalizer (ten if you switch to landscape mode), 17 presets, and the ability to add custom ones. No more bass slider, surround mode, or reverb effects. 

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11. Equalizer Pro – Extra Sound

Equalizer Pro - Extra Sound

Equalizer Pro – Extra Sound  has more in-depth features than its competitors. In addition to its five-band equalizer, you get an efficient bass module and sound spatialization tool. As a bonus, the application manages reverberation, recreating the echo generated by more or less vast spaces.

Music lovers’ apprentices benefit from about twenty presets that take into account the style of the music played, the desired effects, and the broadcasting equipment. Perfectionists save as many configurations as they wish, easily finding meticulously tuned audio profiles.

This makes Equalizer Pro – Extra Sound  almost flawless.

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12. Max Volume Booster – Sound Amplifier & Equalizer

Max Volume Booster – Sound Amplifier & Equalizer

One of the best equalizers to improve sound quality on an Android smartphone. But like many useful applications, it requires a rooted smartphone. If your device already is, that’ s fine. All you have to do is download the app from the official website of the editor (APK).

Max Volume Booster offers a multitude of advanced settings to adjust the sound quality of your smartphone. It has different profiles depending on the speaker but also depending on the earphones or headphones used.

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13. Black Player (Good Equalizer App for Android)

Black Player (Good Equalizer App for Android)

BlackPlayer is another great music player that you can use as a sound equalizer for android devices. The app has a five-channel equalizer with a sound effect feature that allows you to play with the available audio output of your device. The sound effects menu in the app allows you to find the “Amplifier” setting, which allows you to increase the sound’s quality by up to 4 dB, which can greatly improve your listening experience.

With the Amplifier setting, the BlackPlayer app also allows you to increase the bass, use a virtualizer, and control the sound balance, which is useful when using headphones or external speakers. The app has a clean, monochrome interface that looks really cool and even gives you the ability to customize the look of the music player. If you have offline music stored on your device, you should definitely try BlackPlayer, but keep in mind that the volume boost effect is not transferred to other applications. 

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14. Boom – Bass Booster and Equalizer app for Android

Boom - Bass Booster and Equalizer app for Android

Some Mac users may already be familiar with this application, Boom: Music Player with 3D surround sound and Equalizer. The music player offers a multitude of customized features to enhance the overall audio output of your Android device, including a setting that increases the volume. Boom also offers 3D surround sound tuning with features that give you more granular control over the music output and the correct EQ to allow you to customize the sound profile.

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15. GOODEV – Volume Booster 

GOODEV - Volume Booster

It’s a volume booster like the other applications on our list. The app has a single over-amplification slider that allows you to amplify the volume up to 60% by default, with the possibility to increase it even more from the settings.

Just like the Max Volume Booster app at the top of the list, GOODEV Volume Booster has a maximum allowed limitation and a fast start feature. The settings you choose in the application are applied system-wide, allowing you to enjoy the amplified audio output of any application.

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Here you go folks, this article was a selection of the best equalizer apps for Android to improve sound quality. However, if you know of any other way to improve the sound of your Android device, feel free to share it with us in the comments.