The 7 Best Fitness Apps Right Now in 2020


New technological developments have impacted our lives in so many ways, from how we communicate or bank, to how we keep our health in check, among several other ways. The innovation of the smartphone was initially meant to enhance our mode of communication, but it did bring about a massive turnaround in the health and fitness industry. With fitness apps attached synced with smartphones growing from strength to strength, we take a look at the must-have fitness apps in 2020.

#1. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

It is a top circuit training workout app that helps you fix some exercise into your daily plan at your most convenient intensity. With only a chair and seven minutes of your time, a medium intensity workout comprises of jumping jacks, high-knee stationary running, triceps dips on a chair, wall chair sits, among a few other moves.

The app also includes Core Workout, Intermediate 16 Minute, and First Timer options.

#2. 8fit

8fit is a combination of on-demand exercising and diet planning. The app is aimed at creating a personalized diet plan and workouts based on individual target results. If you are new in the fitness sector, this is the ideal app for you as it provides priceless guidance, timely suggestions and instructions, as well as instructions for the most effective form of exercising and meal plan.

#3. Blogilates

If you’re looking beyond fitness and diet plans, Blogilates is your perfect match. The app offers more than the regular on-demand workouts, recipes, fitness recommendations, and a healthy motivational dose of fitness positivity by the cheerful YouTuber Cassey Ho. While the content done by Cassey is primarily feminine, the workouts appeal to both genders and can be put into practice by everyone, anytime.

#4. Fitbit Coach

Formerly known as Fitstar, the Fitbit Coach app is a superb partner for following up on your fitness videos that can be done anywhere. Find all sorts of options, from stair workouts to stretches, and so much more. What makes Fitbit Coach one of the most popular fitness apps is the fact that it favors people who love to be taken through their steps by a real person in a video, talking them through their workout routine.

#5. Fit Radio

Fit Radio is a unique music streaming app that includes playlists for organized workouts. It has various options for you, whether you would want your exercising music selected by a DJ, or an instructor’s voice telling you to pick up the pace through your ear. You can pick songs that match the tempo or your steps, or a song that fits what you have in mind for the workout. It is made up of numerous music genres that you can choose freely before commencing your workout.

#6. Map My Fitness

For persons starting their fitness journey from scratch, Map My Fitness is the perfect app. It records every single activity, from walking the dog, to dishwashing. It should be launched every time before undertaking any form of physical activity for recording both time-spent, calories burned, and changing stats affected by your activities.

#7. Mindbody

Mindbody is a resource hub not only for fitness but also for wellness and beauty. It is a broad database that includes reflexology classes, yoga classes, spas, and so much more. You can search through different fitness classes based on your demands, as well as availability. These classes can be booked conveniently from the app.