15 best free Android (Google Play) Games of 2019


HOLD, DRAG, and SHOOT! Sounds familiar? If not then let me remind you of this epic game- Angry Birds! Best free android games have always been an unbeatable way to get the most satisfying feels after a hectic lecture or a sturdy football practice session or after an important meeting.

Whatever be the reason, you can always find these google games for free on Android as your haven. No complaints, no demands, sheer game play! But how to find the best ones? Well, leave it on us!

To make things even more comfortable for you, we have segregated the Best free android game for users in 2019.

You just need to lie down on your couch in your pajamas and check out the list below.

List of Top Best Free Android Games of 2019

  1. Rise Up Love

Rise up-love

This is one of the best games in android available for you to download. Beware! This game may look super easy to you but it gets difficult with the passage of each stage. This free mobile game lasts till eternity but only if you are able to cross the stages! Rise Up Love runs on a very interesting and challenging love story.

This is no conventional love story but you are the Lover Boy who has to defend her love Daisy from the Jetpack boy’s gifts. Gear up for this best and free Android games. Testify if you can reach the highest score or if you can defeat your friends by setting up the high score!


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  1. Drop Stack Ball – Fall Helix Blast Crash 3D


This is one of those one-touch and addictive best free Android game. It is a fun yet challenging game. There are obstacles lined up in a stack. You need to hold the ball by pressing the screen.

The challenge in this free game for the Android is all about avoiding those obstacles without touching them at all! Adding spice to this free Android game is the revolving helix obstacles that must be avoided by bumping, jumping, or doing anything that may save the ball from touching it.

This free game on google is a 3D game with over 300+ thrilling levels. So indulge yourself in this 3D diversion with great graphics and create high scores!

Offered By- Match 3 Hero Blaster

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  1. Angry Birds Rio


How sad were you when the first series of this epic game ended up? It was definitely a mixed feeling of joy and sadness. The joy of winning the game and sadness that has finally ended and you won’t play it anymore.

Well, don’t be sad because the new version of this addictive and free game for mobile is here to entertain you completely. New storyline, stronger enemies, and better gameplay. This is what the new game of Angry Birds in Rio is all set to offer to you.

Do not wait any further and download this free Android game right away!

Offered By- Rovio Entertainment Corporation

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  1. Incredible Jack: Jumping & Running


The practice is the key to success and this free game for Android is the existing justification of it. This is a great journey in which you will see different BIG Bosses of the underworld that have kept Jack’s family captive.

On your way to rescue, you will find countless coins that you must collect for some amazing rewards. The way is not that easy as there shall be enemies but you can defeat them all using your skills.

To help you, there is an assortment of wild acrobatic contraptions in this fun and Best free android game. You will enjoy numerous action-filled levels in this game.

Offered By- BelMacInteractive Company

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  1. Fruit Master


You may not really like to chop fruits in your real life but surely you will love smashing the fruits in this Best free android game with a sharp blade. This is one of those satisfying games that can hold you adhered to it for hours without a break.

The perks of playing this game which is on the Google Play Store is that you will get a rare cocktail at the successful completion of each stage. And in this, the rare cocktail means better rewards. So, hurry up and download this free game for Android to smash some fruits and collect rewards!

Offered By- Ketchapp

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  1. Lep’s World 2 


The basic concept of this game on Google Play Store is the one similar to the iconic game ‘Mario’ that we all must have played at some point in our childhood days. This Best free android game is the successor of the game that was loved very much ‘Lep’s World’.

This fun game for Android is free and is loaded with many more challenges, enemies, graphics, and levels. Lep has to fight against a wicked wizard who has stolen his gold and captured his fellow mates. Luckily, Lep has managed to escape. He is now on a mission to save his family and friends from the wrath of that evil wizard.

Offered By- nerByte GmbH

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  1. Smash Hit 


If you are feeling blue and want to break things around you, then stop for a moment and think again. Why break things in real when you can break things in a free Android game? You need to smash anything and everything that comes in your way. You can find lots of graphic styles in this game for mobile.

Offered By- Mediocre

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  1. Chain Reaction


This is a free game on the Google Play Store. This is a single-player and multiplayer game that can hold you for a long time. You just need to tap on a cell and then the orbs will be placed. The orbs spread into the neighboring cells. Orbs are distinguished by color. You have to make sure your orbs are maximum in number to defeat your opponent in this game for mobile.

Offered By- App Holdings

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  1. Glow Hockey


Yet another Android free game that is satisfying and simple. This is a game that is definitely hard to master. You can choose it to play as a single-player or can even compete with your friends through a multiplayer mode. This game for mobile offers good color graphics and this is a game that is addictive.

Offered By- Natenai Ariyatrakool

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  1. Sonic Dash


This free game for Android is the one that gives you great 3D environments to explore. The path is beautiful but it is filled with barriers, hazards, and never-ending loops. This Best free android game gets even more challenging because there are opponents as well. The opponents are attacking. You have to defeat them to win over the battles.

Offered By- SEGA

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  1. Ant Smasher – Kill Them All


This game on the Google Play Store is one of those that focus on nothing but to relax, soothe, and calm the player’s mind. The best thing about this fun game is that it has no limitations. A child can play it and even an elderly person can play it and entertainment is guaranteed!

This game for mobile is to be played with speed so that all of the ants can be killed. In this free game for Android, there are bonus points for you if you kill multiple ants with a single hit. There is a feature in which you can even freeze the ants for 5 seconds. Also, a bomb that kills all the ants on the screen. Sounds super fun right? Download it now and let the smashing begin!

Offered By- KN Studios

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  1. Cooking Madness


You may find cooking as your therapy but seems like you are tired to try this therapy physically. Well, through this Android game that is free, you can prepare, cook, and serve delicious delicacies to hungry customers.

You can hop from restaurant to restaurant to mark your footprints on the path of progress in this fun game for mobile. You can even get your child to play this easy and interesting Best free android game.

Offered By- Girl Games- Cooking Games

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  1. Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack


This game on the Google Play Store is the ultimate combination of fierce and glamorous graphics. The galaxy is under the attack of the aliens and other villains. In this free Android game, you have to be the hero and protect the galaxy by finding your mates and building a team. You shall be the lead to protect the surrounding asteroids and galaxy. This is one interesting shooting games for your mobile. If you love combat games then this is your choice!

Offered By- ONESOFT

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  1. Red Ball 4


Evil minions are everywhere spreading destruction but one has to save the world. The hero here is the Red Ball. This is a fun game that is free to download for Android. The game has 75 levels and challenging battles. Save the world from the evil ones by jumping, rolling, or bouncing on the groovy tracks in this Best free android game.

Offered By- FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

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  1. Bricks Breaker Quest


Just the way the combination of black and white is never out of style, the same way game of bricks is never out of fashion when it comes to giving instant relaxation. There is no mind game. Just simple arrangement of bricks.

So in this Best free android game, you need to remove the bricks by hitting them with balls. The balls will go wherever you touch. If you want to win this free Android game then make sure the bricks don’t touch the bottom.

If bricks touch the bottom, it implies you lose! So be careful with this while playing one of the best games on your Android.

Offered By- mobirix

So these were the free games on Google Play Store. These are small, fun, and challenging games you should not miss out on! Download these free Android games now!

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