Best Free Apps for Android You Must Have


Have you ever thought of finding a needle in a haystack? Finding a good Android app is the same as that. With millions of apps already present and thousands of apps releasing on Play Store every day, finding the best and right app is really tricky. Even if an app is marketed well and showcased as the best app for android there are chances that you don’t get what you desire.

Although all the free android apps are launched with the purpose of making your life easier, not every app can serve the purpose fully. There are many apps with similar features in a category that may boggle your mind and spoil your user experience.

To solve the quest, we have gathered a list of amazing android applications that are best in their category and are really helpful in sorting your daily life struggles whether it’s with phone, clothes, lifestyle or other aspects of life. Also, it will offer you the new alternatives for the apps that you are using already.

Top Android Apps That You Must Try In 2020

Let’s take a look at the list of best apps for android in 2020 that may substantially make your life easier and better.

  1. Advanced Phone Cleaner

Category: Tools

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Advanced Phone Cleaner is one of the best free android apps of all time. It speeds up your phone and optimizes the device’s performance to a great extent. It removes the ache, junk files and all the cluttered data that are unnecessary and making your device lag. Just one tap and you will likely get everything sorted within no time.

Best features of Advanced Phone Cleaner app:

  • One tap feature to optimize your smartphone
  • Boost your battery and device performance
  • Cool down the processor and stop it from overheating.
  • Remove duplicates photos, videos and files and free up space.
  • Manage files with the help of File Manager
  • Clear junk files, app cache , empty folders.
  • Enhance gaming experience with Game Booster.
  • Protect device with Anti-malware and secure your browser activities.

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  1. Flash Scan

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Category- Productivity

Flash Scan is an amazing android application that allows you to scan any documents, receipts and forms with the help of your mobile camera. You need not t hussle or rush into shops but just need to click, scan and save to have your scan ready. Using the app, you may also share your documents and images with your friends or office staff or family members.

Best Features of Flash Scan:

  • Scan all types of files instantly whether it’s a form or a book.
  • Scan important documents, letters, formal papers etc. anytime and anywhere.
  • Crop and rotate the scanned images as per your requirement.
  • One tap option to convert JPEG image to PDF format.
  • Save scanned files in PDF format.
  • Get handy with favourite documents. Mark the important documents as favourite to access it quickly.
  • Scan business cards, articles, invoices with one click.

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  1. Google Pay (Tez)

Category- Finance

Secure, quick and easy payment process. Google Pay has made the mobile transaction really simple with its amazing secure transaction process. There is no hassle instead what you get is an assurance of having everything in safe hands. From recharge to paying bills and sending money to shop from your favorite spot, the app allows you to access everything in a very secure way. Here, you may add your debit or credit card from the list of banks and gain rewards for each transaction.

Best Features of Google Pay:

  • Transfer money anytime and anywhere.
  • Two secure PIN setup to launch the app and proceed with the transaction.
  • Recharge phone or DTH and Pay Utility Bills such as electricity, water, property, cabs etc.
  • Various offers and rewards options.
  • No transaction fee.
  • Pay easily via multiple options: mobile number, QR code, UPI name, bank details.
  • Add money to various e-wallets or shop from online websites.

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  1. Hulu

Category- Entertainment

Love watching movies? If you are a big movie fan or passionate about binge watching, then you must install HULU. This application for android free Binge watch offers thousands of movies and shows with the latest episodes. You may also watch live sport here and even get lucky to watch the episodes that are on air.

Best Features of Hulu:

  • Watch Hulu originals, latest episodes, movies (classic old to latest), live sports, past seasons of shows.
  • Personalize your streaming library with artificial intelligence sharing its recommendation based on your likes and dislikes.
  • Binge watch anytime and anywhere whether its your home, office or bus or cab.
  • Create upto 6 profiles so that not you but everyone of your family or friends may watch their favourites.
  • Find HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax shows at premium rates.
  • On demand TV from 60 plus top channels of sports, news, cooking, travel etc.

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  1. Spotify

Category- Music

Enjoy music as per your mood. Spotify is the one app that has taken digital music with storm. It offers online music streaming and gives you access to millions of genres and tracks. Whether you love pop or have a liking for classic old melody, at spotify you get everything on demand. The app is free but with ads. So, if you want to listen to music with no hindrance, switch to its ad-free subscription.

Best Features of Spotify

  • Listen to high quality music both streaming and downloaded.
  • Find your genre, artists, songs or podcast.
  • Personalize your music and make it private.
  • Create and share your playlist and get recommendations for more.
  • Find music as per your mood and preferences.
  • Download music to play offline.
  • Get Curated playlist and listen to it on any Android and iPhone device.

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5. Zomato

Category- Food and Drinks

When it comes to food, the first app that comes to mind is Zomato. Apart from millions of downloads and extreme popularity, the app is really significant in ordering food online. Here, you may check your nearby restaurants, see reviews, photos of menu and restaurants and order food instantly. The app provides the home delivery option that makes it easy for you to get food anytime anywhere without hassle.

Best Features of Zomato:

  • Search for your favourite restaurant and sort the dishes, nearby cafes, restaurants by name, cuisines,location and delivery options.
  • Reserve your table through Zomato and get easy discounts with the premium membership- Zomato Gold.
  • Rate and review restaurants and get help for your online order instantly.
  • Collections, a curated list for you to explore best burgers, perfect romantic date spots, trending cafes or restaurants of the city.
  • See what your friends are eating and what their preferences in terms of food and restaurants.

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  1. Nova Launcher

Category- Personalisation

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Customizing your phone as per your mood sounds cool,isn’t? Teslacoil Software’s Nova Launcher is one such amazing android app that may allow you to customize your app drawer, notification badges, icons, app-dock, folders, navigation gestures and many more. This user-friendly launcher is highly optimized and has smooth animations to make your old phone feel fast and new.

Best Features of Nova Launcher

  • Backup and restore data and customized themes to cloud.
  • Night Mode and Dark Theme that switch on at the specific time reducing stress over your eyes.
  • Customize icons from thousands of themes.
  • Hide apps that you want to keep private.
  • App Drawer groups to create customized tabs or folders in the app drawer.
  • Custom Icon Swipe Gestures for assigninging swipe gestures to home screen or icons or folders.
  • Powerful and versatile home screen replacement.

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  1. Google Maps Go

Category- Travel and Local

Stuck in traffic or looking for the route that you have never went through or have to discover the place or building or restaurant or nearby petrol pump, the answer to all such questions is Google Map Go. Developed by Google LLC, Google Maps Go is the lightweight app variation of the original Google Maps. It takes 100 times less space on the phone and works the same wonders as the original Google Map does.

Best Features of Google Map Go

  • Find the fastest route with any means whether its two wheelers, metro, buses, taxi, walking or ferries.
  • Get real time traffic updates and bus, train, public transport information.
  • Search and find information about various places including their phone numbers and address.
  • Step by Step Navigation for the route.
  • Search for local restaurants, banks, ATMs, petrol pump station, business, shops.
  • Save the route and places for offline navigation or for later use.

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  1. Bumble

Category- Lifestyle

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Meet, Date and Network, the tag itself sums up Bumble. With over 40 million sign ups, the Bumble is ranking as a top android app for creating connections. Unlike dating websites, Bumble not just focuses on date but instead it covers all the aspects like building business, networking with people who may connect intellectually or help in other life aspects. The best feature of Bumble is here all the power lies in the hands of women. The first move to invite someone to connect is made by women only. Welcoming same sex dating is also a rule-breaking feature that maked Bumble a first choice for networking.

Best Features of Bumble

  • Bumble BFF: Connect with new people and expand your circle to make some quality friends.
  • Bumble Date: Women will make the first move and in 24 hours men will get a chance to respond. With same sex dating, both end people will get chance to repond or initiate chat within 24 hours.
  • Bumble Bizz: Extend your business empire, network with people, find mentors and explore new career opportunities.
  • Best Free Android app to date, network and build career.

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  1. Xender

Category- Tools (File Sharing)

Xender is one amazing android app that has ended the long wait of transferring files through bluetooth and USB. Whether you have to transfer a heavy size file or send or receive files on cross platforms, Xender can do every transfer with a flash of light. It is one must have android application that can ease your daily life struggle and may get your favourite photos, songs, movies on your phone effortlessly.

Best Features of Xender

  • Transfer all types and sizes of files (app, music, word, excel. Zip folder, pdf, images, videos etc.)
  • Send or receive files anytime anywhere with one tap.
  • Fastest transfer. 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Transfer files on Cross platforms such as Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, Mac/PC.
  • Start playing or using files the moment you receive.
  • New added feature: Convert Video to Audio
  • Download social media files and also share it with friends.
  • Just install the app and tap to send and receive. No need for data, USB cable or any extra software.
  • Backup data or view deleted or moved files you received through it.

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  1. WPS Office

Category- Productivity Software

WPS office is one of the must have android apps if you want to get the whole office suit in your phone. This all-in-one application comprises Word, spreadsheet, presentations, Officework, Notes, online meeting, remote officework and many more. Unlike the other office suite apps, it is the best free android app to convert all office docs, work on powerful sheets and access online education easily.

Best Features of WPS Office

  • Compatible with Microsoft office, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Adobe PDF, Polaris office etc.
  • Scan paper docs using mobile camera and convert all docs to PDFs.
  • Scan photos, OCR and business cards,.
  • Scan PDFs docs and merge. Convert PDF to word or use PDF split, PDF extract.
  • Open and use powerful excel sheets on the phone and work with ease.
  • Auto Save option to save everything on cloud file.
  • Best Android app to work on multiple tasks opened in multiple windows.
  • Night Mode and Mobile View Mode for better viewing and reading.
  • Share all types of office documents through Email, NFC, WIFI, Instant messaging, DLNA, Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram and twitter
  • Convert text to images and images to text.

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  1. Nearbuy.Com

Category- Food and Drinks

This brilliant app ideally makes your weekends better and on budget. With top brands and lots of deals and offers, Nearbuy, com is one of the most used and top android apps in the list. The app offers cash back rewards and gives you multiple options to find good deals on buffet, beauty therapies, gyms, spa activities, restaurants, cafes, movies, salons, amusement parks and many more.

Best Features of

  • Get giftcards, cash back offers, best deals to plan your weekend getaways.
  • Search for your favourite restaurants, cafe, buffet or fine dining.
  • Find prepaid deals or pay on your restaurant bills with nbPAY. Also, get big discounts on the entire bill amount.
  • Book your movies tickets or buy spa or salon deals near you.
  • Pay through multiple options: debit cards, credit cards, Paytm wallet, UPI.
  • Purchase gift cards for online shopping and some big offline stores.

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  1. Airbnb

Category- Travel and Local

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Want to satisfy your wanderlust? Airbnb is the best free android app that may help with your travel plans. Book your hotels or rent a hostel or get a personalized place for your stay, at Airbnb you may easily get deals and best offers at cheaper rates than usual travel apps. Recently, Airbnb has added Jaipur’s royal palace in the list which makes it prefered app for the real travelling lovers. Also, if you wish to become a host, you may use this app to earn money and gain big profits.

Best Feature of Airbnb

  • Book holidays home at cheaper rates.
  • Find local guides and beautiful sights of the travel areas.
  • Book travel experience for an amazing trip to your destination.
  • Add events and experience with an itinerary option.
  • Chat or talk to the host or owner of the hotel through In-app messaging.
  • Invite friends to plan a trip with one click.
  • Save yourself from last minute hassle. Search and book nearbuy hotels or homes or hostels on the same day.

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  1. Google Find My Device

Category- Tools

What if you have lost your phone or found it stolen, depressing right? But no need to worry now. With the best free Android application of Google, you may easily locate your device and lock it until you get it back. This simple yet amazing android application is very useful to reset pin or passcode and delete the data when your phone is lost.

Best Features of Google Find My Device

  • Use Geolocation to check the last location of the device, in case you are unable to find the current location.
  • Indoor maps option to find your device at airports, shops, malls or other indoor areas.
  • Even if your device is silent, make it ring on full volume.
  • Remotely Erase data or files or lock it with a custom message and contact number.
  • See what is the status of your lost phone’s battery and network.
  • You may access your android device from laptop, desktop or iphone.

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  1. Expense Manager

Category- Finance

Does keeping track of money feel a bit hectic? Expense Manager is the best free financial app that simplifies money management for you. This app strips away visual presentation and helps you to import and export all the account activities in CSV format. You may also customize date format, category and subcategories, payment methods, tags in the app.

Best Feature of Expense Manager:

  • Organize bills by week, month and year.
  • Make reports in HTML, CSV, Excel and PDF and mail it for print also.
  • Track taxes, debts, mileage, recurring expenses and income.
  • Backup data and restore data on PC.
  • Add multiple accounts or expenses for tracking.
  • Currency converter to convert money.
  • Find multiple options for calculating money: Interest calculator, Credit Card Pay off Calculator, Shopping List, Loan Calculator.

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  1. Whatsapp Messenger

Category- Communication

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Whatsapp messenger is the best free android app for messaging and connecting with your friends, family and loved ones around the world. The app requires an internet connection to send and receive messages. Through this application for android free messaging, you may connect to anyone from your contacts through voice call or video. The app doesn’t require any pin or password or username, it can be signed up with your phone number.

Best Features of Whatsapp:

  • Create groups and chat with all your friends at the same time.
  • Send and receive text messages, photos, videos, documents or gif images for free.
  • No international fees to messaging people.
  • Even if you are offline, you will not miss any of your conversations. You will get all your messages the moment you connect with the Internet.
  • Backup your messages and media files to cloud and restore it whenever you switch to a new phone or install Whatsapp messenger again on the same or other phone.

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FInal Thoughts

Hopefully, you have learnt about the best free android apps that are easy, simple and very useful nowadays. With these apps you may easily track your finances, plan your trips, get best deals, pass time, play favourite music and do lots of things without paying any extra dime. So, take out your phone and go to the Play Store and install these apps now. Make Life easier with some better technology quacks!