Top 5 Free Alternatives To CleanMaster For Android In 2020

Free Alternatives To CleanMaster For Android

Confused about finding the best CleanMaster alternatives to help keep your phone clean?

CleanMaster was of the 59 Chinese Apps that were banned by the Government of India to counter the threat that these apps posed for the country’s security and sovereignty along with the data of the users. Many of these apps were highly used by the population of India on a daily basis.

While it may have come as a surprise to the users who love these apps, they are still supportive of this important decision. The question that arises is whether there are equally competitive applications in the market?

Read ahead to find the top 5 CleanMaster alternatives for Android along with their important features.

What was the CleanMaster App used for?

CleanMaster App was designed to clean up the cluttered space on your phone, by deleting the cache and junk files. Many users used this application to keep their devices clean and to automatically get rid of the clutter and the junk that browsing and other uses on your device leave behind.

In a rush to keep their devices clean and to clear up extra storage space, many Indian users are searching for the best CleanMaster alternatives. In this article, you will find the 5 best alternate applications that perform the similar functions like CleanMaster. 

5 Best CleanMaster Alternatives for Android

1. Advance Phone Cleaner – Best Free CleanMaster Alternative

Rating: 4.6

Developer: Droid Tonics

Requires: Android 5.0 & up

App Origin (Country) : Germany

Size: 9M

Explore more features of Advanced Phone Cleaner

One of the best performing free phone cleaners on the market is the Droid Tonic’s Advanced Phone Cleaner which not only helps you clean junk from your Android device, but also boosts speed and battery performance.

Advanced Phone Cleaner - Best CleanerMaster Alternative

This is a perfectly designed app to be used as a free cleanmaster alternative app and it’s features include:

  • Junk file cleaner– Advanced Phone Cleaner helps in clearing up the disk space by cleaning the junk and cache files. The dreaded “storage almost full” message will never be a pain for you.
  • Speed and Battery Booster- Freeing up Ram, this app helps you achieve an optimized device performance, giving you high speed and longer duration operability.
  • Anti- Malware – Among the other cleaning functionalities, you also get a safeguard for your phone that protects your device against malware and malicious apps.
  • Social Cleaner – The social cleaner feature of this app helps you get rid of unwanted media files that are downloaded every time you surf your favorite social media platforms.

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2. Phone Cleaner- Cache Clean, Android Booster Master

Rating: 4.7

Developer: Super Cleaner Studio

Requires: Android 4.1 & up

Size: 6M

App Origin (Country) : Not Available

Phone cleaner is a great alternative for CleanMaster in Android. It is an android phone cache cleaner, memory and speed booster that also optimizes your phone with battery saver, super cleaner and power clean.

CleanMaster Alternatives -Phone Cleaner for Android

Some of its major features include:

  • App Cache Cleaner : cleans the junk files and cache from your device.
  • Speed Booster : Speeds up and boosts your phone by clearing up the Ram on your Android device.
  • Memory Booster : Release extra memory and boosts up your phone.
  • Battery Saver : The special power cleaner kills the battery draining apps on your device to save power.

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3. Safe Security – Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner

Rating: 4.6

Developer: Safe Security Develop

Download link: Safe Security Cleaner

Requires: Android 4.1 & up

Size: 26 M

App Origin (Country) : California

An all-in-one power cleaner for android is a good alternative to the banned CleanMaster app. It is a smart speed booster and antivirus app that optimizes your device by managing your storage memory, background apps, junk files and battery power.

Safe-Security - Android CleanupMaster

Some of the main features include:

  • Junk file cleaner- Helps in clearing up cache and junk files on your device to free up storage space on your device.
  • Call and SMS filter- Allows you to block spam/unwanted calls and messages by adding anonymous numbers to blacklist.
  • Speed booster- Cleans up RAM to boost the phone speed and optimize performance

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4. Avast Cleanup – Booster, Storage & Memory Cleaner

Rating: 4.4

Developer: Avast Software

Requires: Android 5.0 & up

Size: 34 M

App Origin (Country) : Prague

One of the most effective replacements for the CleanMaster app in Android is Avast Cleanup, which also offers certain paid features along with the free junk cleaning and speed booster functionalities. 

Avast Cleanup -Booster and Junk File Cleaner

Some of the features include:

  • Junk Cleaner– Helps in deleting pre-installed bloatware apps that you have not used in a while and keeps them from slowing down your phone.
  • Device Manager– Helps in increasing the battery life with app hibernation and also allows you to view all important information about your device on the same screen. 

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5. Ancleaner, Android cleaner

Rating: 4.5

Developer: Serial MMF Software

Requires: Android 4.4 & up

Size: 5.8M

App Origin (Country) : Spain

Ancleaner is a smart phone cleaner that will come in handy as an alternative to CleanMaster application for android. A cleaning app for android that cleans your device, frees up RAM and boosts the speed. 

Ancleaner Android CLeaner

Features of this junk cleaner for Android include- 

  • Phone Cleaner– A well performing cache cleaner that boosts your phone by clearing up RAM on your device.
  • Whatsapp tool– All WhatsApp media in the same place. Powerful tool to clean or share received and sent media via WhatsApp.
  • Ancleaner tech– Deletes only the files that are not needed and have not been used for a long time. 

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Summing up!

Do not let the Ban on your favourite apps affect the security, performance and usage of your device. Use these amazing CleanMaster alternatives apps and keep your worries about your phone’s performance aside. Advanced Phone Cleaner, Phone Cleaner, Safe Security, Avast Cleanup and Ancleaner will help you stay on top of your device security game.