11 Best Free Offline Dictionary Software for Windows PC 10, 8, 7

Offline Dictionary Software for Windows PC

If you are in need of enriching your vocabulary or you need a dictionary for work and you are a Windows user, you have an option to download offline dictionaries for PC.

Here are 11 best offline dictionaries for PCs that have a big collection of words. Without any effort, you can search for a word and learn what you wanted about it. And all these dictionaries have an offline version, so it is possible to use them even if your network is not working or you do not have it at all at the moment.

Let’s roll and see the list of Best Offline Dictionaries for Windows 10

1. WordWeb free dictionary

The first offline dictionary for Windows PC in our list is WordWeb free Dictionary. It has following benefits: 

  • Thousands of meanings, synonyms and antonyms
  • The latest English words
  • The dictionary works offline, or reference to Wikipedia and other web references

The WordWeb free version is working offline. But to use additional features including Collins, Oxford and Chambers dictionaries you should get WordWeb Pro.

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2. Oxford Advanced dictionary

Oxford dictionary offline app for Windows PC is one of the best offline dictionaries for Windows PC which came from Oxford University editors. You can look for all the words  and get the definition very fast. You can know how to pronounce the words and in what cases to use them in a context.

When you want to find a word, it will search amongst more than 100 thousand words. Also from this app you can get many words such as synonyms and antonyms.

If you have a difficult word, this offline dictionary will help you with small notes, examples and images. Word origins, verb forms, US and UK versions of the English language – you can find them all in this offline dictionary for PC.

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3. Ultimate Dictionary

Ultimate Dictionary is a very lightweight and easy to use offline dictionary and has many languages to work with. This offline dictionary comes packed with 61 dictionaries offering dictionaries, thesauruses, and glossaries. English, Spanish, French, and Polish word references are also at your disposal.

Although It has a user friendly user interface. This free to use offline dictionary is only designed for the Windows users. 

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4. Sidebar Dictionary

The Sidebar Dictionary is useful for those who prefer a dictionary and thesaurus available in working on and editing your documents. This wonderful offline app helps to find the best word options for using in the process.

Apart from grammar checkers the dictionary also has a thesaurus where you can choose the most appropriate word for the context, and this is the main benefit of the Sidebar Dictionary. You can download it from the Microsoft Store.

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5. TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus

TheSage offline dictionary for Windows 10 is one of the best offline dictionaries. TheSage English Dictionary has a huge collection of words that includes more than 12 million words. The dictionary is available in both free and paid versions. But the free version of the dictionary has some limitations.

But still users and experienced people can get a lot of benefit from it. When starting to type a word the app automatically will suggest the words, and you can choose from them the one you need.

And after you choose the word, the app will show the meanings, etymologies, antonyms and synonyms, and also phonetic transcriptions.

If you want to get updates, have an option to custom interface according to yourself and for advanced options you can get the paid version of this offline dictionary.

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6. LingoPad

LingoPad is a free multilingual dictionary for Windows and it is available for private and commercial use. As a desktop application, it has the advantage that no Internet connection is needed. 

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7. StarDict

Stardict is an offline source dictionary which is available on multiple platforms including Windows 10. The best part of it is that this dictionary is completely offline and gets updates when there comes a new set of words.

Stardict dictionary is pretty helpful with its offline mode.

The dictionary works by downloading a copy of the preferred language of the user in their app. Then you can type the word and search for it and instantly view the meaning in the same or different language.

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8. Everest Dictionary

Everest Dictionary with databases is a translation utility that has 37 different dictionaries. They cover all main European languages and features synonym and antonym words too, as well as a wide array of medical and technical databases.

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9. The Free Dictionary

The Free Dictionary has a basic offline database with a complete offline database, having more than 40 languages.

The dictionary has a big database, and it helps to connect with other users using social platforms and email.

Comparing with other offline dictionaries, The Free dictionary plus thesaurus includes Medical, Legal, Financial terms. You can find the dictionary from the Microsoft store.

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10. Aard Dictionary

Another offline dictionary for Windows PC will be Aard Dictionary. It was created as a dictionary with multiple languages and offline Wikipedia. It allows you to search for the words even if your Internet network is off so you can work on your project offline and finish it on time.

Other benefits of Aard Dictionary offline include:

  • The dictionary is easy and fast to install and has a really intuitive and simple graphical interface that makes it easy to search for words in this offline dictionary for PC.
  • You can manage the dictionary the way you like, where you can manage the article’s appearance or change colors for internal and external links. For other changes you can check the website for tips and instructions.
  • Easy to find words – You just have to import dictionaries from your PC and then put words in the search bar, and you will find them. The dictionary shows the word’s meaning, and inside the app you can change the view to show the history and toolbar.

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11. Artha Dictionary

The last offline dictionary for Windows PC in our list will be Artha Dictionary. It depends on the words you search in the Artha dictionary, and then the program will offer not only meaning of the word, synonyms and antonyms for it, but also other useful details such as derivatives, attributes, terms and other words that are similar to it.

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