10+Best Free Scanner Software for Windows 10,8,7 in 2020

Best Free Scanner Software for Windows 10,8,7 in 2020

Document scanning has become a common practice in industries of all types. It is now the most recommended solution for those who have to juggle with a lot of documents. The objective is to promote paperless exchanges and facilitate their management (sorting, archiving, restitution).

But, to do this effectively, it is totally obvious to get one of the best free scanner software.

That being said, choosing the right scanner software that meets all your needs is not too difficult a task, especially if you are a user of the famous Windows 10 operating system. Indeed, there are many options with varying degrees of usefulness.

So, in the following lines, we will share with you the best scanner software for windows 10, while taking into account their different functionalities and the criticisms they receive from users.

List of Best free scanner software for Windows 10,8,7 use to simplify your life.

1. PaperScan (Free Document Scanner Software)

Free Scanner Software - PaperscanThe PaperScan Free Edition software is a document scanner software that allows you to control any scanner, whether it is a stand-alone scanner or a networked one. It is at the same time compatible with cameras, camcorders, and frame grabbers.

All printable files are supported by PaperScan Free Edition. This makes it even more convenient. 

In addition, scanning is done through a glass window or a feed pane. PaperScan Free does more than just scanning documents as once scanned, files can be edited.

Users can use tools such as Auto Straighten, Border Removal, Punch Hole Removal, Rotate, Color Adjustment, Color Mode Change, Filters, and Effects.

It is also possible to crop the selected area and resize the file. The software can display information about the image size, resolution, and color mode if necessary.

Note – Scanned or imported documents can be saved as a multi-page file or page by page.

2. HiPDF

HiPDF - All in one Document Software

If you are not too interested in downloading software and would more like to try the best free scanner software, HiPDF is an alternative. It is a free scanner software document to be used via a browser.  

It has a surprising number of features and is capable of performing many tasks, including converting documents to PDF for free, merging, compressing and protecting PDF, and more. You can use this online tool to edit PDF files and then convert the document back to PDF when you are done.

The currently supported languages are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. This makes it very flexible.

Obviously, being free and browser-based, this document scanner software is not as powerful as the others on this list, but it is completely free and easy to access wherever you are, which is interesting if you are in a hurry.

3. ABBYY FineReader

Best Scanner Software - Abby fine readerABBYY FineReader has been specially designed to meet customer needs. ABBYY FineReader OCR software creates easily editable and searchable files from paper documents, PDF files, or digital photos. The software virtually eliminates rewriting or reformatting and delivers results quickly. Its intuitive operation and one-click automation will get you more done in far fewer steps. 

In fact, it is one of the best free scanner software with a user-friendly user interface with menus, unparalleled support, and predefined automated tasks that increase efficiency and eliminate the need to configure complex routines and settings. This document scanner software accurately recreates the structure and formatting of documents, including font size, font style, tables and diagrams, columns, headers, footers, footer annotations, page numbers, and more. 

4. Easyscan 

Easy Scan - Image Scanner Software

It is also another software from our selection of the best free scanner software. When you buy a scanner, a scanning program always comes with it.

The quality of these programs is very variable and it can happen that you want to move on to something else.

Easyscan uses the Twain drivers that are copied to your hard drive when you install your scanner to drive it and offer a completely user-friendly interface.

The interface allows you to choose the scanning mode and to apply mirrors and rotations before scanning.

EasyScan also allows you to apply filters to the scanned image before storing it in a file, in the clipboard, sending it to a retouching program or keeping it in memory. This completely free document scanner software is quite interesting when you want to fax several images. 

5. NAPS2

NAPS2- Document Scanner to PDFNot Another PDF Scanner 2, shortened to NAPS2, is a document scanner software for scanning documents, editing them, and converting them to PDF and other extensions.

It brings simplicity to quickly scan documents, arrange them in a few clicks and store them in PDF or image format.

NAPS2 is compatible with TWAIN and WIA drivers and allows you to create profiles for each scanner. Then, the user can set several options such as page size, DPI resolution, alignment as well as brightness and contrast. Once the configuration is complete, simply click on the Scan button to start the process.

After converting your document into PDF, the user can rotate, flip, or change the order of the pages. An optical character recognition module is able to make it possible to search within designed PDFs. To export the documents, several options are available such as saving them in PDF format or to JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, or even EXIF and EMF image formats.

6.WinScan2PDF – Save Scanned Document’s in PDF


It is sometimes necessary to convert your document into PDF to prevent it from being modified without the user’s knowledge. WinScan2PDF is designed to perform this type of operation. 

Indeed, with WinScan2PDF’s interface, adding files for the conversion is simple. Just click on open source to locate them, and select the document(s) to be processed.

Considered as one of the best free scanner software, it has been created to quickly and easily change the format of PDF digital documents. It can handle all types of files such as images, Word, and Excel. 

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As a completely free document scanner software, it also doesn’t leave any trace in the Windows registry. Thus, with WinScan2PDF, there is no need to install a PDF printer driver or another complex program. Simply export the scanned document as a PDF file and save it to a folder on the hard drive.

7. Readiris – Document and OCR Scanner Software

Readiris-best-Document and OCR scanner for windows

Readiris is a powerful software that allows you to convert, edit, and share all your documents, in many formats and thanks to an efficient Optical Character Recognition system. You will be able to scan a document, edit it, convert it to PDF, and then share it on your Cloud.

Using its powerful OCR system, you will be able to scan a document or an image and then convert it efficiently to PDF, DOCX compatible with Microsoft Word as well as CSV and XLSX compatible with MS Excel. This makes Readiris one of the best free scanner software.

It is also compatible with many online storage systems. All in all, it is recommended for scanning and archiving your documents.

9. VueScan 

VueScan- Scanner Software

VueScan is a free scanner software for Windows. It includes basic tools but also has its own functions. Even if you are a beginner, its handling will be easy thanks to a more than a simplified interface.

VueScan eliminates the need to install drivers every time you change scanners. The program supports more than 1,200 scanner types of all brands.

Clearly, the purpose of scanning a document is to turn it into an image file on your hard drives. And when you scan your documents, VueScan allows you to modify their image settings by allowing you to crop, filter, adjust their colors and save a set of changes to make a profile of them.

10. Free Scan to PDF

free scan to PDF

This specific tool was created by FreeAudioVideo Software, a website that hosts a wide variety of free applications. As the name suggests, Free Scan to PDF is a free application currently available for Windows PCs. It is one of the best free scanner software for Windows PC.

Like many free applications in its category, as a simple application in terms of layout and function, Free Scan to PDF offers users a standard feature set for pre-scanning and post-scanning. You can even edit your PDF metadata, send scanned PDF files by email, and even protect your PDF files with a password and digital signature.

11. Quick Scan

quick scanner software

Quick Scan allows you to scan documents quickly and easily on Windows operating systems. Quick Scan achieves a balance between speed and simplicity, making it a great tool for average users.

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The app is distinguished by its different color modes, including grayscale, RGB, and black and white. You can select the color mode of your PDF file based on quality and speed. For example, RGB mode gives you higher print quality but slower scanning than black and white, and lower quality but allows you to quickly scan PDF files with better font clarity.

Free Scanner Software – Conclusion

That’s all Folks! Here’s our top 10 free scanner software for Windows 10,8,7. We just can hope that this selection  We just can hope that this list will be of great use to you and quench your thirst to know which free scanner software to get.

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