Best Free Typing Software Programs for Mac and Windows

Best Free Typing Software Programs for Windows and Mac

Mastering the skill of blind typing on the keyboard is useful not only for those who spend a lot of time on network communication in text mode, but also for that category of specialists who spend most of their work day on paper work.

In addition, mastering the ten-finger typing method can greatly simplify the lives of students, journalists, copywriters, etc.

What is the advantage of typing blindly? First of all, it is worth noting a significant increase in print speed. On average, users who have mastered this method can easily type up to 500 characters per minute.

Thus, it is difficult to imagine another way to save time if your work is associated with large amounts of text.

Despite the numerous advertisements on the Internet, it is possible to master the method of blind typing without attending specialized courses and the help of all kinds of mentors.

To do this, it will be enough to choose the application that is right for you, which gradually, without prejudice to time and nerves, will teach you a ten-finger set.

Blind typing simulators are educational applications that help you improve your computer keyboard skills. With their help, you can learn the technique of blind typing, in which the text is typed with all ten fingers without looking down at the keyboard.

This technique helps to save time (typing becomes 3-4 times faster) and makes writing texts comfortable and easy.

The skill of blind typing can be useful both professionally if the work is connected with electronic documents and letters, and just for communication in instant messengers and social networks.

List of Best Free Typing Tools for Windows and Make To Type Like a Pro

Rapid Typing Tutor

Rapid Typing Tutor is an original and interesting keyboard simulator, thanks to which you can easily learn the blind ten-finger typing method.

Bright design makes the learning process simple and exciting. You will be able to watch the amazing underwater world, which becomes more diverse with each lesson passed, and its inhabitants will constantly comment on your progress.

A feature of the program is that you can independently create lessons with individual plans and exercises, adjusting them for yourself to practice the required skills.

Using the Rapid Typing Tutor, you can learn how to quickly print not only in English, but also in Russian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

All your successes and achievements will be displayed in the form of tables or graphs that track your progress in typing speed, the number of mistakes made and showing training statistics.

Thanks to the game plot, Rapid Typing Tutor will be interesting to use not only for adults, but also for children.

Rapid Typing Tutor gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the development of professional programmers and try out an application for teaching high-speed printing. This product is perfect for people of any age.

Stamina Typing Software

Stamina is a free keyboard simulator that allows you to learn how to type text on the keyboard into the blind with all ten fingers.

Several languages and layouts are supported. The author of this keyboard simulator promises that after completing the entire course you will learn to type not just one finger, but all, (attention!) 12.

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A program developer with a good sense of humor designed the simulator interface in the same style.

Klavaro Typing Tool

Klavaro is a keyboard simulator for both Windows and Mac OS. It supports many types of keyboards and layouts from different countries. There are 5 steps of learning blind typing:

  1. Introduction
  2. Beginner course
  3. Adaptability
  4. Speed
  5. Smoothness

By the end of the initial course, you can freely type on the keyboard without a single peep, and even when typing passwords.

A good feature is the speech synthesizer, it tells you which key to press, sometimes it can bother or confuse you with your robo-voice, but it can be turned off by clicking on the “Signal” button.

Typing Master

This representative differs from others in the presence of entertaining games, which also teach the high-speed method of typing on the keyboard.

There are three in total, and over time it becomes more difficult to pass them. In addition, a widget is installed with the simulator, which counts the number of words typed and shows the average typing speed. Suitable for those who want to follow learning outcomes.

FastType pro

Many users work uncertainly in the keyboard layout. The FastType Pro simulator gives you the opportunity to learn text typing.

The virtual simulator is shown on the screen of the online simulator, allowing you to quickly remember the location of the keys in the layout.

The colors on the keyboard allow you to master the technique of ten-finger printing. At any time, the user can turn off the virtual keyboard and type without the help of prompts on the screen.

Exercises of the FastType Pro simulator are based on repeated typing of words, thanks to which the skill of automatic typing develops.

Klavarog Typing Program

The Klavarog keyboard simulator focuses on ten-finger typing from scratch. The authors of the classes offer to print a desktop keyboard with a designation of zones for each finger. When completing the course, looking at the computer keyboard is prohibited.

Allowed only to use the printed “cheat sheet”. This technique helps you quickly get used to touch typing.

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The exercises of the Klavarog online simulator are based on a dictionary of common words. The method allows to bring a set of many words to automatism.

The service provides for the creation of your own dictionary, thanks to which the ability to quickly print texts with special terminology develops.

Trainer.NET (Typing Expert)

Trainer.NET is a program that is a great keyboard simulator, thanks to which you can quickly and without much effort learn the method of blind typing on the keyboard.

You no longer have to look for the necessary keys with your eyes, now your fingers will do it for you, and all your attention will be concentrated only on the monitor screen. In order to print more efficiently, it is also necessary to correctly position the fingers on the keyboard, for this a special color indicator of the position of the fingers is provided.

For people who are often faced with digital calculations, for example, accountants, the upper and side digital panels are also included in the simulator.

During installation, the computer must be connected to the Internet. Trainer.NET supports full-screen mode, which positively affects the learning process.