Best Gameboy Advanced Player Games (gba) You Never Played


Do you want to undergo the real-power of best Game Boy Advanced Games?

To experience the real-power of top GBA games of all times, you are on the right track to grab the most of it. Believe it or not, you would have never played before this list of the below-mentioned GBA games.

Game Boy is one of the most favored gaming consoles. In 1989 Nintendo developed, created, and marketed these GBA games for entertainment purposes and if you are thinking to play some of the top-notch GBA games on your device. 

To experience the worth of these epic games, we are jotting down the list of top Game Boy Advanced games that you can enjoy on your device.

Top Games- List of best GBA games in 2019 (Game Boy Advanced Player Games)


1. Boktai: The Sun is Your Hand

Boktai: The Sun is your hand is the best-ever GBA games of all times. It’s one the action-adventurous video games, Konami releases this Game Boy Advance gaming console. 

The game is based on the time near the end of the world, known as the Age of Darkness. The game comes with a solar sensor along with a built-in clock that you can use and charge weapons while playing it.

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2. Mario Golf: Advance Tour

The game is also known as Mario Golf: GBA Tour and is one of the top-notch and most popular GBA games.

It’s the award-winning game of all time, the game is based on sports, which is developed by Camelot Software and Nintendo is the publisher of the game.

The gameplay features an overworld map, where the player of the Golf has the right to walk around and can even interact with the different objects and golf courses.

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3. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

If you are fond of some action-packed combat game, then there could be nothing better than the Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

The story of the game revolves around a world of mirror that exists in the skies of dreamland. The game is fantastic while playing. 

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4.Car Battler Joe

If you are in love with combat or fighting racing games, then Car Battler Joe is one of them. Ancient is the developer of the game and published by Natsume. 

The game is based on the fighting of the cars. You have to fight with your opponents in your style.

You’ll play the role of a unique character, Joe in the game. The game is themed in a village. You have to help Joe in getting his father back as there is a rumor about his father, who is involved in some ruthless racing gangs.

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5. Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

The game is also called by another name, which is Game Boy Wars Advance 2. It’s one of the best GBA games. 

The game was appreciated across the world by all. And, it won the tag of a Europian Computer TradeShow’s- The best handheld game of the year 2003.

The game is based on Japanese history and reminds you of the Famicon Wars.

It’s one of the best action-packed games. You will experience many new levels while playing the game — also, a spice of battles, arenas, and more.

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6. Dr. Mario and Puzzle League

Dr. Ario and Puzzle League is another themed based game of GBA series. Like a doctor treat all his patients, similarly, in the game, Dr. Mario treats all the patients. Become the doctor and treat all patients.

If you love to play puzzle games then, this addictive puzzle game- Dr. Mario and Puzzle League can attract you at the very first sight.

The puzzle mode in the game carries tons of classic styles like Garbage, Line, Flash, and Marathon, etc.

The game also includes other games like Tetris Attack and Pokemon Puzzle League, that too you can enjoy to kill your boring time.

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7. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

The Knight of Lodis: Tactics Ogre is one of the tactical role-playings game. The gameplay features tactical combat on an isometric playing field.

If you are fond of playing this game of combat series, then The Knight of Lodis is the best fit for you. The game is a high-level strategy based game and is the best at its part.

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8. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is the next level GBA game. You might have never played it before.

It’s one of the best role-playing games based on game boy advance. And, while playing the game, you’ll not find any plot or fights. But YES! You’ll be going to experience epic challenges in this game.

You’ll be a farmer in the game whose aim is to make a profit from the farm running by him to produce various livestock and crops.

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9. Wario Land 4

Wario Land 4 is the carry-over to the golden age of side pulpits. The game is fully compatible with the 3 D and Wii U gaming consoles.

The gameplay features four treasures, to unlock a pyramid and then you have to save the princess from the Golden Diva.

You’ll play the role of your favorite character, Mario in Wario Land 4. Moreover, you’ll meet new characters, face new challenges and battles.

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10. Drill Dozer

Drill Dozer is another level action video game based on the Game Boy Advance system. Game Freak is the creator of this best GBA game.

This game revolves around Jill and her powerful Drill Dozer. They will have to regain the Red Diamond that is stolen and you have to protect from the Skulker gang.

You’ll face epic challenges and a massive collection of Monsterswhile playing the game. The game offers you different stages that try to keep your attention towards the game.

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