15 Best Offline Racing Games for Android 2020


The kids can never forget the thrill of riding the bike and hitting the opponent with a stick. I am talking about the best race game offline– ‘Roadrash’. I am sure the thrill was perpetual and that it was the only addiction that children and even the elders had at that time. 

It is not the only one, the others that offered the fun on high speeds include Need For Speed and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. These were the games running unstoppable on the desktops then. 

But now that we are about to step into the year 2020, we no more find it leisure to play racing car games offline on a desktop. It is because we now have easily accessible gadget of the century- Android mobile phone or a tablet.    

Moreover, the concept of driving games offline has evolved. We now can enjoy the game ina much better way. Lurking graphics, different player options, different arcades, a lot of vehicles to choose from, and what not! 

You just need to type a few letters and there you will get a long list of driving games that are free to play and download. For this reason, I have curated a list of the best game that you can play. Check it out.

Top 15 Offline Car Racing Games To Play On Android


  • Asphalt 8 Airborne

From the popular series of car racing games offline, this is the one with great HD Graphics. The racing game, however, is not limited to the cars. You can even choose your favorite motorbike and race along on it. The game has real sounds of the vehicles to offer a real gameplay to the users. This driving game offline offers multiplayer mode with around 8 real players.

Add-on: A never-ending racing experience with over 400 events. 

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  • Hovercraft: Takedown

One of the most addictive and stirring driving games that are free for Android users. It is one of those games that support shooting and racing simultaneously on the tracks. Just think of the fun these two genres can give you. It is the most stylish car racing game that is offline. 

Add-on: A large assortment of machine guns, lasers, and other deadly weapons with a
number of cars.

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  • Clash for Speed

This is the Xtreme combat racing game offline for all the Android users out there! The racing track has a number of monstrous vehicles equipped with nitrous powers. Explore new levels by unlocking them through the bounty collection. Just collect the power packs on the track and start the battle of racing and shooting.

Add-on: In this game, you can design your own 3D track.

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  • Asphalt 9: Legends

This is the latest addition in the renowned Asphalt series offered by Gameloft. This racing car game offline fulfills the dreams of its players by letting them pick their fantasized cars from renowned manufacturers like Ferrari, W Motors, Porsche, etc. You need to win against your opponents which are the speed machines. This race game is the best when it comes to offering the number of challenges.

Add-on: Availability of nitro pulse to exaggerate the speed levels. 

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  • CarX Drift Racing

Fast and the Furious- Tokyo Drift reminds all of us of DK- Drift King! This game is all about drifting. Don’t be scared because it is not as difficult as it was in the movie. The gameplay of this car racing game is amazing with easy handling of the beautiful sports car. You have to use a handbrake button to drift your car on the different tracks.

Add-on: Handling scheme can be altered as per the player's choice. 

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  • Hot Wheels Race Off

‘Hot Wheels’, the word in itself speaks about thrilling racing tracks and fast-paced toy cars of all types. This is one of the best retro racing car games offline. The game has responsive controls with the cars having actual weight.  

Add-on: Different boosters and loops to offer excitement like that of a real stunt.

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  • Drag Racing

It is the nitro fuelled racing car games offline. It gives a wide variety of licensed cars to the players to choose from. The cars come from some of the hottest car manufacturers in the world. This is a challenging game that lets you tune your car. You can choose to challenge your friends to lead the leaderboards by winning over them. 

Add-on: Hit the button for Nitrous Oxide when you want to fly your car with great

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  • Thumb Drift- Furious Racing

If you are too busy to use both of your hands in riding, then you can use one. Yes, it is possible but only with this racing car game offline. There are 6 challenging courses that become difficult one by one. All you need to do is to drift sideways. There is a large variety of guest cars in this driving game that is free.  

Add-on: Unlock secret cars by performing certain functions. 

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  • Racing Fever

Drive at high speed without worrying about the tickets! You may not Overspeed in reality but this racing game offline lets you fly at high speeds. This game has a Slow Motion mode to give you another chance to win. You have to earn maximum coins you can by taking the risk. You can play with your friend without any restrictions in the online multiplayer mode.

Add-on: Create the car of your dreams by customizing it your own way.

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  • Beach Buggy Racing 2

If you get bored way too quickly then this is the game for you. This car racing game offline is full of different locations offering different tracks to ride on. Beach Buggy Racing 2 is the latest edition in the renowned mobile kart racing games. This game is full of powerups that may help you set a record. You can even build your own team by recruiting avid racers. 

Add-on: Online PvP, over 40 karts to collect, offers customization to the rides.

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  • Real Offroad Simulator

If offroading is what you crave for then this game is just another heaven for you. Tracks made up of gravels and dirt makes it suitable to give real-life offroading experience. This race game is the best as you get to ride through multiple physical environments like the desert, mountains, dried lake, etc. Working on the real laws of physics, you(the player) is bound to complete the target quickly. This makes it more challenging and interesting to play. 

Add-on: Separate stimulation for the day and the night.

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  • Hill Climb Racing 2

This driving game that is free is more of a casual game that aims to relax your brain after a hectic day at the office. The game offers weekly multiplayer events that let you test your driving skills. You can challenge your friends and beat them to create the top charts in your name. 

Add-on: Characters, as well as the cars, can be customized.

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  • Real Racing 3

This offline car racing game has won many awards and it is one of the most loved games for Android users. Ride across the exotic real locations and over 39 licensed circuits through this car racing offline game. Real Racing 3 offers tempting HD Graphics to offer real gameplay to the users. The only drawback is its big size. But something so exclusive definitely needs space!  

Add-on: Real-time multiplayer and time-shifted multiplayer technology along with
night racing and time trials. 

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  • Horizon Race

If you are a retro person inside then this is the perfect racing car game offline for you. If will never bore you because it has lots of new-age cars and hundreds of challenging tracks. It deploys the rules of physics that are very much real. It is an infinite racing adventure in which you can press your accelerator without applying the breaks. Get hold of the wheel and let the adventure rolling.

Add-on: Supports Android TV, NVIDIA, Shield TV, and other game controllers.  

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  • Horizon Chase: World Tour

If you want to go for a world tour then why not through this racing game offline? The new challenge of Hawaii Cup with brand new 9 racing tracks to keep your blood levels pumped up! This game is on a free trial basis for a fixed number of days. If you like it, you can buy it! This race game is the best one as it is justified by the number of awards it has received. 

Add-on: Ride through extraordinary places experiencing different climatic

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Final Words

Now that you know about the best driving games that are free, you should not wait any further. Go to the Google Play Store and download the one that tempts you the most. Hit the accelerator and get set GO!