13 Best PC Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 in 2022


Booting up a new PC is always exciting. It works fast, everything is neat and responds quickly. You use the system with more productivity and get all your work done.

However, after some time, Windows stops booting swiftly, and every application is loading like a tortoise. Your data processor starts behaving stubborn and does not respond adequately to your commands. There comes the role of best pc cleaner software

What Is The Need Of The Best System Cleaner For Windows?

Either you are a novice or a veteran Windows user, its optimization is inevitable. The best pc cleaner improves the life of the system and prevents bugs, malware, and viruses from

infecting your critical and confidential data. It enhances the computer’s speed and in turn, increases productivity.

Windows update removes unwanted and obsolete files, apps, programs, browser cache, videos, audios, images, registry junk, and much more from your system. 

Cleaner software free up the extra space and protects your data processor from getting hang and ceasing to respond to inputs.

So to help your personal computers (Windows version 10, 8,7) runs effectively and smoothly, we are providing the handpicked list of the best PC tuneup software.

13 Best Free PC Cleaning Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 

1.ITL Windows Optimizer:

ITL is the leading brand name in free PC Cleaning Software. It is a power pack tool for Web and Windows protection that scans your computer for ongoing issues and has the capability to fix all pain areas of the system within no time.

It effortlessly eradicates junkware,identify and fix registries, remove caches, defragment hard drives and also enhances the speed of your PC by recovering lost RAM.


  • Blocks online notifications and infected ads for safe online surfing experience.
  • Deletes browsing history and provides rid of privacy clues to ensure online security.
  • Broken and invalid registry entries are easily deleted.
  • Scans system to remove unwanted data and malicious files.

  1. slimware/ SLIMCLEANER:

SlimCleaner is at the top and best system cleaner for Windows that facilitates your computer to increase the program’s response time allows more space and eliminates unwanted files. 

It has a power management mode and performance mode to upgrade your OS. 


  • Scans the pc with a single click.
  • Provides startup item alert for unwanted programs.
  • Manages electric power consumed by computer through power management mode.
  • Boosts PC’s performance with performance boost mode.
  • Provides up to date information, recommendations, and ratings from users.
  • Eradicates junkware and large files to free up space.

  1. CCleaner:

Another best pc cleaner software which is very convenient to use and enhances the performance.

CCleaner Pro offers go-to-utilities like System Cleaning that eliminates unnecessary stuff from apps and browsers, Disk Analyser that scan all files and liberate disk space, and much more.


  • Comprehensive Registry Cleaner that solvers registry specific issues.
  • Duplicate Finder that removes and scans duplicate files/folders
  • Context Menu editor that manages right-click menus
  • Programmed scans for regular cleaning
  • Driver Wiper, which erases drive contents securely.
  • Startup Manager which enables/disables or deletes startup programs
  • PC maintenance and time-saving functionalities that make pc cleaner for Windows 10.

  1. AVG TuneUP :

AVG is listed on number 3 as the best PC tuneup software, which enables your old system to run faster. Its sleep mode technology increases computer’s browsing speed, performance, and faster disk clean up process.


  • Facilitates clean up of more than 200 applications.
  • Updates all system programs with a single click.
  • Automatically fixes crashes, bugs, and registry
  • Finds and eradicates bloatware and junk files
  • Keeps all programs updated
  • Browser Cleaner makes surfing faster
  • Disk Cleaner cleans hard drive

  1. Advanced System Optimizer:

This software is a bunch of dedicated functionalities that indexes all logs, caches, redundant data, and junk files in one place. It has an intuitive interface and easy usability.

It has robust attributes that maintain your system longevity. It updates drivers, protects from malware, and raises the computer’s response.


  • Repairs Windows registry issues.
  • Updates outdated system drivers
  • Erases identical files
  • Permanently delete files/folders that cannot be recovered 
  • Smart PC Care deals with varied PC problems
  • Game Booster provides a lag-free gaming experience.
  • Backup Manager recovers accidentally deleted file.
  • Disk Optimizer improves turnaround time
  • Safeguards system against trojans, spyware, or any other type of viruses.

  1. Auslogics BoostSpeed:

It is one of the excellent tools which checks your entire Windows and detects junk stuff, speed reduction issues, and restricts software crashes.


  • Eliminates traces of performed activities and safeguards your critical information.
  • Automatic processor and memory management.
  • Wipes temporary and junk files, web browser caches, unused error logs, etc.
  • Removes and locates problems and fix it in real-time to run your system at high speed.
  • Adjusts internet connectivity for faster downloads and smooth browsing.

  1. Glary Utilities 5:

This is one of the best cleaners for PC, which offers multipurpose solutions for PC optimization. It has a plethora of useful tools to personalize your Windows.


  • Eradicates broken shortcuts 
  • Searches folders that occupy unnecessary spaces
  • Adds password protection to specific files
  • Provides a brief overview of your computer’s information
  • Protects from malware
  • File Shredder tool
  • Backup and restores Windows Registry
  • Optimizes memory management


This tool optimizes, repairs, and secures your system within a few minutes. =it fixes issues with just a single mouse click.


  • Enables in disabling background apps that drain your computer.
  • Has system tweak that boosts PC performance.
  • Keeps your data processor free from unwanted clutter.
  • Detects and eliminates bots, worms, adware, spyware, trojans, etc.
  • Speeds the system by assembling fragmented files.
  • Cleans your traces and ensures privacy.
  • Registry cleaners prevent steadiness and program crashes.

  1. WinZip System Utilities Suite:

WinZip offers an impressive set of functionalities to maximize the system’s efficiency. Protects from Windows crash down or lag by fixing common problems. It is a hassle-free software.


  • Robust virus protection
  • Ideal tool for advanced user
  • Locks your personal information
  • Every scan offers a faster and stable system
  • Plenty of tools available to regularize system maintenance
  • Backup and restore functions

  1. iolo System Mechanic

This is another best system cleaner for Windows, which supports the personalized report of issues and a list of recommended fixes. iolo improves internet download speed, computer performance, boot time, RAM, and drivers.


  • Locates and repairs 30000+ problems of a single computer.
  • Wipes off your browsing data safely and patches Windows security risks.
  • Raises the speed of RAM, CPU, and hard disk automatically.
  • Get rid of 50 junk files at a time, and it frees up space.
  • Optimizes unseen online settings for faster download and page load.

  1. EasyPC Optimizer:

This best cleaner for PC makes your data processor quick, responsive, and error-free. It enhances the performance of your computer in a few clicks. 

EasyPC uses a computer optimization technique to configure Windows settings that match your system hardware.


  • It has a backup registry and optimizes startup
  • Fixes Windows errors
  • Cleans junk stuff
  • Makes slower PC runs faster

  1. Avast Cleanup:

This is the newest computer speed up software. It is equipped with a stylish and modern interface that makes your system live longer and run faster.

Post installation of Avast, this cleaner Windows 10 will ask you to perform quick scanning to list all issues at once. 


  • Rescue Center to undo the reset function that was performed.
  • Speed up module fixes unnecessary apps running in the program’s background.
  • It has one-click system management
  • Generates statistics to display the data of free space, how much speed has increased, the number of bugs fixed, etc.


Before your computer system gives you pain in your neck, install one of the most applicable and best pc cleaners for Windows that cleans every nook and cranny of your data processor. 

Furthermore, to provide clarity on various aspects of PC Cleaning Software, you can refer below FAQ.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which is the free and best computer cleaner?

As we have provided a list of the best free computer cleaner software, you can pick any of the most applicable software according to its features and as per your requirements.


  • How do I clean my computer for free?

You can install the free PC cleaning software which is already provided in the above list by optimizing your system in a few simple ways:

  • Updating Windows
  • Checking the availability of free space
  • Running the Disk Cleaner tool to scan and remove temporary and junk files
  • Uninstalling obsolete and unused programs
  • Cleaning up startup sequence
  • Applying other tools of free software as per your need


  • How do I fix a slow computer for free?

The free fix solution for your slow computer is simple. Run Disk Defragmenter – a built-in Windows utility. Mostly for Windows 10, you can locate this tool C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools.

However, for Windows 8 and 7, find Disk Defragmenter at Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools.


  • What files to delete to speed up the computer?

To speed up your computer, delete temporary files such as cookies, history, caches, and junkware, which takes up a ton of space on the hard disk.

Use Disk Cleanup utility (part of PC cleaning software) for Windows that will rid your computer from temp files, processes, and other bits of information that are unused or unwanted. 


  • How can I run my PC games faster?

You can follow below methods to make your PC games run faster:

  • Upgrading hardware
  • Upgrading video card drivers
  • Lowering the in-game graphics options
  • Closing all other applications before playing PC games
  • Cleaning out your computer case
  • Running an antivirus or PC cleaner software
  • Plugging PC into a wired internet connection
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