5 Best Camscanner Similar Apps To Scan Your Documents


Nowadays, you don’t need a machine to scan your documents, those days are over. All you need is a smartphone and you’re done.  With Android and iOS applications such as Camscanner, scanning is at your fingertips.

Camscanner is undoubtedly one of the leading apps for scanning documents. However, it has been discovered that this software displays intrusive and unwanted ads, which prompted Google to remove it from the Play Store and hence the need for some alternatives. 

Well, if you’re looking for safer alternatives to the Camscanner app, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Here is a list of the 5 Best Camscanner Alternatives and Similar Apps To Scan Your Documents! 

These five impressive applications that we will be presenting in this article provide you with more than just scanning. They are able to adjust and correct items for you, then allow you to save them wherever you want, all in a perfect fit for professional or personal use.

What Are the 5 Best Camscanner Alternatives

As we said earlier, to scan a document, you don’t need a scanner! Free mobile applications are available on Android and iOS. The process is simple: you just need to take a picture, then, the app corrects the mistakes and transforms your sheet into a PDF file. Therefore, in this section, we will list the Best Camscanner Alternatives, with the same functionalities and even much more.

  1. Adobe Scanner

Adobe Scan - Best Camscanner Alternative

Adobe Scan is a free and indispensable application from the Adobe company. Thanks to it, you will never need a scanner for your documents again.

Take a picture of your printed document and let Adobe Scan take care of it. Its included OCR technology will detect that it is a text document and treat it as such (with indexing and possible word searches).

With Adobe Reader and its integrated field recognition technology, you’ll even be able to fill in the document created in the case of a form.

The steps are very simple: 

  • Capture your document with the camera
  • Adjust, crop, rotate, reorganize your documents
  • Convert your scans to PDF files

Your PDF documents are more than just a scanned photo: texts (OCR), images and form fields are identified by the application. So you can easily annotate or highlight your scanned PDF documents.

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  1. FlashScan – PDF Scanner, Scan Document

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For Android users, this is the best application to scan a document. Designed for Android and Tablet, you can scan multi-page documents with ease.

With its quick scan capability, you simply point your camera at the document or whiteboard and Flash Scan quickly captures it. The app automatically crops the document and adjusts it for easier reading. 

You can also save scanned documents in your photo album or export them as PDF files, to share with friends.

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  1. Genius Scan

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Genius Scan - Perfect Document Scanner App

Thanks to this app, you will be able to quickly and simply scan all the files you want from the camera of your Smartphone, Android, or Apple! 

The Genius Scan application is ergonomic and very easy to use. Just take a picture of the document to be scanned and the app will detect the borders of the document on its own and improve the quality.

Once you’ve scanned your document, you can also export it as a JPEG file or a multi-page PDF file, which is convenient. The application uses an intelligent page detection feature to correct perspective and enhance images for you. Save all your scans in JPG or PDF format, as you like, then share them directly by email.

To ensure no data is lost, the documents will be automatically saved to your mobile phone.

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  1. Microsoft Office Lens 

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Microsoft office lens - PDF Scanner App

Need to quickly scan an official document? Microsoft’s Office Lens application may be just what you need. Until now, this little utility software was only available on Windows Phone. Microsoft has now released versions for iOS and Android.

The app is designed to turn your mobile device into a mobile scanner. Typically, with the help of the camera integrated into your smartphone, you scan a document or a chart.

The app then takes care, thanks to multiple-perspective processing and cropping, of flattening your picture (switching from 3D to 2D).

The major advantage of Office Lens is its compatibility with Microsoft tools. Once your photo has been processed, the application offers to export it in an editable format of your choice: OneNote, Word, or PowerPoint. Thanks to the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, the application is therefore able, in theory, to transcribe the printed text into a text zone.

Other export options are also available, such as sending as an email attachment, storage on your OneDrive, or conversion to PDF.

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  1. Scanbot

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Scanbot - the best camscanner alternative app

The application shines by its simplicity, but also by its perfectly smooth interface which makes it a pleasant tool to use. By default, it activates the automatic mode that simplifies the process of scanning a file. Scanbot tells you when it finds the document, and if it does, invites you to get closer and stop moving to start capturing the image at the best moment. You have little or nothing to do. The app can handle multi-page documents and will crop the image and straighten it by correcting perspective. 

All the elements allowing you to finalize the scanning are accessible on the same window: name of the document, addition of keywords, and editing tools (crop, orientation, filters). The saved document is added to the library of all scanned items stored locally in the application. Here again, the interface is well thought out and allows in an instant to access the right document, but also to access and interact with it.

That’s all folks! As promised, we have listed the 5 Best Camscanner Alternatives and Similar Apps To Scan Your Documents based on an in-depth analysis we conducted. 

If you would like to find out which one we have chosen, please go to the next section. 

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When it comes to scanning documents, we chose Genius Scan. The app is easy to use for those who want to scan documents without having to do too much work. The features of the free version are sufficient for the common user. Genius Scan respects its contract without any problems and offers all the indispensable features that one can expect from this type of tool.