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A new free video streaming website, CouchTuner or CouchTuner 2, is round the corner! Yes, you read it right. With the number of web- series and TV shows creating buzz, it is not hard to get caught with the bug of binge-watching.

However, watching your favorite shows is a little disheartening sometimes. Not because of the sad endings or closure of your favorite seasons but because of the regular dent your binge-watching habit gets on your wallet.

But now, no more heartaches! Watch all your favorite shows on the website for FREE at CouchTuner or the new CouchTuner2.

Unlike, the well-known website, CouchTuner and the new CouchTuner2 is offering a wide range of TV shows for free. Here, you need not get worried about missing your season finale or leaving the streaming episode in mid.

You can enjoy all your favorite shows, their seasons and characters on repeat mode anytime, anywhere at no cost.

However, it is advised to know the potential risks before you watch your favorite shows on this site. Want to know more about this free way of binge-watching? Take a read.


What is CouchTuner Video Streaming?


CouchTuner is a free video streaming website with a number of Television shows available for watching free. It doesn’t require you to pay heavy amounts for subscription or paying regularly for the membership. or mycouchtuner or the CouchTuner2 doesn’t ask you to pay any fees for viewing the content.

It gives you access to hundreds of popular TV shows and on an exciting note, It is giving you a chance to watch some of the currently popular airing TV shows. And, if you are a fan of premium cable networks such as HBO and ShowTime, CouchTuner is a fresh breath. It offers you the content from HBO, ShowTime, The CW, Warner Bros and many more.

Using CouchTuner or CouchTuner 2, you can watch your favorite shows from any web browser or through a Kodi device without any inconvenience. When you visit the website, you will find that the site focuses only on television shows rather than other content.


Is CouchTuner Legal?


No, The free streaming on the CouchTuner or CouchTuner2 is not legal. The website, mycouchtuner doesn’t claim any copyright licenses necessary for the legal streaming of any shared content on their site. Thus, all the content you view on the website is pirated or copied illegally.

Despite CouchTuner (and the new CouchTuner 2, couchtuner rocks) content doesn’t abide by any copyright licenses, it is far from having any legal action at many places. Due to unclear rules and regulations for copyright laws in various regions, it is hard for the individual entities and government to take any legal action against the site of CouchTuner2 or CouchTuner.

The Internet Service Provider may punish their viewers to watch the pirated content. However, It has been rare that any Internet user was punished for viewing any pirated content on such sites. It has been noted that Internet Service Provider, in some countries, restricts the bandwidth of the Internet when they find any customer accessing the pirated content. Your ISP may choose to limit the speed of your Internet if you are caught watching the television on this site.


Is CouchTuner Safe?


Well, some risks are always there when you are watching the pirated content on the site. Besides the legal issues related to the site, you need to take care of the other risks while you quench your binge-watching hunger.

The video files on the site don’t ensure the presence of viruses or malware. Your device may anytime get affected by the hidden threats that some hidden files contain.

Apart from this, the sites contain a number of ads that pop-up every now and then. These ads and third-party websites that they link may contain malicious code which on clicking may increase the risks to harm your device or personal information stored on the device.

You need to be cautious while streaming videos on this site. As there are chances that your computers get affected with a virus even before you stream a video. Clicking on the malicious website link offered by websites can offer malware or ransomware to sneak into your computer or device. So, shall you not access this site or access the chance of watching free view streaming? No, not at all.

You may enjoy free video streaming with safe browsing tips. Read below for more.


How Can You Safely Browse CouchTuner?


Although there is a high risk of downloading malware from the site, there are few tips that may really help you to browse safe and make your device or computer away from the harmful threats. Here, are the few ways that may enhance your protection when you visit this site.

  • Update Antivirus: Make sure that your Antivirus software is up to date and activated. You need to check the firewall settings of your computer or device and see if it is ON or not. By restricting the automatic downloads through the firewall software, you may reduce the malware to damage your device and security.
  • Use Sandbox application: This is another best way to protect your device or computer from viruses and other threats. Sandbox executes the suspicious code safely without risking the safety of the host device (your computer or phone). It also tests unverified programs that may contain malicious code or viruses and creates a layer of protection over the device, providing a full proof protecting coating against malware, hidden and stealthy threats. For instance, This sandbox software permits you to use Internet Bowser (Chrome, Explorer or Firefox) in a safe and secure environment on your device. It isolates the threats and does not allow the viruses or malware to afflict the rest of your device (computer).

By using the above safety measures you may safeguard your computer and stream your videos with no worries. However, it should be understood that Antivirus and Sandbox cannot hide your activities from your Internet Service Provider.

Your ISP may view or track your internet activities anytime. To remain anonymous and hide cookies, Virtual private network (VPN) services are used.

Accessing the data through VPN provider’s IP address restricts the sending of data from mycouchtuner or CouchTuner or CouchTuner2 to your IP address which eventually stops your ISP from viewing the accessed data and websites.

CouchTuner Mirror Sites

Here’s a list of couchtuner mirrors. All mirrors listed below were accessible at the time of writing this article.

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How Does CouchTuner Operate?

Now a question arises, how does (CouchTuner2) operate if they are illegal? The answer to this question lies here.

Like many illegal websites, CouchTuner rocks servers are set up in the countries where the copyright laws are grayed or void. This makes it hard for the owners of pirated content to take necessary actions against the website owner or sue them in any way.

And, the times when the website is forced to shut down, every time a new website has been created giving the users to access the content. You might get surprised to know that there are dozens of different CouchTuner websites that are running in different countries of the world due to non-existent or lenient privacy laws.

Nowadays, CouchTuner2 is running from or or and domain names.


Are There Safe Alternatives to CouchTuner?

Yes, of course, there a number of alternatives to CouchTuner where you can freely stream videos and watch your favorite TV shows. However, caution is needed whenever you visit any unknown or unverified websites such as CouchTuner rocks or CouchTuner2. You should always be careful of what you are browsing and what link you are clicking upon. Because finding the safety of your device and computer is always of foremost concern.

You should understand always that everything that is free or shares premium services without any charges or membership is likely not safe or secure. If a website offers you access to new web-series, releases, movies which are available on premium content, then you might be on the website which is not legal or safe for your device. Thus, it is always advised to viewers to stick to verified websites or streaming options like Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on.

If you search online, you may find various streaming websites available in the market for viewing the latest releases and movies. These sites are way cheaper and in the budget always. Along with this, you may also get some good options that are free and show copyright-free content (or public domain videos). Such free websites are completely legal and safe. So which are those free websites that you can use as mycouchtuner Alternatives? Read below to know more about these websites.

5 CouchTuner Alternatives: Watch Web Series Free Online

For everything, there is an alternative and what would be more exciting than having an alternative that is legal as well as safe. Here, are the best options where you can view online video TV shows for free. The five mycouchtuner/ couchtuner rocks/CouchTuner/CouchTuner2 alternatives to watch web series free online are:

Top 3 Picks



  • Easy streaming with no hassles.
  • Completely free and authentic content to view.
  • Does not require any sign-up.

Best choice (Recommended)




Movies Found Online

  • A wide collection of documentaries with movies and series.
  • A separate section for the viral videos.
  • Multiple categories for 100% entertainment.

Best choice (Recommended)




  • Available in four global languages.
  • Easy selection of categories. 
  • Nominal ads for free streaming.

Best choice (Recommended)


  1. Crackle


Crackle is a free online video site acquired by Sony. It was previously known as “Grouper” and offers a great selection of television shows such as All in the Family and Who’s the Boss.

This website doesn’t require any membership and can be accessed by signing up for free anytime. However, you don’t need to sign up for the account to watch the videos but doing that will help you to catch up at where you left the shows or movies last time.

Also, Crackle is one of those free online websites that provide high quality original scripted content.

Visit Website

  1. Movies Found Online


As the name suggests, the website offers movies to watch online. It includes everything whether its movies, documentaries, short films or anything that is made independently.

The site doesn’t have any content of its own but embeds videos from other video streaming websites, making it a one-stop for all the quality content.

However, the site displays various pop-ups of ads that may feel irritating sometimes. Also, the viewer has to click on the title several times before the title opens up the web page.

The site comprises a limited section of content but its also a great way to view the hard to find titles online for free with so ease.

Visit Website

  1. Viewster


This is a great option to stream thousands of movies and television shows online. The site gives you access to many documentaries, short films, and independent productions.

Viewster also provides anime content for the viewers and gives them access to many independent contents which is hard to find anywhere for free.

You may view popular British TV shows like The Inbetweeners and Peep Show. However, Viewster doesn’t offer top shows and movies from the major online video streaming networks.

So, for some shows, you need to look at some other alternatives. Maybe you get them for free on alternatives of Viewster.

Visit Website

  1. Popcornflix


Released in 2011, the online free video streaming site is available for viewers of North America.

On the site, you may find a variety of films that are independently produced. You may also view the old cartoon shows and limited selection of British TV shows.

Recently, the site has come up with an addition of good Hollywood movies from different genres.

All these contents are available in high quality for the viewers but here also you need to watch some ad-popups and full-length advertisements.

Visit Website

  1. Pluto TV


Interesting as the name, Pluto TV is really an interesting alternative to go for. This site is already quite popular in the free online streaming websites by offering a store of good content.

Like the name, the website is a little different and not offers you TV show binge-watching. On the contrary, Pluto TV allows you browsing over a hundred channels.

Here, you can watch content from some premium networks such as CNET, World Poker Tour and IGN.

The site provides a mixture of original content, documentaries, independent films, news and television shows from the broadcast networks and many more.

Visit Website

Concluding Thoughts

Finally, CouchTuner rocks/couchtuner 2 is a great option if you can dare to watch your favorite shows with risks. MyCouchTuner/couchtuner rocks/couchtuner2 includes the illegal content on the site. So, if you want to watch some legal content on affordable rates, then the best option is to subscribe to legal premium options at affordable prices.

Recommended Other Major Alternatives for Movies(FREE & Working in 2020)
Most Popular Features Action
One of the most reliable places for TV shows and movies is Putlocker. Best Alternatives
GoMovies the go-to place for the best collection of series as well as movies. Best Alternatives
FMovies the best and most reliable in the category. Best Alternatives
Rainierland the favorite spot for every mood. Best Alternatives
123Movies is most loved for its huge variety of content. Best Alternatives
The best place for authentic anime series and movies is KissCartoon. Best Alternatives
vumoo Vumoo the perfect destination for all the categories. Best Alternatives
Sockshare is the perfect destination for watching movies for free. Best Alternatives


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