Can you Develop your own Gaming App?


There are well over 2.5 million different apps on the Google Play Store and Apple isn’t too far behind. With over 3 billion people in the world with access to smartphones or mobile devices, it is not hard to imagine that the download totals of all the apps put together are in the billions.

With many apps being free and quick to download, many users download multiple applications and then discard the ones they don’t like. Although this can seem like a throwaway culture, there is a big business underneath it all.

There is also a huge market for online casinos right now. This is an industry that has been steadily growing over the years and suddenly burst into the mainstream in 2020.

The pandemic gave most businesses a severely hard time during 2020 and going into this year too, but some gained revenue and users from it. Anything that was primarily web-based was already set up to take advantage of millions of bored people sitting at home under lockdowns.

The question is can you take advantage of this and make your own app to compete with all the big boys? 

Why are online casinos so popular now?

Gambling has always been a popular pastime across the world but the internet has allowed more people than ever to partake in this activity. An online casino can offer a variety of games with all of them available 24 hours a day.

These are two reasons why online casinos have become popular. The variety of entertainment, and the sheer convenience. They can be played anywhere and accessed on any smartphone or mobile device. Unlike many video games, they don’t need expensive hardware to run them, and anyone of the right age can enjoy these games.

Now the industry is worth billions of dollars a year across the globe, it might be time for an industrious app developer to join in. But, how difficult would it be? 

You will need strong finances

This is the area that will be the biggest stumbling block for most people. If you were to employ developers to make your app you will need some pretty solid financing in place.

Many online calculators will do the math for you when it comes to budgeting for an app but the price can vary wildly depending on what you are building. The more complex apps will take longer and will also cost more. For a very broad range, you could be looking at anything from $30,000 to over $200,000 with perhaps a year of development.

Assuming you have this financing to make the app, you will also need finances to run the casino too. 

Licensing and regulations

If you are planning on developing a casino app for a client then none of this is your concern. However, if this is to be your venture then you will need to know about regulations surrounding any online casinó.

Firstly, you may not be able to have your servers where you live as local laws may prohibit online gambling. Secondly, you will have to have a large cash reserve as part of your licensing to pay players.

In the event of someone winning the jackpot on one of your games, you will have to be able to physically pay them. Regulators will want to see you demonstrate you have the means to do this. 

What games should you put on your casino?

This will partly determine your budget. You need to decide whether you are running a full online casino, catering to a few types of players, or just nailing down one specific game.

You could have slots, blackjack, and poker, on your app, or you might prefer to go with a whole plethora of games. Many successful apps concentrate on one specific game. There are over 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world and many of these play apps each day. To compete with the other app developers you will need a stand-out product. 

Marketing your app

Assuming you had the funds and you managed to develop your flawless casino app, you will need to let the world know about it. Guess what? This is going to cost you too. A fair budget for marketing your app might be around $50,000 a month which you might be able to lower as your user base grows.

You need to get yourself listed in the top 10 online apps and games articles to increase brand awareness which will help to drive downloads. Social media is a great way to get your brand out in the open but there are often restrictions on gambling sites and apps.

To have an effective strategy you will need to bring in experienced digital marketers who have worked with casinos before. 

Gaining app reviews

You can help yourself get good feedback and reviews through social media where possible. You must give flawless customer service to build trust and loyalty, especially in this industry, as you are asking people to part with their cash and believe in your product.

Online reviews are essential to building brand loyalty and replying to all of them is vital, even the bad ones. Especially the bad ones.

You can also use services that will help you grow your reviews on the Play Store organically. These professional services can help you legitimately build visibility, quickly.


While it is possible to make a casino or gaming app it will require a huge amount of financial input from yourself or banks and investors. The work involved will be complex and time-consuming. However, by cutting the app down to just one game, such as poker, you could concentrate then on making the best app on the market.

A perfectly balanced online poker tournament app could attract many players and downloads. You can offset some of your budgets by having in-game advertising and offering a buy-out clause to remove the ads.

If you are a competent coder then you can also remove much of the budget requirements by coding yourself. Once your product is finished, look for services to help with reviews to push your app downloads and visibility.