Easy Mac Care Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

Easy Mac Care Review
Easy Mac Care: Dedicated Cleaning And Optimization Software For Mac

Probably every Mac user has already been to the point wondering about where all the system power and hard drive storage space of their Mac has gone. The most common reason is that over time leftover cluttered and unnecessary files bulk up and occupy space on the hard drive and slow down the system. And another concern most users have is their privacy while browsing.

Searching for these files and settings on your Mac manually for trying to optimize it will probably take more effort and thus time than you might believe now. But don’t lose hope yet, there is a simple solution, that are Mac cleaner software that will do all the work for you.

In this article, I will review the cleaning and optimizing tool Easy Mac Care which, as the name states, offers multiple functions to care for a Mac in various ways.


Easy Mac Care is one of the best free Mac cleaners. It is focused on cleaning Macs and optimizing their system performance and also offers privacy protection. To do so, it comes with a huge pack of features. Let’s have a look at them:

2. Features

#1 In-Depth Cleaning

Something I definitely expect from a Mac care tool is that it wipes out my unnecessary and possibly harmful files. These may hamper a Mac’s performance and security.

The Comprehensive Cleaning feature of Easy Mac Care successfully helps in getting rid of such files and helps in getting the best performance out of your Mac. The feature will leave your Mac clean and thus secure and optimized.

#2 Startup Optimization

There are several programs that automatically load during the Mac’s system startup. These starting and later running programs can take up many resources and slow a Mac down.

I was amazed when Easy Mac Care stopped them on my Mac. They obviously slowed it down as now it is showing a way quicker startup and a way better system performance.

#3 More Available Storage Space

Over time, old and large-sized data can accumulate on a Mac and occupy huge amounts of storage space.

Luckily, now I have Easy Mac Care that allows users to restore this lost storage space and to make it available again.

#4 Total Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is something that concerns all of us. Every browser stores browser cookies, browser history, and cache that may be accessed by third parties which we don’t want them to.

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My worries about my privacy being exposed got blown away by Easy Mac Care. The Total Protection feature will guard your privacy by deleting these sensitive data and thus make your browser more secure.

#5 Additional Features

  • Remove large files – I was surprised about how many unnecessary large files Easy Mac Care found and deleted from my Mac. It removes such files, e.g. uncompleted downloads, for a cleaner experience.
  • Uninstaller for rigid apps – The uninstaller feature left me absolutely thrilled. It removes unwanted apps that are difficult to get rid of and that I had wished to eliminate for a long time. But with Easy Mac Care it’s as easy as pie!
  • Miscellaneous cleaner – This cleaner will free up your PC from multiple junk and temporary files that gather over time and clog up the Mac. The thorough clean was highly effective on my machine.
  • Cache manager – Easy Mac Care’s Cache Manager enables the user to closely inspect the data piled up in the cache. It helps in not leaving activity traces that might be tracked.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – Another great thing about Easy Mac Care is it’s fantastic Customer Support. When I asked my little question about one of the features of the product I got a very friendly and utmost helpful reply pleasantly fast. So don’t worry if you are a little stuck at any point, you will get perfect help.

3. Pricing

#1 Basic version

You will be happy to hear that you can download the Basic Version of this amazing Mac cleaner packed with features for free. The free Mac cleaner will provide you with all you need for a basic clean-up, speed-up, and privacy protection of your Mac.

But if you are looking for advanced functions and better than ever cleaning and system optimization I would recommend you to consider an upgrade to Easy Mac Care Pro.

#2 Easy Mac Care Pro

Apart from the basic functions and in-depth junk and multidimensional cleaning, the Pro version offers a cache-manager, uninstall of unwanted language packages, and 24/7 life long support.

You can get this tool globally optimizing your Mac for only $ 39.96 every 6 months. Additionally, you will get the choice to maximize the security of your Mac by fighting threats, ransomware, and more with a special offer of McAfee Internet Security for only $ 3.99 every 6 months.

Pros and Cons


  • First-class cleaning and optimization
  • Free Mac cleaner with upgrade option
  • Highly effective


  • Only available for iOS 10.11 to 10.14

Final Verdict

We just had a look at the features that Easy Mac Care boasts.

I think that Easy Mac Care stands out amongst its competitors of best free Mac cleaner software by providing an outshining storage recovery and performance boost and helps in protecting your privacy online – all of this without having to pay a penny unlike other overpriced tools that have nothing on this Mac cleaner. And the impact of the Pro Version on my Mac is definitely exceptional.

Easy Mac Care is made to bring the best out of a Mac, and its team undoubtedly is always working towards a Mac optimization that will fully satisfy their customers. To all of you who wish for a tool to perfectly optimize their Mac like I had the privilege to experience it, I highly recommend Easy Mac Care.