Top 11 Fastest Browsers For Windows 10, 8, 7 in 2020

Top 11 Fastest Browsers For Windows 10, 8, 7 in 2020

A correctly selected browser is the key to a comfortable and high-quality pastime on the Internet. Top fastest browsers for Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8 not only load pages quickly, work correctly with downloadable plug-ins, but also provide complete protection against threats from the Internet.

Each person has a unique taste and personal requirements for the browser, which should be installed on his computer. We use browsers every day, every day we launch them on a computer, so they should be comfortable, pleasing to the eye, and have important criteria for the user.

Of course, each experienced user has their own fastest web browser for Windows 10, 8, 7 rating, but having analyzed the preferences and opinions of millions of people around the world.

We offer the following fastest browser for Windows 10 and Older Version:

1.Google Chrome (Recommended Fastest Browser)

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fastest browser for windows - google chrome

Google Chrome is the first most popular and one of the fastest browsers for Windows for visiting websites on the Internet. Such love among users, Google Chrome has earned its high speed in the Windows operating system. This is the fastest browser for Windows 10 of our time.

Google Chrome, first of all, is characterized by high stability and speed. Many people also like the large number of downloadable applications that extend the functionality of the browser for Windows10.

There is a built-in task manager that allows you to control resource consumption. Sandbox technology protects the user from infection and hacking. There is a special incognito mode for anonymous browsing.

In order to understand all the features of the fastest web browser for Windows 10, 8, 7 you will have to log in to Google services.

The browser for Windows 10, 8, 7 has a lot of advantages:

  • The fastest browser in terms of integration in Windows. Google Chrome is significantly ahead of other browsers in speed and processing of displayed page elements. The speed of operation can be even higher, thanks to the function of pre-loading pages.
  • Safe browser- The developers took care of the high level of security by introducing the latest technologies that prevent viruses and malware from penetrating the computer. It has regularly updated databases of phishing and malicious resources.
  • Stability of work- This fastest web browser for Windows 10, 8, 7 does not close, does not collapse spontaneously, very rarely failures or severe braking occur. This stability is ensured by the separate operation of several processes. When one process goes awry, the rest work unchanged.
  • Foreign sites and pages are automatically translated thanks to Google Translate.
  • The interface is not loaded with superfluous elements, all the most important is at hand. The first fastest browser to implement the quick access function. The address bar performs the function of a search engine. All frequently visited resources are displayed on the panel for quick access.
  • Google Chrome can expand its capabilities through plugins and extensions, of which a great many have been written for it, and most of which are free. Their use helps to personalize the browser to the user’s personal requirements.
  • Personal task manager, which can be found in the “Advanced Tools” section. Using this tool, you can track the amount of resources a tab or plugin takes. If the browser starts to slow down, then using the task manager you can find and fix the problem.

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2. Mozilla Firefox (Browser for Windows)

Perfect Windows Browser - Mozilla Firefox

Another most popular and fastest browser for Windows in the world, Mozilla Firefox stands out from the others due to the huge number of extensions and a variety of plug-ins that increase its functionality and simplify the work.

The good news is that despite the rather long existence of the program, developers do not stop releasing regular updates for it and constantly work on bugs.

There are plugins that provide security and the ability to install extensions for downloading media content. The reading mode allows you to use the browser as a reader, and the interface is very flexible.

Key Features:

  • The browser loses Chrome in speed, but consumes less memory (according to the developers, in certain situations – up to 30%!);
  • The ability to work with a much larger number of open tabs than in other browsers;
  • Private browsing with tracking protection
  • Customizable interface, visual tabs, etc;
  • Built-in reading mode (to make your eyes less tired);
  • Very convenient sidebar for working with a large number of bookmarks (Ctrl + B);
  • A huge number of unique plugins.

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3. Opera (Superlative browser for Windows)

Opera Web Browser Faster, Safer, Smarter Opera

Another fastest web browser for Windows 10, 8, 7 on the list also often takes third place among fastest browsers.

By its basic functionality, Opera is in no way inferior to the two previous solutions, and in addition it can offer the user convenient additional tools and options.

The browser workspace is organized in a similar way as in Chrome and Firefox – with addons, tabs, favorites, menus, and address bar panels.

On the left side of the window is a convenient hiding widget with quick access to functions.

Opera correctly displays content, checking spelling in the text input fields and scaling the contents of the pages if the user so desires.

Built-in anti-intrusive features include pop-up blockers.

Built-in proprietary VPN-service allows you to maintain maximum anonymity, protect confidential information from interception and decryption.

A separate plus of Opera is its tight integration with third-party applications and services, messengers, torrent down-loaders, its own mail client, etc.

There is an unobtrusive, but extremely reliable built-in download manager, mail client. Personal settings and bookmarks are easily synchronized between different devices.

Under certain conditions, content can be viewed offline without access to the Internet, by enabling this before.

The idea of ​​automating routine actions is extremely interesting in Opera. The user can set their own actions on hot keys, set scripts for specific mouse gestures.

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4. Microsoft Edge Browser for Windows

New Microsoft Edge Browser Microsoft

Microsoft Edge is a standard browser for Windows 10, 8, 7 that most users already have on their computer. Immediately after starting the system, you can start using it.

Despite the fact that Microsoft has not worked very well in creating branded browsers for the operating system in the past, this program turned out to be really good.

There is a laconic design and the absence of any unnecessary elements. The browser loads pages very quickly, and the interface is quite convenient and familiar to most users.

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5. Maxthon (Super-fast Browser for Windows)

Fast Secure Browser, Maxthon Cloud Browser Download Maxthon Web Browser Free

Maxthon has the ability to simultaneously view two tabs on a split screen. You won’t have to install an ad blocker, because it is already immediately built into the browser. Also preinstalled is the program Cloud Notepad, which allows you to save text directly in Maxthon.

It implements a very interesting control of mouse gestures, which not only expands usability, but also gives new opportunities. Especially this fastest browser for Windows will appeal to developers, to whom it can offer a number of convenient tools.

Speaking specifically about functions, then Maxthon impresses with a variety of ready-made embedded solutions. Maxthon Passport allows you to create a personal account and easily transfer tabs and settings to another device.

To download videos from the services of Youtube, Vimeo and etc. there is a built-in tool, you do not need to install anything extra.

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6. Vivaldi Browser for Windows

Vivaldi browser – Fast, private browser with unique features

Vivaldi is another fastest browser for Windows from the developer of the good old Opera. It is worth noting that it appeared relatively recently (in 2015), however, it is already quite popular.

The browser is noticeably distinguished by the presence of functions that were in Opera 12th version: a mega-convenient sidebar, image display mode, notes, mouseover tab previews, a basket with closed tabs, visual tabs, etc.

Key Features:

  • Fastest browser for Windows and very flexible (the interface and tabs can be customized);
  • Built-in download manager and email client;
  • The most convenient side menu: bookmarks, notes, job tabs, start menu, work with tabs, etc;
  • The ability to create screenshots without leaving the browser;
  • Reading mode (the font is made larger, the background is neutral, all unnecessary markup and formatting of the text will be cleared);
  • The ability to use hot keys;
  • Search at once in several search engines;
  • Support for extensions and plugins from Chrome.

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7. Tor Browser for Windows

The Tor Project Privacy Freedom Online

This is a very unusual browser that many have not even heard of. Nevertheless, it has a functionality that allows it to remain in demand, despite the large number of more developed and popular competitors and is one of the fastest browsers for Windows.

The fact is that the main task of Tor Browser is to ensure maximum privacy and freedom for the user. In other words, if you use this software, nobody will be able to track you.

Changing the IP address and, if desired, even the country from which the signal is coming. Also through Tor Browser you can find sites that are blocked almost all over the world. Basically, the program is used to gain access to the so-called dark network.

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8. K-Meleon Window’s Browser

K-Meleon features very tight integration with the components of the operating system. It is equipped with a very powerful Gecko 1.7.12 engine and has a concise homepage design.

Downloading websites occurs almost instantly, and you can manage tabs using hot keys. Pleased with well-thought-out settings menu structures.

The browser works great with mail and news clients, and is also equipped with powerful protection against malicious software and fraudulent servers.

Privacy can be adjusted by user settings. The interface is very interesting here, which can be configured as you wish, which will delight creative users.

The fastest browser for Windows can work with bookmark systems of all top browsers, which greatly facilitates the tasks of permanent migration or temporary use of another computer. Has its own macro language, which allows you to create add-on and in every way expand the capabilities of the application.

The language is extremely simple, so even a user with minimal training can master it. Combined with flexible customization options for almost anything, this offers ample scope for customization. The fastest browser for Windows 10, 8, 7 even partially supports extensions originally written for Firefox.

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9. UC Browser for Windows

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Best Free UC Browser Download - UC Browser for windows and mobile

UC Browser is a very popular browser from the Chinese company UCWeb. Initially, this application was released only for mobile phones (and having gained popularity) – versions for Windows were also released.

The fastest browser for Windows has a built-in page compression module. Powered by Chromium and Trident engines.

Key Features:

  • Built-in page compression module (can significantly speed up their loading and processing);
  • There is an ad blocker;
  • The presence of incognito mode;
  • Synchronization of bookmarks and settings through the “cloud”;
  • Module for auto-transfer bookmarks from any other browser;
  • The ability to quickly change the background of the page (very convenient on non-standard sites);
  • The presence of a scanner of QR codes;
  • Built-in support for FLASH (now by default in many browsers the flash player is already disabled).

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10. Brave Windows Browser

Secure, Fast Private Web Browser with Adblocker Brave Browser

A relatively new browser, which became available for use by ordinary users only in mid-2019. It is worth noting that Brave is quickly gaining popularity, and is considered one of the most secure and anonymous and fastest browsers on the network.

It is highly recommended for use when connecting to the Internet in public places (cafes, parks and airports .

Key Features:

  • The fastest browser for Windows 10, 8, 7 works through the built-in VPN (this allows you to provide maximum information protection);
  • Auto-blocking of ads and malicious sites;
  • Blocking tracking trackers, miners, various web analytics, counters, etc.;
  • Private browsing function (browsing history is not kept, after closing the browser – the entire cache, links, and the log of browsed sites will be cleared);
  • Tight integration with the TOR browser.

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11. SlimJet Browser

Fastest web browser that blocks all ads and protects your privacy - Slimjet

It is an alternative to many popular and fastest browsers for Windows, which is based on the version of Chromium and the Blink engine. When working with SlimJet, a safe and stable Internet connection is guaranteed.

The most important and significant advantage of this fastest browser for Windows is the lightning speed of loading sites and pages, as well as downloading the necessary files. In addition, SlimJet has a built-in ad blocking system. Therefore, now nothing will be distracting at work.

In addition, the user will be able to customize the browser for himself, as he supports background themes.

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These are the fastest browsers for Windows 10, 8, 7 which can make a huge difference to your daily browsing experience, be your priority, have better performance, security or more functionality according to our experience.

Share with us, which browser are you using currently? Are you satisfied with its performance?

Let us know about your experience in the comment section below. We are always glad to read reviews from your side.