4 Ways to Become More Proficient in Essay Writing

Essay Writting

Writing is one of the major skills a person requires throughout their life. During school and college life for writing essays and assignments, in professional life for making a resume, and in writing reports. So it is essential that you polish these skills as they will help you in life. Essay writing is often a struggle, especially for college students. So here are 4 tips that you could use to improve your writing skills.

Make your write-up coherent

The first most important thing in writing essays is coherence. Your write-up should make sense to the reader. One of the essential things to ensure coherence in your essays is that you should have the correct punctuation, spellings, and tone in your essays. Then only your reader can make sense of your message conveyed. 

Make sure you are well aware of sentence formation and grammar, however, if you are not, it is never too late to learn. While quoting facts, writing dialogues, and references make sure you know the correct format.

Formatting is essential to let the reader know what to expect further. It also keeps the write-up more engaging and relatable. If you are writing an academic essay then you can always look up academic success essay examples on the internet to learn the distinctive tone, structure, and formatting it should have.

Your write-up should be well organized

Essay writing can be a tedious task, however, if you are an aspiring writer you will have fun along the process. A successful essay has a typical format. You should be aware of what your final project will look like. 

Sometimes, while writing we have too much valuable information that we find it overwhelming to write in our essay. Dedicate some time to writing essays and blog posts. According to Orbit media, on average a writer may require 3.5 hours for writing a good blog post.

While research is good, if it is not properly organized and analyzed your essay could be a mess. To make things easier you can select a theme for your essays and then categorize the information based on those themes. 

This way you will write a good informative essay without missing out on the main points to be included. So, make sure that your information is well organized to get your message across to the reader.

Read more often

When you begin writing the best advice you can get is to read more often. By this advice, we do not mean that you steal content but rather learn different types and tones of write-ups. If you are a beginner it will also help you select a niche as each niche requires a specific tone and format of writing.

This is especially a good tip for writing leadership essays for school. Before you start writing on a topic look up content written by other people regarding the topic.

This will not only help you write new content but also identify your own mistakes. This way you can correct them and improve your skills. You can develop your own tone for your write-ups which will help you in finding the right job or freelance work for you. Your portfolio says a lot about your skills so make sure you have a good one.

Improve your vocabulary

Increasing your pool of vocabulary is one of the best things to improve your writing skills. It is also a good way to have fun writing as you do not have to fumble for words while you write. It helps you to bring continuity to your sentences. With a better stock of words, you can explain your idea better and your reader can understand what you want to convey to them.

You can improve your vocabulary in a number of ways. Watch the daily news, read the newspaper every day, if you have some time then open the thesaurus and look up a new word for a commonly used word. Try to use a different vocabulary while communicating in daily life with your family and peers.


Essay writing is a good skill to have. It helps you in many aspects of life. Learning to write is an easy process if you have the dedication to write better. You can make the process fun by adding small and engaging activities and achieving short-term goals every day to be good at it.