4 Mobile Based Education Apps Every Student Should Know

Mobile Based Educational Apps

In our day and time, students of all ages have a very powerful educational tool in their hands. Their mobile phones allow them access to educational content at all times and can help them answer questions and learn new things.

By using the right educational apps, they will be able to learn new things that interest them and enjoy learning. Choosing the right apps for each purpose can be tricky. To help you with that, here are some great educational mobile apps for students of all ages.


Learning languages can require a lot of repetition, studying, and testing what you learned. This can sound rather tiring but thankfully Duolingo is the perfect app for just that. With over 40 languages available, you are bound to find the one you want to study.

Duolingo combines a lot of different learning methods which allow you to easily learn new information and memorize it. In addition, it constantly tests everything you already learned and challenges you to see what you remember. It offers many different types of exercises from picking the right word order to speaking a phrase to make it engaging. This game-like approach makes learning a new language fun and approachable.

The best thing of all is that Duolingo is free to use. In general, language courses tend to be quite pricey and this means that not everyone will have access to them. This educational app breaks that barrier and helps language lovers of all ages learn easily and effectively.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has to be one of the most helpful educational apps for students. This free educational app has been created to help students learn new things through video tutorials. These videos allow students to learn through drawings on a virtual background, making it easier to memorize information.

Another big advantage of Khan Academy is that it facilitates student engagement and enables them to watch the lectures in many different languages. The app also gives you the option to choose between many different courses and available study topics. In particular, the lectures offer a lot of help with math courses from basic elementary concepts through calculus.

In addition, the app allows you to track your progress and study at your own pace since the videos are pre-recorded. This means that it caters to the needs of students of all ages and significantly simplifies the various school subjects. If necessary, you can always go back to a topic that you found difficult and watch the educational video as many times as necessary.

3. Udemy

Similar to Khan Academy, Udemy is an online platform that provides students of all ages with the opportunity to learn new things. The main difference is that Udemy provides educational materials in almost every field imaginable. From coding to SEO, photography, graphic design, and drawing, it helps students excel in many fields.

Not only does this app provide students with more knowledge, but it can also make them more competitive in the work market. Students can pay for essays while they learn online to get their college assignments written and proofread before they are handed in. This also means that they can easily follow their passions and start working on their academic development from a younger age.

While Udemy is not free, the courses it provides are often heavily discounted and therefore very affordable. Upon completion of a course, the student will also gain a certificate that proves they successfully followed all its parts. This will prove very useful in their future college education and even their careers.

4. Quizlet

If you have not yet found the right studying style to suit your needs, Quizlet could help you work on that issue. Traditional learning methods can oftentimes be boring and ineffective. Learning through such a mobile app can present you with a fun and interesting challenge.

The reason why this app was developed was to help students to study through interactive games and tools. It allows you to choose between different study modes such as learning through flashcards, memory cards, and other fun, game-like activities.

You can create your own question sets and find ways to make studying more engaging. This will help you prepare for any upcoming test and tackle any subject that you find challenging. Quizlet is recommended for studying anything from languages to school exams and can help you find the perfect way to study.

Finding the right app based on your learning needs

Whether you wish to learn a language or practice for your upcoming tests, there are plenty of apps to help you out. Apart from the apps mentioned previously, you can easily search through your app store or Google Play Store for more options.

When choosing a learning app to try, make sure to go through reviews and see what other users have to say. This way, you will be able to choose wisely and find the app that perfectly suits your learning style and needs.