Airbnb Management Software: how to make the right choice


Tell-tale signs of the best Airbnb management software

Millions of hosts worldwide leverage the Airbnb platform to advertise their vacation rental property. As the business grows and the number of spaces for short-term rent increases, owners may find it hard to efficiently supervise all the property they possess.

So they start looking for solutions that will help boost the hosts’ property managerial efficiency and ensure a positive customer experience.

Professional landlords resort to specialized Airbnb management software to automate their rental business routines for the sake of the cherished five-star rating and all the benefits driven by a good reputation on Airbnb.

With so many Airbnb automation tools available at the market, picking the right one is a tough challenge, as the options dramatically differ by functionality, price, and potential benefits.

This guide will provide tips on choosing the best Airbnb management service to drive your vacation rental business up.

What is Airbnb management software in essence?

Airbnb management software is an application that helps to automate repetitive Airbnb operations that a host generally has to struggle with, such as

  • managing reservations, check-ins, and check-outs,
  • assigning tasks to the personnel and verifying their execution,
  • ensuring correct availability and rates across all properties,
  • ensuring flawless communication with leads and clients,
  • keeping track of rental payments and expenses,
  • managing and storing documents,
  • synchronizing calendars and preventing double bookings,
  • writing guest reviews,
  • and dozens of other daily Airbnb workflows.

A decent Airbnb management app will help owners enhance their business, boosting the efficiency of regular actions and increasing occupancy rates by up to 80%.

The question is: how to find the decent Airbnb management software to reap all these delicious benefits among a myriad of available options?

The answer is: the best Airbnb property management service must offer solid functionality. The list of vital features to look for in such software looks like the following.

The opportunity to carry out all Airbnb activities through the single software

The solution must ensure the smooth integration with your Airbnb website account to let you execute all the operations you normally perform through the site, including modifying the prices, administering bookings, sending guest reviews, etc.

Multiple accounts management

You may include multiple properties on Airbnb, each having its separate account. The constant switching between several dashboards can lead to mistakes and negligence, which may ultimately result in lost incomes and customer disappointment. The robust property management app will allow you to take grip on all your Airbnb accounts using one interface.

Message automation

Every landlord knows that the ability to respond swiftly to initial inquiries is critical for building a successful business on Airbnb. Keeping a potential client waiting for the reply longer than 30 seconds is fraught with missed profit.

Great  vacation rental software automatically replies to the prospects, immediately answering their questions. The message automation feature also helps to orchestrate guest reviews as well as to schedule emails and texts to customers, sending notifications, reminders, invoices, birthday congratulations, and more.

Calendar synchronization

Owners of multiple vacation rentals often register with several platforms along with Airbnb. A powerful property management solution ensures straightforward sync of all booking calendars from different platforms in one place, thus excluding the risk of double bookings.

Team management

Cleaning and maintenance are, perhaps, the largest burden that lies on the shoulders of every Airbnb host.

The advanced property management software makes it easy to allocate cleaning/maintenance tasks within the crew and control their execution. An ability to create operational tasks within the app and check how they are performed is a vital requisite for large-scale Airbnb managers.

Financial reports

It is always important to stay abreast of your incomes and expenses associated with renting property on Airbnb.

A powerful property management service enables you to track your payments and bookings, automatically generating financial reports, thus, saving you from the need to tackle all the calculations by yourself.

Managing on the go

Full-fledged property management software always offers the mobile version of their product to let you perform your regular Airbnb tasks when you are away from a desktop computer.

Steps to take when selecting Airbnb management software

  1. Identify the main workflows you want to automate with such software. Decide on which operations you want to improve/optimize, detect the most time-consuming or ineffective operations in your vacation rental business.
  2. Basing on the specific needs of your business, define the main functionality you want to see in your property management tool. For big companies with dozens of listings across numerous platforms, it is wise to look for solutions with team coordination, access level control, and calendar sync features.
  3. Search for the vendor that can provide the kind of software you need. Check reviews and ratings the vendor receives on trusted software review websites such as Captera or G2.
  4. After narrowing your choice to 3-5 vendors, visit their websites for further details on their services, payment plans, and free trial periods. While scouting through the sites, take notice of whether the provider:
  • offers several communication channels for technical support,
  • has transparent and clear payment and cancellation terms without hidden fees,
  • harnesses the latest technologies to ensure the fail-safe performance of their product and protection of all the data you enter into it,
  • provides warranties and is ready to bear responsibility in the case your business suffers because of its malfunction or failure.

Information technologies are booming – it is the right time to embrace them and make your vacation rental business flourish. Now, when you know the critical features of ideal Airbnb management software, you can find a suitable solution for your exact business needs.