Top 10 Innovations That Have Changed Casinos Forever

Innovations That Have Changed Casinos Forever

Within the past ten years, casinos have evolved dramatically. Technological advances have transformed online casinos at a rate that land-based casinos struggled to keep up with. The most impressive gambling innovations in Europe feature cryptocurrencies, mobile apps, and virtual reality.

Even though the Norwegian government has attempted to clamp down on casino operators, gambling trends in Norway have kept up with global gambling trends. You can follow trends set by online casinos such as Neo Vegas Casino and Moi Casino at nettcasino.

1.  Online Casinos

Perhaps the most revolutionary innovation to the gaming industry has been the development of online casinos. Several of these providers are essentially online versions of land-based casinos, complete with gaming licenses.

These online casinos are very user-friendly, as first-time players can learn how to play the most glamorous games from the comfort of their homes. According to Benjamin Reppersen, our expert here, the iGaming industry has made gambling more accessible and fun.

2.  Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling has taken the online casino game to another level entirely. Thanks to these mobile apps, players have their favourite games in their pockets. Mobile gambling has also upped the ante for casino providers, as they now have to develop engaging, mobile-friendly gaming experiences.

3.Virtual Reality

The gaming industry has mostly kept up with the latest gaming trends. Technological innovations such as virtual reality headsets have also transformed the gambling experience for users everywhere. Developers now have the chance to show off their gameplay-creating skills, as players can now play their favourite games in 3D.


Casinos have also adopted cryptocurrencies. The most popular of these currencies, bitcoin, has paved the way for this change. Online casinos have created options for individuals who would rather play their games using cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies have also alleviated a lot of the security concerns associated with online gambling, as casinos need no longer worry about hacking incidents. This is particularly good news for Norwegian players, as online casino games are only considered safe to offer to players there because of such controls.

Players can also enjoy cheaper withdrawals through the use of such cryptocurrencies.

5.Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are one feature that at first was only seen in online casinos. Progressive jackpots are jackpots wherein the big jackpot’s sum depends on the sum of all the players’ bets on a particular machine. Users can bag considerable winnings in this manner, racking up thousands or even millions of dollars.

6.Free Slot Machines

Online gaming has created an avenue for something previously unheard of in the land-based casino world: free slot machines. Thanks to online slot machines’ creation and popularity, first-time players can attempt the game for free, without deposits. All winnings are virtual in the case of free slot machines, offering players a risk-free peek into the gambling world. Free slots are incredibly popular because the slots, arguably the best game forever, are the most popular casino game.

7.Live Dealer Games (online)

The live dealer experience is one area in which land-based casinos beat online casinos every time. For many, the enjoyment isn’t only in the thrill of potentially winning, but also interacting with the dealer. For obvious reasons, online casinos usually lack this essential element.

However, online casinos have developed a way to make up for this.

Some online casinos offer a feature wherein a live dealer in a studio carries out their usual movements. Sensors and cameras track these movements and reflect them on the screens of players all over the world. Some online casinos have gone the extra mile, creating a chat feature that mimics gambling’s cherished social aspect.

8.Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in online casinos has completely changed the face of the gambling industry. AI allows casinos to curb cheating, provide superior customer service, and regulate their players’ actions.

The use of AI allows online gaming to be legal in countries that, like Norway, have strict gambling restrictions.

9.Themed Games

Perhaps a more cultural development, casinos are also making creative themed games to keep their players engaged. Iconic elements from pop cultures, such as characters from Game of Thrones and the Star Wars franchise, have made their way into all kinds of casino games.

10.Cross-continental games

Cross-continental games are probably the most exciting feature online gaming has added to the gaming experience. Thanks to casinos’ existence online, players from all over the world can come together and play a game together, complete with a live dealer. That is one innovation that land-based casinos would struggle to compete with.


Despite its illegality, gambling trends in Norway seem to have mostly taken off. As iGaming expert Benjamin Reppersen stated, the online gaming industry is continually evolving. As we have seen, these innovations will likely change top casino games into highly innovative, interactive user experiences.